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 ‘Day of Rage’: Clashes erupt as Palestinians protest Israel Al-Aqsa mosque restrictions

 This is when Israel is setting up for a fall, stirring the battle soup, where they pick on Palestinians, be it Hamas did it a couple of days ago stirring the brew with the car crashes. What prompted this by Israel, the calm, they want reasons to fight? Is it a retaliation to the car crashes?

Nigerian Extremist Says Kidnapped Girls Married

The women who were kidnapped they were sold and married after they supposedly willingly converted to Islam, and married their husbands… supposedly willingly

 Black Dart is the US’ Answer to Drones: War Games

“The US military has been experimenting with the use of drones for almost a century, but it’s only recently that technological advances have made unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) a game changer in warfare. Today, at least 79 countries field drones; 23 of those countries arm them.
Earlier this year, VICE News was one of the first media outlets ever granted access to the US military’s annual Black Dart exercise, a decade-old joint exercise that focuses on detecting, countering, and defeating UAVs.”

How The Chinese Government Censores The Hong Kong Protests

The way the Chinese censors shows they fear the people, it’s disgusting in my opinion.

Kurds Left Helpless as Kobane Falls to Islamic State: Turkey’s Border Wars (Dispatch 1)

Why Turkey doesn’t let the Kurds cross the border, is beyond my understanding?

UK’s ‘FBI’ wants to cut online freedoms to fight terror/cybercrime

“The man who trades freedom for security does not deserve nor will he ever receive either.”
—Benjamin Franklin

Junk mail should be Criminal

Protests in London over the involvement in Iraq

‘Wake Up UK!’: Protesters in Britain rally against ISIS

IS is the offshoot of US and UK making with their invasion of Iraq. It’s Saddam’s Sunni version of Islam, we opened Pandora’s Box and it won’t go away on their own. They live by blood and war, you know it’s not going to be a pretty picture in getting rid of them. I was so dead set against the invasion of Iraq, we didn’t kill Osama Bin Laden we left that to invade Iraq. We were fighting a war in Afghanistan, and we are still fighting a war in Afghanistan, but we put it on the back burner and go start one with Iraq based on lies and profit$$$.

Sea of People: Up to 2 million Catalans march for Independence


Poroshenko triggers ‘invasion’ alarm as Kiev crumbles under militia offensive

Israeli Leader Declares Victory in Gaza War

It seems that nothing was learned, leaders from both sides claim victory… all I see are losers. Humble yourselves then you both are winners.

2 Beheaded in Brazilian Prison Riot

‘Modern phones are designed to be black boxes’

Smartphones are like black boxes…you can’t take it apart

The China caught CCTV camera

Over 1,100 killed, 3,500 wounded in E.Ukraine op, civilian toll climbs daily

Over 1100 killed it ain’t just Gaza and Israel, eastern Ukraine has problems

Gaza: Why is Rafah crossing so important? BBC News

Inside Gaza’s Rubble: Rockets and Revenge (Dispatch Eight)

I’ve watched this for over 18 days and the dead pile up…the death count is 1100+…Israel is going to have to answer to a higher power, cause it’s merciless murder

Cease-fire effort collapses as rockets, airstrikes continue

CNN Reports on Continuing bombing despite a ceasefire… the total is 194 killed

News Story from CNN

Israeli Offensive Escalates in Gaza Attack

Israel is escalating tensions, with bigger rockets and more death then they are threatened with. To kill someone cause you got a bigger dick, is ludicrous to say the least. It’s not very diplomatic.

Raw: Israeli Airstrike Kills 10 in Gaza Strip

The Palestinians in Gaza take it in the chest, and 2 children were killed by Israeli air strikes. I see it as murder of family feuds, brother fighting brother, but they see them as enemies.

Peaceful Protests Amid Suspected Voting Fraud: Elections in Afghanistan (Dispatch 5)

“In the space of a few short days, Afghan presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah went from confident frontrunner to aggrieved underdog as his rival, Ashraf Ghani, took a surprise lead. Abdullah promptly announced that he rejected the preliminary election results and demanded the resignation of the head of the election commission, Zia-ul-Haq Amarkhail, amid accusations of ballot tampering…”

‘US fighting alongside ISIS’: Direct American role in strengthening jihadists?

“ISIS proclaimed Islamic order on territories they captured both in Iraq and Syria. The area they now hold contains economically vital oil sites. Where does ISIS get the funding it needs to snatch power in the region? Even Washington has played its role in the rise of ISIS – as RT’s Marina Portnaya explains.”

‘No place to hide’: Iraq’s Christians face ISIS slaughter as country disintegrates

“The ISIS attack on Iraq has opened up the already wide divisions in its society. There is religious strife between Sunnis and Shias, along with the separatist sentiments among Kurds in the north. And then there are other minorities like Christians and Turkmen, who are in a dire position as Lucy Kafanov reports. ”

Russian Cameraman killed Sunday Night and recorded his last moments alive

“Anatoly Klyan, 68, was fatally wounded in the stomach and died Sunday night. Along with a few other journalists, he had boarded a bus full of women – mostly mothers – who were traveling to a military base in Donetsk to demand that their sons be dismissed from the unit and allowed to go home.” FULL STORY:

Iraq today

Beyond the Headlines 6/16/14

Beyond the headlines

‘We don’t have anything anymore!’ Despair as govt troops level Ukraine towns

Thousands flee eastern Ukraine for Russia, they lost everything… they have family in Russia, but there are those who haven’t anywhere to stay.

War is the maker of the homeless.

Contra A Copa: The Other Side of Brazil’s World Cup

Part 4 of the coverage by VICE News

IRAQ dilemma in action again

Iraq’s trouble restarting, we never should’ve invaded in the first Place.

Turkeys abused

Baby Turkeys abused then shredded… it’s so inhumane


VICE on HBO Debrief: Heroin Warfare


Soldier released from 5 years with the Taliban

Unrest and Opposition Over Military Rule: Thailand on the Brink (Dispatch 4)

New SpaceX Spacecraft Unveiled


US News

US NEWS Synthetic marijuana is in the Houston area, in fact trending all over the country, under the name of kush Details Emerge in Pa. Kidnapping, Killings What’s wrong with people today 1 escaped from the river and the other two found dead, the police are trying to find the van that abducted them …


  How to Hack a Car: Phreaked Out (Episode 2)   Google unveils 100 autonomous cars that drive themselves… like Minority Report     This TechNews is being constructed