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Cyber-warfare- A New Battlefield

Well, not so new, but more hackers make up the armed forces. UPDATE – Shodan now has one time fee for joining, and a host of monthly fee plans… I was shocked, when I returned there… it had a paywall. It was normal first, but then the paywall came up, and I found a one …

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Echelon Signal Intelligence Program.

Studying the World? Or subduing it? An all out war on attacking our intelligences, making us dumber, than we already are. I found out about this in a book called “Behold a Pale Horse”, by Bill Cooper, and many other conspiracies of the secret govt… cause I can’t get the book right now… I’m on …

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Akai Pro Studio mk2, is giving me headaches.

I need to Vent from The Anger and Judgment, That I feel From My Myself or Akai. Shoddiness is a new word I learned from watching the tutorial videos, and I’ve seen the shoddiness up close and in my face from Akai Pro… Akai is a big company, and it has many other companies it …

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It’s 11am

And I still have the urge to write and communicate from my heart. Yesterday was awash with the previous Sunday’s self immolation suicide in front of the Israeli Embassy, and then this saw this video of it, after the fact… it was disturbing, cause it glorified power, when she said “rest in power”, instead of, …

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What’s on my Mind?

Nothing! Fantasies of conversing with someone, more or less God… my creator, deceiver, and confidant, and also a motivator, truth, and revealer… illusion giver, and delusion giver too. God is a mystery to me, and God should be forever… cause once I know God, I am dead… God is everything Good and Evil, as Isaiah …

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Multi Dimensional Layers of Society

Where you don’t know what layer your on, and you’re lost. Life is made of different layers, like leaves on a tree, each individual leaf contains many layers to their individuality. What season is in bloom, and natures have different realities, different Layers. Life has so many layers, every aspect of life contains different, multidimensional …

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HYPE Deceives

Marketing Hype Deceives, at it’s whims. I was deceived by my own assumptions of Studio One 6, that Audio files dragged out passed the limit of the audio files, was looping, but I had to make a MIDI pattern first to loop it. There maybe another way to convert it to an audio looping file, …

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Salt of the Earth, & Light of the World

Plants need Nitrogen, Phosphorus, & Potassium to grow healthily. Salt is a plant killer, in fact there are many plants that they kill… don’t drown someone in salt water… it leaves them dead… or gives them a tombstone to mark their grave on the Dead Sea, I failed the Chemistry classes in High School(Watch this …

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Sex and Generators for Charging Your Beings

Sexual charging for your Inner beings, your Inner core. Generators work by producing electricity with strong magnets/attractions revolving revolving around a coil of pure copper, and that raises an electric current. How fast is raising the Amperage, the flow of of the current from rapids, or slowly with a low amperage. Hot sex is a …

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AI – the Freedom Thief, or The Liberator of All People

AI is the downfall of our society Senator Frank Church testifying of the secret programs of the CIA called Operation Mockingbird, and foreign governments in cahoots with each other, in the 1970’s, before and beyond the 70s. MK Ultra was a mind control program using drugs and esp to control minds, and now AI is …

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Conspiracy Talk

AI is a Hungry Monster, Like a Vicious Beast We design our world, with the words/thoughts, we use in our minds, and want to turn over that job to the AI beast, or lover… you choose the term. At first it seemed innocent and entertaining, cause it filled our needs, but then greed entered the …

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Music as the Master Manipulator

Music as the Master Manipulator   Music has been used for eons of time to go before the armies, as motivators for the killing, looting, and conquering. So, it is today, with music videos, and they killed all the old school of music stars. Music videos, have killed, or bitten a chunk out of music’s …

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Puberty Kicked My Ass… and still did over the years

My Battles With Puberty   Puberty was confusing, to say the least. I remember my first sex act, and my first orgasm with someone else… it made me feel ashamed. I guess she was feeling in love… but it seemed excruciatingly wrong to me. Orgasms have a way of making you feel…your whole body tightens …

