Spiritually Awakened : or fatally sleeping

— Spiritually Awakened : or deadly sleeping  —




Ive been spiritually awakened about the umpteenth time in my life with new enlightenments. Spiritually awakened how many times? The number I don’t know.

I questioned what I think is the Spirit of God, and asked God why is everybody always seeing a different picture of God. God said I’m very vast and immeasurable. I knew that before I asked.

God is patient with me. I sound like an annoying cat going meow all the time, usually looking for food or wanting me to pet her. I’m not a patient man.


To get back to the spiritually awakened part of this post. I was thinking, how so many like minded people have a different view of God. They were looking at the same thing, but they have a different view, than the other person. I talked with my Mom today, and we started talking politics.

Who would not make a good president?

My opinion, both of them, but we have only two choices. Anymore choices would confuse us into oblivion. Trump would bankrupt the Govt. Look at his history.

How many companies he bankrupted and abandoned his connections with those companies. I suspect he would do the same to the US.

Hillary is just as bad. It’s her way or no way, and you don’t trust what she says, cause it’s always changing. The news media is partly to blame. They always question her with subtle tones of difference in the questions.

Politics is the worst subject to agree on, cause in the future there will always be heated disagreements.


God is Spirit

That’s the fleshly part of this talk, now to get back to the spiritually awakened side of this post. We listen to the spirit, which encapsulates demons and angels in the make up. They’re fleshly and spiritual beings, and they can lie and tell the truth too.

We hear them in the media telling us about the others in our lives. Though it is hearsay at best, and whimsical evidence to boot too. The spirits are talking with everyone, filling their heads with unclean thoughts and judgments. Some are strong, and dismiss them with faith in God and humanity.

God was a collective view in the beginning, at least in the English versions. I don’t know the other languages versions said. Are they collective too?


“Let us make man in our image” Genesis 1:26


We quickly imagined him as a person. That we should fear, instead of love. The words are very distinctive talking of God as a collective.

“US” and “OUR”, they are throughout the different versions/translations of the various bibles. They are worded that way in every version of the bible. It only took a couple of chapters, before God became a manlike figure that we should fear.

A tyrant is some eyes, and a loving God in others.


God is Mysterious

I found this site trying to explain the collective in Genesis. It’s a lot of semantics that we have to overcome.


“Besides elohim, Moses also used other plural forms with reference to God in Genesis. Genesis 1:26 reads, ‘Then God said, “Let us make [plural] man in our [plural] image.”4 Here Moses uses the singular verb ‘said’, but quotes God as using a plural verb and a plural pronoun with reference to Himself. See also Genesis 11:7, where God says, ‘Let us go down and confuse their language.’”


Mankind was a sickly being in the beginning, much like the newborn child. They need care and love to survive the next days.

The Grace of God and our free will was the reason for our expulsion from the garden of Eden, and our curse too. It depends on how you look at it, and what your perspective of it is.

Different views for different folks, but they’re looking at the same thing, or a different part of the same thing. Since God is big and vast as the universe itself, are we focusing on a different part of God?

Parts of God awes us, and shows that we should be fearful. Like a hot stove to a baby, sometimes you need to get burned to understand. Life sucks, in that aspect, but without it, it would suck even more.


Life’s Lessons

Everyday we converse with demons and angels in our thoughts, and they teach us, or mislead us. They bless us, or curse us. We are individuals that makeup the collective of the world around us. We can think and choose the decisions that are voiced, and our freedoms are being tested everyday.

Don’t even get me talking about freedom, cause I don’t believe it exists in this world. It’s a dream at best, of a perfect world. Where we have the freedoms that are not infringed upon, meaning true freedom.

It doesn’t exist in this world. It’s only a dream.


Anyway, let’s get back to my views of the collective world and God.

God is a collective spirit, and should be recognized as that. Like the team spirit where we want to win, not that God is a competitive spirit. Where pride rules the spirit’s actions, cause pride is a sore loser.

We are prideful for our patriotism, yet pride is as blind as a bat.

Who sends a blind man into a china shop? Who sends a blind team to war?

The politicians do!

Pride feeds the blind with reasons for war, and not peace. Pride is one the deadly sins. When it’s out of control, it’s an out of control forest fire.


Collective nature is good, when it’s not misleading, but when it’s misleading it’s chaos glorified. We should seek peace first, and war as a defensive act. Not as an act of aggression or invasive intrusion into the other cultures of the world.

We have a lot to learn from those other cultures. They have a voice in this world. They have a vote too.


Conclusion of the Spiritually Awakened

I say so many things, but I have only so much space in this twitter minded world. It’s what I didn’t say, that’s important.


“I’ll write to you now because they might be a key for you: I wanted to write that my work consists of two parts: of the one which is here, and of everything which I have not written. And precisely this second part is the important one.”

—Ludwig Wittgenstein


So, I’ll leave you with your collective spirit, cause to deny it is lying to yourself. You can choose your scriptures or your pleasures to find the truth of God, but I only want you find the truth, not the delusions of truth.

Propagating the delusions is the work of religions. Religions are good without power. They are the crucifiers of those who think differently, then they do.  They teach what is right and moral, but they’re tyrants with the powers that corrupt.

Seek God first… cause the Spirit is the only thing that’s righteous. It’s a prideful delusion to think otherwise.

I’ll shut up now. Think about, what I didn’t say.