What’s on my Mind?


what is life?

What is Life?
It certainly is not a balloon, with the word LIFE on it.

Fantasies of conversing with someone, more or less God… my creator, deceiver, and confidant, and also a motivator, truth, and revealer… illusion giver, and delusion giver too.

God is a mystery to me, and God should be forever… cause once I know God, I am dead…

God is everything Good and Evil, as Isaiah once prophesied in Isaiah 45:7:

I form the light, and create darkness:
I make peace, and create evil:
I the Lord do all these things.

This is the fulfilling in my life, as all of you could attain to that too… only differently, in layers… some higher up and some lower down… but God is on every layer of life.

Society, and underneath in the rooting systems of society, the underground network of society.

Societal trees, in otherwords, different govts, languages, religions, ideologies, cultures, etc. …
God was there at the Tower of Babel, and gifted us with a number of different languages, so that we couldn’t understand each other without documenting our languages, so that we could share with different dictionaries of our different languages.

It enhanced our educational properties of the human race, and it became a tree, that we adorn ourselves with, and eat of the fruits, that grows from it.

I’m speaking metaphorically you have to imagine it, to understand it, in a whole new light. It’s a complex subject, but a simple story to relate to it, so the complexity could be understood by anyone… of course there are many layers to the understandings too.

Some are on the shadowy side, which reveals hidden details, that went unnoticed on the lighter side… it’s a very complex story. I can’t cover your whole lives in this sermon, you have to live it with self determinism, and freedoms, with respect for other’s spaces and cultures too.

I‘m following Jesus’ teachings the best I can, he wasn’t too clear… he also warned there would be others, that came in his name, and would lie… Matthew 24.

“For many will come in My name,
saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many.”

It’s a shame, that he wasn’t clear in his instructions, and he left it up to us to not be deceived. I guess we’ll be pleased, if we are not deceived… and gain confidence from it, which is more than money, to wear like jewelry to gain successful status, but internally are our riches, that no one can steal.

Cause they are invisible to others, and known only to ourselves, and those we want to share them with.

That’s what’s on my mind right now, along with worrying of all the hate and prejudices spreading like weeds around the world, with disinformations seeds by news channels(Fake News).

It was designed in a script by the intelligence agencies, to fulfill the prophecies of the holy scriptures… this is my prophecy, suspicions, no evidence of proof.

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete,
when everything the American public believes is false.”
-William J. Casey, CIA Director

He said that in 1981, and then I didn’t believe he said that for a couple of years, before there were witnesses, that confirmed he said that. It leaning away from God, but it’s weeds in our own govt garden.

We need to weed out our garden, locally first, but politics spreads its weeds, with each lie they sow in our minds… until we are unsure of everything… and everything we believed as true, is revealed, as false.

The gardeners are the politicians that we elect, and aren’t held accountable to their lies… campaign promises. We have to wake up to the weed seeds, and challenge them with the truths, to the lies… and stop them from propagating more lies, that will grow more weeds… I’m just generalizing the facts, many evils will grow from the search for profits from weeds.

I’m not trying to spread fear, but awareness of what’s going on locally, and maintaining a weed free environment, you could have weed spots, but controlled weed spots… oh no Occupation comes up again… God is so mysterious… cause God created evil, and good. I still haven’t decided on why God created evil?

Cause God created two opposing forces to go against each other, and Jesus said when he was judged for expelling demons from others who were possessed with unclean spirits, it gets confusing, cause the different parties, that we elect are opposing forces… does that mean we will fail, and come crumbling down.

It’s something to think about though… and pray about… it’s a little troubling for me, but I know it’s all going to be alright in the end, but it’s a problem I must solve, or take a step in solving it, cause it might take a  several millennia to solve.

A 1000 years, as one day to God, 2Peter 3:8 taught that, and that was in the Psalms 90:4 too.

Mark 3:25
“And if a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand.

God should stay mysterious for while we are alive… cause God is the motivation to live and breathe, and we search God out with every breath, that we take. I will always hope to find God, as long as he stays mysterious, cause once I find him face to face, I’ll be dead and sleeping.