AI – the Freedom Thief, or The Liberator of All People

AI is the downfall
of our society

Senator Frank Church testifying of the secret programs of the CIA called Operation Mockingbird, and foreign governments in cahoots with each other, in the 1970’s, before and beyond the 70s.

MK Ultra was a mind control program using drugs and esp to control minds, and now AI is the design of mind control, and Mind Uploading creating the Cyborgs.


I found this article in my search for AI as the new Mind Control project, it’s mind control with cognitive automation, not cognitive autonomy.

“The last kind is cognitive autonomy:
creating artificial minds that could thrive independently of us,
that would exist for their own sake.”

Where we are one with a computer in our heads, and we can talk too.
Like God, which is spiritual now, and is alive in us now, so we can commune with the spirit of God… which is both sides of the spirit, the good(light) side, and evil(dark) side.

You have to come up with a court discerning side, and know which side you’re talking to… or go by grace under the Jesus’ name. I choose the good side, but I listen to the darkside too to get the whole of the details of the problem at hand.

It took me 50-60 years to develop that talent, I was a total idiot before then… I lived by the grace of God.
I have to have the court frame of mind… like a lawyer… to discern from angels and demons.
They’ve always been there, but I didn’t see them… I was going by the grace of God.

I live in my own little world… and it’s fortified by the spirit of God… and we know God is forever, without end or beginning. God is a mystery forever.


These are my observations of AI, and mind control, and the correlations between them.

This is what’s now with AI, and it’s connecting with the world, social sites, and mind control technologies… and losing your free will, in the process.

The elite who invented the AI idea in our minds, and then marketeers decided they owned it.
It’s a piece of theirs in us. My mind is my mind, and won’t be invaded by anyone… my free will will serve me, and others, in truth and loving actions.

I once wore this cap after my stroke in 2004, and was questioned by someone reading my brain waves with this cap on my head… they said I had nothing to worry about… I think they lied to me.
Cause now it’s a mind control feature… I think they didn’t know then, but maybe they did.

Our thoughts are not private anymore for those who surrender to tech… and let them treat you like a docile PC to be programmed.
It’s todays tech,  they think they own the populace of the world, and we’re here to serve them… and as they screw up the world and us, without accountability or responsibility, we are left to their malfeasance without mercy.

I’m cursing at my computer… my hosting company does not like what I’m saying… the tech industry is sensitive, and hurt by what I’m  saying… but it’s the truth to me… for right now.
I had to sign in again, and after I signed in again, they wanted me to sign in again… how could 5 minutes pass after I signed in, and the session expires, and I had to sign in again.

I’m only speaking the truth as I see it… for now at least.

It’s something to chew in your thoughts… and hopefully you won’t receive an upset stomach, by what you ingested here.
We live by the diets of our words, some are like junk food, and cause blockage and diarrhea,  but some are nutrient rich words, and you feel like a new man… and leave you with good vibes in the digestion of it.