#666 Post, I’ve feared this, but I’ll face it

— #666 Post, I’ve feared this, but I’ll face it —



The fear of 666 is a little blown out.

In fact the name carried the numbers, back then when it was warned of. They were the word’s letters that represented numbers.

We didn’t start using the Arabic number system till later. You could see everyone claiming the 666 number from marketing companies, and evil wannabees that buys addresses with that number. They display their true colors.

I personally will confront that number with truth, cause it’s the first form of terrorism, that I know of.

It spreads fear, and causes fear, where fear has never been known before.


We know by the disciple Paul, that the love of money is the root core of evil.

The fact that money took the stage of evil’s place, when in fact, that it is the love of money that’s the core of every evil that takes place in the world. We need to face the fact that money is not evil, it’s the person that loves it. It’s our love for money, that carries the evil gene.

There is a cure, and you have the cure. There is no price, it’s given by grace…you have to change it with the truth. Strengthen your outlook with the truth. So, it will stand the test of time, like a mortar or concrete. Reinforce your convictions with patches of truth, extremely truths, that will stand the tests of time.


The Militarization of The Law Enforcement Officers


It’s not the guns that kill, it’s the loonies with the guns that kill. I’m all for the 2nd amendment, there are already to many loonies with the guns the criminals, and some cops.

The militarization of law enforcement capabilities, and cops are turning into the oppressive forces.

Like a good cop being transformed into Mr. Hyde from Dr. Jekyll. There is already fear being raised within our society, and the militarization is only spreading the fear more.

I remember visiting Germany in West Berlin before the breaking down of the wall, and the cops were already militarized, and I saw fear in their eyes. I didn’t know in fact, that within the next decade, the militarization would follow me over here.

The militarization started in the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s, it was a lot different when I grew up as a kid in Brooklyn. My father was a NYC cop, and he was a good guy, but he was ruled by fear too, as we all were.

To defeat the terrorism of fear is the goal on the horizon, that I go to.

I’m not afraid to go there, and not showing fear is the defeat.

I already won. I need to be prudent/cautious, but not overly cautious, cause that’s the road to fear.

We all should go there. The road, to defeat fear.


There are many speaking of war to end terrorism, but that only empowers more terrorism. It doesn’t end it, when you take on the uniform of terrorism. You only join its forces.

It’s a complicated subject that is filled with many lies that make sense to kill at any cost, but when the wars that we create are only making more terrorists. Making their armies grow greater in number, and their motivations to fight with a vengeance, cause their families were killed by whatever drone bombed them.

War is a crime against humanity, no matter how you paint it. It breaks the major commandments of our God, and the moralities, if you’re just an atheist. It just a pain sickness empowered, like a shooter in the towers of society.


Food products are Processed to an Unhealthy Extreme


I see 666 in the products of the world, that’s why I’m looking to go off the grid. I just don’t trust the food industry, though I need to eat. Everything is processed towards a greater profit, and the nutritious nature of the food is destroyed by the processing methods.

People are better manageable when they’re malnourished. It’s the cattle in their chutes to the slaughterhouses mentality.

They’re fattened for profit’s sake, which is another form of malnutrition. The meat is there, but the nutrients are missing.

The chickens get fatter, but the meat becomes less nutritious.


I have a love with the nature of the American natives, giving thanks to the great spirit for their kill, that will feed their families for the long cold hard winter.

I hate killing anything, it’s easier to buy already murdered meat. I’m not being facetious on purpose, it’s a sad existence on the planet Earth.

I’m just alive, trying to find my way with overly confident blind leaders, with oversized egos, denying they’re going the wrong way.

They’ve seen the way, but they’re blind, or an extremely limited sight to see the money symbol, as a carrot strung on fishing rod, being held by the devil on their back. Tempting them to go on and on in the direction, that they’re being led.

I see that # 666 in the Credit Industry too


I recognize the constant inside the banking and credit industry. It sounds as if I’m being a bit conspiratorial, and paranoid, but I see the links between that number and the banking and credit industries with the micro chip cards.

They impose the chip cards on you for some delusions that it makes us safer, but the misplaced power is brushed under the rug.


