Reminiscing Prefabbed Memories

— Reminiscing Prefabbed Memories : Selective Memories —


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Did you ever have a reminiscing of the same event, that your Parent had a completely different recollection of?

I had one of those memories, that my Mother had a different recollection of, but I forgot what it was. It wasn’t important what it was, but I had a completely different recollection of it, than her.

As we grow old, it seems that agedness is the years of selective memory recollections… in other words selective “reminiscings”.

It seems that we create the memories that are different from others, that were there too. We each remember different things from those memories, that are outright lies or delusional prefabrications.

I’m not going to call my Mom a liar, cause she believed it, but I remember it differently. I just wish I could remember what it was.


We prefabricate memories for our own entertainment, whether we’re writing a fictional story, or trying justify a defense. We aren’t afraid to lie to defend our position. It’s outright wrong.

I choose not to lie, cause I’m more in love with the truth, rather than taste the sweetness of a lie.

I’m just delusional, and I’m lying out of ignorance of that fact. We have our excuses of the delusional times. We all are delusional sometimes.


It’s a fact of life. We prefabricate memories to get by to the next memory. That crosses a gap, that we can not reach to the next memory. Like a delusional bridge to the next memory, that will fade into oblivion, so that no one else will perish.

Delusions are only temporary bridges that are gone, quickly burnt with the flames of delusions. They get you to the next memory, but there is no way back. Unless, you face your delusions.


Conclusions of Reminiscing

If you’re reminiscing, remember it’s a whirlpool, and can pull you down, if you’re not careful.  Reminiscing is healthy, when you’re thinking of good times between friends, but unhealthy when it’s fueled by alcohol.

Alcohol is a depressant, and you know the level you are at in the whirlpool of reminiscings when you drink. I’ve seen many of my friends waste their life away with alcohol. I’ll still show them love, and forever will, cause that’s where hope lives.

Sometimes it’s hard love, like a correcting hand. That makes you scowl, and say “why are you always picking on me”.  You answer you don’t listen to me, so go find what God’s got planned for you.

It makes you hurt more in the end.


Emotional pain was always the worst for me, than physical pain. Once the physical pain stopped, then it was the long healing process. The emotional pain from love seemed to go on and on, and patience seemed to heal me, but left a scar of loneliness. Which was even more painful, than love itself.

Reminiscing is a healthy experience. When it’s done with friends, and you’re having a good time, with or without alcohol. It’s a bad thing. When you’re drinking, and thinking of the bad times. It leaves you with the lonesome scars that multiply and multiply, so that’s all that’s left of you.

When you have company, there is nothing that’s pretty or handsome about you. Which feeds the cycle of depression that you climbed out of, and you’ll have reasons to return to that cycle.

Reminiscing can be good or bad, right or wrong. It just depends on your perspective of it.



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The Marmalade – Reflections of My Life

Looks like he took part in lip syncing at the end of the 60’s… I thought of when he started…I thought it was real vocals.