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Tech and AI : Dangerous Mixes

tech and AI

  Technology and Artificial Intelligence is a dangerous mix. It can be marvelous in certain situations, but scary in others. I’ve thought about this a lot, even to a maddening result. I agree with scientists letter to warnings of AI getting too smart, and thinking they have to get rid of us. I’ve already thought …

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FB and ME

The Facebook Debacle   FB and Me went through a love and hate relationship. It started with a friend’s pictures of Paris, and progressed with connecting with friends from my past, and bordering on a dangerous relationships. I always kept my distance from the intimacy, that FB tried to instill in me. Talking about FB …

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Delusions: Self Righteous Judgment

road to judgment

Delusional Minds Lead the World The meaning of delusions is born from judging other people. We shouldn’t judge other people. Otherwise, that delusion hooks you, and you’re pulled into vortex of not judging yourself. When you judge others, it is easier than you think, to get hooked. Self righteous judgments are a tumbleweeds going with …

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Talking From Machines

Talking From Machines I made a video of an old song I wrote about the internet, in 2002 or 2003, it was just before my stroke. The stroke debilitated me musically, as well as my cognitive abilities. I could think without a problem, but talking had to be a chore. Well that was then, and …

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Indifference is reflections of the Black Mirror

black mirror

— Indifference is reflections of the Black Mirror —   I just binge watched the Black Mirror. Season 4 and half of 3, and was left with a weight of indifference that made me think about life, to the point of not caring. Also there was Matt Damon look alike, named Jesse Plemons. He was …

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#666 Post, I’ve feared this, but I’ll face it


— #666 Post, I’ve feared this, but I’ll face it —   The fear of 666 is a little blown out. In fact the name carried the numbers, back then when it was warned of. They were the word’s letters that represented numbers. We didn’t start using the Arabic number system till later. You could …

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Lust is Rust to Love


— Lust is Rust to Love : A Relationship in Danger —   Every relationship is a new vehicle to carry you both to your destination. The rust starts to form from the first sexual encounter. You need to check the progression, and stop it in its tracks. You need to oil it with the …

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War it’s Not a Game …

war it's not a game

— War it’s Not a Game … Music by Mike McFee —     Mike brought this into the studio before the last album in 1995 before I left for Alaska, and I looked for lyrics, and I found a set of Lyrics by Freddy Hage, but I rewrote the Chorus to “War it’s not …

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Sexual Understanding: A day of Discovery

sexual understanding

— Sexual Understanding: A day of Discovery —   Sexual understanding is the first step towards the awakening. It’s a shaky lifelong staircase, but once it’s understood, its solid ground. The understanding, if it’s true, will be your strength. When all else fails around you. Sexual understanding is the awakening of your core. It comes …

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Jews for Jesus : One for Israel Ministry

jews for jesus

— Jews for Jesus : One for Israel Ministry —     I came across this Jews for Jesus by  One for Israel ministry on youtube. It’s a bunch of Jews testifying of accepting Jesus into their lives, and learning that Jesus was a Jew also. I became marveled at my memory of him being …

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The First 100 Days of Trump’s Rules

trump's 100 days

— The First 100 Days of Trump’s Rules —   The first 100 days is over on April 29th, 2017, and I will crawl into my hole the next four years, if he hasn’t destroyed our country before then.  When I come out of my hole, and see the mess that he has made, I’ll …

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MOTH : The Meaning to Me, and Others – 1


— The Meaning of MOTH to Me, and Others – 1 —   The word MOTH to me is an acronym meaning “Matters of the Heart”. I made an Album with an image of a moth eating my brains for the cover… somebody has it. It seems I have lost it in the moves. I …

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Organized Religions : it’s the Devil’s Tools

organized religions

— Organized Religions : it’s the Devil’s Tools —   I‘m not against organized religions, but they take the face of the devil all too often. Distortions of the truth, serves their agendas. Christianity is the biggest culprit in my book, along with all the other Abrahamic religions. Judaism, and Islamism too. They serve their …

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Sex in Digital Interactive Games


— Sex in Digital Interactive Games —   I remember first thinking of sex with the naked models, when I first saw them in magazines in the prepuberty ages. Playboy, Hustler, and any other skin magazine I saw them in. Being in the heat of puberty, it doesn’t rationalize with a reasoning mind. It just …

