War it’s Not a Game …

— War it’s Not a Game … Music by Mike McFee —



Mike brought this into the studio before the last album in 1995 before I left for Alaska, and I looked for lyrics, and I found a set of Lyrics by Freddy Hage, but I rewrote the Chorus to “War it’s not a Game”.

  • It was:
    Oh Fading Rose of the World
    When will your children learn
    Oh Fading Rose of the World
    In the eternal fire will they burn

I found it hard to sing to that, cause the song was more rock like… I chose “War it’s Not A Game”.

I found it fit, more like the music.


Trump Sadness

With the way the world is today, and Trump leading the charge to war, or more like bossing everyone around. He is starting around the world, than what his making “America Great Again” campaign promises were, but he has to show his feathers like a peacock around the world. Totally making an ass of himself, and the nation along with him.

I saw this video of him on Howard Stern in 1997, and as someone said it was “Sad”.



It was even more than sad for me. He went to military school, not Vietnam. I think he was a draft dodger, but he’ll say he wasn’t.

I don’t know about having a proud blind president, asking people to die for this country. When its his own ego in charge of the decisions.

With the Harvey Weinstein, and Kevin Spacey scandals going on and whole host of other celebrities being accused of sexual abuse, I see madness going out of control… like a wildfire.


My Own Sexual Abuse Scandal


I feel like I should confess to caressing a 14 year old. A well built 14 year old, that was flashing herself. That was passing herself off as 18, but it became known to me that she was 14, after a week of knowing her.

Tempting me, I’ll call her Idnar. Her name was different.

I think, I was 34.

She was a fox, and turned me on, before I got control of myself… and told her to take care of herself, cause all this loose living will only bring you trouble.


I went into a hole in myself, and buried myself in shame, something Trump should’ve done long ago.

He would have had better success as a human being, instead of as a billionaire. Rich men will not enter into heaven. If they give everything away, then maybe.

I’ve been cursed with the Rich name, and I’d give every blessing away to receive a new name… and Tomidjah was given to me, but I’ll need to earn it.


WAR is not the way to go to bring peace. It only brings destruction.