HYPE Deceives

Marketing Hype Deceives,

at it’s whims.

Smoking the Assumption Pipe

Smoking the Assumption Pipe

I was deceived by my own assumptions of Studio One 6, that Audio files dragged out passed the limit of the audio files, was looping, but I had to make a MIDI pattern first to loop it.
There maybe another way to convert it to an audio looping file, but I’m out of the loop on that, I’m just another common consumer deceived by the marketing hype.

It’s another frustration, I have basic audio looping files, but I need to open up another program, to make a click track, Acid Music Studio, and make a click track… you could do that with Reaper too, loop audio files by dragging the size of the file longer on the timeline, it just repeats them… so it loops naturally.

You get others to self deceive themselves with assumptions of what they could do, and you’re feeding the greedy machines of profitable corporations. It’s like you’re building a monster that feeds on profit, and only profit, without ethics involved.

It is like a junk food diet with no nutritional values, it has to add sugar to make it taste good, hype is that sugar. Smooth talk for self deception to occur… and you’re hooked to the fishers of profitable corporations, without ethics to keep them in check.

You kill ethics, you kill morality, and a genocide of ethics, will not give you a rock to build your foundations on, and profitable corporations are grains of sand, and are shifting sands all the time following the trends, or are being eroded by the winds or waves.

I‘m a philosophical junkie, and I look deeply at everything… and judge to my heart’s content, and I see profit as a cancer tumor, and the waves/trends erode the truth of fighting cancer, and replace it with hype/sugar… cancer’s food.

So, this is about hype being a hook in the rivers of life, and fishing for bites… of things that are sweet as the bait on that hook. Self deception is the bait on that hook, made by Bernays on marketing traits, with it’s OK, to smoke for women.

It’s self deception with assumptions, without all the facts. You deceive yourself it’s an addiction needle in your arm, and you are a junkie to the corporations… the need for fixes to stay addicted… so that they profit from greed.

It’s the way the world works, and we should be happy with dat,

The only thing my Dad was a NYC Detective for 20+ years before he retired, and we had a lot of talks about addictions, and he got mad at drunks in our block, and called him a “Gin” Boozer, I know it started with Gin, but I’m not sure of the word accompanying it… it was over 60 years ago, so my mind is not sure anymore.

I was impressed by his madness for drunks, and it was my first lesson on addictions, and how everything was an addiction, taught to me by God, when I was introduced to the Holy Spirit in personified form through Jesus, at least it was him in my mind… it might have been an illusions or delusions by my religious education, Catholicism… but that’s another tangent to babble on.

Ideologies were addictive, if you agreed with them, with a little morsel of truth, as the bait to make your own assumptions, and you’re caught and addicted, for the others to eat… for their benefit.

Deceptions by incomplete truths, and your assumptions are what make you bite… and be sure of what you bite, or you are caught for profit for the sake of the fishermen/women corporations. Marketing hype is the bait on the hook.

I’m depressed, you have to get depressed to see the truth, and change your course, if it doesn’t suit you… I have the tools for making music, I’m an addict to music… it’s my artful addiction… producing musical sounds that sound good to the ear, but I’m not a performer, there is too much pressure in that job, it involves selling yourself to the masses, and playing the same things over and over again, like a skipping vinyl record.

I’m more of a studio songwriter/musician and I produce songs, that are played over and over again, cause they have a common message… the truth, as I see it.
Sometimes it’s deep, but that’s my sick mind, and what I find it the depths… I see it as a treasure, you might see it as junk, but it’s a treasure to me.

Here’s a video as a metaphor of hype, and the sugary addiction for the greed corporations, it ends with a sexual rape scenario… but it fits the bill, we are raped at their wills, but we have the choice to act on those assumptions…

Assumptions= biting the hook, with incomplete data as the bait.