It’s 11am

And I still have the urge to write

and communicate from my heart.

Yesterday was awash with the previous Sunday’s self immolation suicide in front of the Israeli Embassy, and then this saw this video of it, after the fact… it was disturbing, cause it glorified power, when she said “rest in power”, instead of, rest in peace.

“Power Corrupts”

I was well aware of the manipulation tactics of the news media, before I saw this, and it’s manipulations in watering down the bad news, but the bad news happens, and we don’t censor that, but we water it down with soft words.

The one thing I hate about censorship… is its running rampant in the US, and the world globally, cause everyone wants to take a side… but you have genocidal fodder, wanting revenge on the Hamas, and committing genocide on them… it was the cost of Aaron Bushnell setting himself aflame.

I would like to set the world aflame, I would be putting everyone out of our misery… but I’m an ethical slave, I can’t set the world aflame… it would be wrong in my mind.

But God gave me the power, that I refused to take, cause I saw this moment in my future, and I didn’t trust myself to not use it… cause the temptation is strong.

I guess this is the close of this philosophical reflections, and the truth and love is the cobblestones, that lead to heaven’s gate. Where Peter’s guarding the gate. What an imagery, of some old guy guarding the gate in a robe, and saying you’re not allowed to enter.

You must go to Limbo(The Waiting Room) and wait for us to call your name… or you committed suicide, and you’re not allowed in, so no waiting room for you.
That’s the Catholic religion, it has lots of stories making religion palatable for you, and your tastes.
But God does not like to be seasoned and diluted for our tastes, it’s modifications to what God is… and I’ve had to learn from God, what God is…. God is as vast as the Universe itself.

Who can swallow the Universe?
In one meal… it’s impossible, or you’ll go mad in the thought, of eating your whole lifetime to finish one meal.

God is as mysterious as the universe itself… so when I hear religious people saying they hold the secrets of God in their hands and words, I know they are charlatans/crooks… and don’t honor God with the respect, that God deserves… and truth and love is what God deserves.
Well, there are lies and hate, that we deserve that, and we elect liars into the seats of power, that rule over us.

It looks hopeless, must’ve been what Aaron Bushnell was feeling, after he saw the genocidal news, or upfront and real.

We need to distort the truth, as if it needs help to convey in our mind’s eye, by religious attempts to make it palatable to swallow.

God is both Evil and Good, or Good and Evil.
Isaiah 45:7
I form the light, and create darkness:
I make peace, and create evil:
I the Lord do all these things.

That’s the bitter truth of God, and you can avoid God, all you want, and disguise God with seasoning of religious rhetoric, to make it palatable for swallowing, when you want to gag and puke, from the taste of God.

“God is Spirit” Jesus said, which makes God a spirit of life itself, and all that it contains.
We are God’s children, and we kill our brothers and sisters, and our distant cousins(other races) too, in wars, where we want, what they own, in our jealousies.

But God is like a Father who loves us, and we make God angry with our fighting, and bickering over things, that we don’t own… it was given to us, as a gift of grace from God.

But like spoiled children we fight and bicker, till death comes knocking eventually at our door.

In the words of Rodney King “can we all get along?”, and be at peace with each other, like the loving family we are.

Or we’re supposed to be… it’s up to you…