In the world of economics there are many demons sowing discord. You can’t be too charitable, or you will sink and drown, but being a stone heart is a sure sign of sinking and drowning too. There must be a way of reviving the heart to beat on its own.

Corporate cooperations is the way forward. All this bickering and warfare is only wasting time, of which, there isn’t much time left. I see so much discordance between corporations born out of greed and egos. The greed is dry humping the leg of your egos, and is a major distraction to the meaning of life.

Corporatism has taken over the world, when it’s the people, that should have taken over the world.

The corporations have an organizational purpose in life, but too much organization can be over bearing, like a dictator or tyrant. There is a right way and a wrong way towards organization.

Corporations that serve the people first, before they serve themselves, is a righteous corporation.

A corporation that serves the profit over the people, is a dark corporation. It will be destroyed by greed, and will not stand the test of time. Which is what exists today.  Many dark corporations that hid in the shadows of society making many subcorps which hide the names of the major corporations. They control the majority of the stocks, and make decisions in the shadows out of view from the public.

So in the end, do you want a world with dark corporations, or a world filled with righteous corporations?

I’m looking for righteous organizations deeming their fairness into the world…freedom is allowing the dark corporations to exist, to fail on their own, and hopefully they’ll find their mistakes, and change on their own.


The conclusion of Facing #666

The changing of facing #666, the beast inside of us all. It conglomerates every fault in mankind.

I look to change that, and overcome it. We commune with both the light and the dark in our thoughts. We should not fear. We give power to the darkside, when we fear.

I feel like a failure. The purpose of the beast is to bring doubt to myself, and don’t blame the beast himself.

Since we’re all one, or we’re supposed to look at it that way. It’s just twisted to favor it’s agenda.

Like an optical illusion, you see water in the distance in the desert of life, and you continually see it, as you still believe it’s there. Eventually, it’s leading you further into the desert.

Now God will deliver you, if you’re innocent, but the #666 is continually deceiving you with delusions and illusions.

We have to confront the evils inside of ourselves, and stop judging others. We have to reach inside of ourselves and tend to the garden inside of ourselves. Do some internal weeding, and not blame others. The blame is throwing seeds of discordance, seeing the wrongs in others, and magnifying their wrongs, as a distraction to your own wrongs.

Michael Jackson did a song called the Man in the Mirror, it covered what I’m talking about.  The distractions in Michael Jackson’s life, is the song itself, it had a good message, but it was tainted with success and fame.

The two goals I’ve been following unsuccessfully for a long time.  I’ve only realized after my stroke, of the delusions of seeking fame and success was a delusion in itself. A delusion within a delusion, and you don’t know what’s real anymore.

I hope everyone sees what I’m talking about… the reality of the illusion/matrix/etc..

We each have a vision, a mirage, a dream, and a hope that we treasure beyond all of life, and we reach out to grab it, and hold it for ourselves, like the ring on the merry go round. That’s the illusion that the devils use to deceive ourselves.

We are susceptible to the spirit world, we feel its presence, but we are blind to it by our pride. Say good bye to #666, and beat him at his own game, and ignore him into oblivion. Make him a loser, by going on with your own life, and fighting him every step of the way with truth.

It’ll be like weeding your own gardens…stop blaming everyone else for your own unhappiness. It’s the reason we fail, spreading seeds of our own discord.

Stop blaming #666, and defeat them…say good bye to #666.


Afterthoughts of #666

After reading this, I see that I’m the hypocrite, cause I’ve judged others. I know it’s hard not to judge others, but why God has put us here after instructions to not  judge others, when God sets the devil to do his job of testing others…it’s like God is a schizo.

Two conflicting views supposedly to make us better… it may be better to see both sides of the story, rather than judge only one way.

I think I will wait to see what happens. What choice do I have? Do I judge, or do I not judge? Maybe there is a purpose to testing. There are many biblical scriptures talking about it.

God we only know through somebody else’s words, which is hearsay in the courts of this world.

We know God truly in spirit, and sincere prayer. It’s where we commune with God. It’s our only true connection with God. All the rest of our connections are with faith and our actions.

There are many spirits filled with lies trying to impersonate God too, hopefully you won’t be fooled by them.

Just be true to yourself, and hopefully God will see that you’re doing your best, and will have mercy on you, and protect you from the devil’s work.