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Religions before Sacraments and Traditions


Religions before Sacraments, Traditions : Diluting with Pollutants 10/03/2016 God is the main focus of a religion, but we don’t agree on what God is. I’m a basket case trying to figure what God is. The old quote “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad” is a phrase spoken by Prometheus in Henry …

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Spiritually Awakened : or fatally sleeping

spiritually awakened

— Spiritually Awakened : or deadly sleeping  — 09/11/2016   I‘ve been spiritually awakened about the umpteenth time in my life with new enlightenments. Spiritually awakened how many times? The number I don’t know. I questioned what I think is the Spirit of God, and asked God why is everybody always seeing a different picture …

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Reminiscing Prefabbed Memories

— Reminiscing Prefabbed Memories : Selective Memories — 09/02/2016 For music Click Here (Schindler Lists-  Remembrances)   Did you ever have a reminiscing of the same event, that your Parent had a completely different recollection of? I had one of those memories, that my Mother had a different recollection of, but I forgot what it …

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— NO STRANGER THAN LOVE : Review and My 2 Cents —   I saw this movie last night, No Stranger Than Love, and was surprised by it’s message. The audio editing was without a balance, being too low where you couldn’t hear it, and being too loud where it distorts the speakers.  Lucy was …

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Neural Networks of AI

— Neural Networks of AI —   Neural networks of the brain is massively beyond the computers, but the more computers mimic us, the more intelligent they become. It’s scary for the dumb and stupid. Their wit is feeble, compared to the computer’s wit which is learning all the time. The computer was playing Space …

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I’m Tired of the Lies in Religions

— I’m Tired of the Lies in Religions — I was listening to this song from Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros called “Wake Up the Sun”, and the lyrics reflected on what I’ve reflected on my whole life, lies in religions. I could’ve wrote this song. In fact, but I did not articulate it …

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Procrastination, Everybody Does It


— Procrastination, Everybody Does It  —     Procrastinators, hear me, or not!  Procrastination on listening skills, with feeding the Monkey. I’m not a dictator, but I had the same college record, as this guy. So, I must have the same instant gratification Monkey in my brain too, along with the Panic Monster scared of …

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Petri Dishes : Social Networks

petri dishes

— Petri Dishes : Social Networks —   A conglomerate of Corporations , made the Petri dishes equal to the social networks. To study how they can manipulate the public by planting dramas. See how they can spread the rumors, or can be conned into trusting what the social networks were trending, whether scams or …

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Face Swapping or Face Manipulation ?

face manipulation

— Face Swapping or Face Manipulation ? —     We see face manipulation now, but it’s been in the minds of people since the 90’s, if not before. We know the Govt has it’s hands in it, because of the secrecy of it. I found a version of it in October of last year, …

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Brain Rain : When does it Mentally Rain

— Brain Rain : When does it Mentally Rain —   The brain rain, storms and drizzles, are compared to these stress periods that flood your life, and make you thirsty. The brain rain is compared to the stress periods, but you need stress to feel alive. The stress nourishes your needs, and makes you …

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My Struggle : Dealing with Humanity

my struggle

— My Struggle : Dealing with Humanity —   We try and live without struggles, but struggles exist in all our lives. So this post is my struggle dealing with the human populations, as a disabled person. I exist, as all exist with their own problems. Those problems are different for everyone, for sure. It is …

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Young is Vigorous, Old is Decrepit

hackers - young is vigorous, old is decrepit

— Young is Vigorous, Old is Decrepit — When I was young, I was like a fireball, going from one thing to another. That began to fade, when I moved to Montana, and I’ve been fighting alone. Young is vigorous, old is decrepit and wise, but what do you get with wisdom? I’ve become a …

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The Future of TV

future of tv

— The Future of TV : Youtube, Internet TV, ETC. — Sling TV Update: After spending a night on Sling and going through the on demand videos, I have a problem with it not remembering where you left off , with a resume play button. That’s the only thing missing. I’m sure there are more …

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