Neural Networks of AI

— Neural Networks of AI —


robonaut-600982_640Neural networks of the brain is massively beyond the computers, but the more computers mimic us, the more intelligent they become. It’s scary for the dumb and stupid. Their wit is feeble, compared to the computer’s wit which is learning all the time.

The computer was playing Space Invaders, and was killed 3 times in the first few seconds, yet by morning, it was killing them all like it had played for years.

I wonder about giving computers too much power over our lives, it’s like sticking a loaded gun to your head, it’s dangerous.

It scares even me, being an arrogant “know it all”, cause I’m growing old, and my mental vigor is decaying more and more each day. I’m not approaching Alzheimer’s yet, but I hope I do, rather than being a robot’s slave.

AI is scary even for the scientists creating it. It deals with ethical practices and making decisions that will change the world. It’s a decision that will bless the world, or destroy it.


Hacking is another danger of AI, there will always be something to hack from the computer, that encapsulates the AI programming. There will be hackers misinforming the robots, and taking over their minds. They will feed them data that will perform their malicious agenda.

There are too many dangers, I’m scaring myself thinking about it.

Hacking is a dangerous thing. It can’t be monitored, unless they build a monitor within the robot, but whose to say they can’t interference the shit out of it, so that it jams the monitor’s wireless capabilities. It’s been done before.

There are dark forces in this world, and there are light forces too. It seems they’ve created a virtual battlefield, called the internet… the world wide web.

It’s killed me many times. Thank God it’s virtual.

AI could be the end of the world, or it could be the greatest blessing to the world… it’s your choice…or I should say OUR choice.


We’re not in this alone.