Sex and Generators for Charging Your Beings

Sexual charging for your
Inner beings, your Inner core.

Electrical Generator

This is me, an Old Electrical Generator

Generators work by producing electricity with strong magnets/attractions revolving revolving around a coil of pure copper, and that raises an electric current.
How fast is raising the Amperage, the flow of of the current from rapids, or slowly with a low amperage.

Hot sex is a release of pressures from the world, but only with consensual partners/lovers, cause it’s just rape otherwise.
High amperage blows the resistance fuses, and can cause a fires in your heart, with broken hearts, I’m only using the electrics circuits as a metaphor.

I’m not an expert of electrical theory, I know what I know to make sense of my life, and supply a new way of looking at things, and enhance your perceptions.

I’ve been thinking about electricity and Amps as looking for a regulator, a two way regulator to stop surges, cause I just bought a Midea Air Conditioner, that keeps tripping the GFI outlet… and stops working.
I know the problem is in the circuitry, that it sends surges to the outlet and trips the breaker.
I would like to control the flow both ways, from the Air Conditioner too, and the GFI outlet also… so it doesn’t blow the outlet’s circuit breaker, and make the power go off for the Air Conditioner.

Update: Well, I finally solved my dilemma, I had to switch from a series connection to a parallel connection to stop the tripping of the GFI outlet, from normal operation.

Which could be my core/self problem too, being wired wrongly from all the propaganda about sexual intimacy. That got me thinking of sex, as a recharge to our inner core beings… and I apply electrical theory to that.

Sexual pleasure, if it’s satisfying to both individuals, can recharge your inner core selves… if it’s slow with low amperage, it’s good foreplay, but can grow into high amperage for a quick charge.
But I know Women like a slow charge, and I’ve grown accustomed to it too… cause I haven’t had sex in over 20+ years, but in my mind with fantasies, there has been recharging on a virtual level.

It should be clear and precise for a healthy mind, instead of a predatory mind’s desires, cause the predatory mind is only concerned about their own desires and pleasures.
Rapists are predatory minds, that hide behind their charms and smiles, as a mask that they wear to convince you, to see it their way.

That’s the foreplay of a rapist, but the true love is capable to go slow with low amperage, and truly love the other individual, and not blow their fuses… though fast current high amperage is a very exciting pleasures… but it must be raised slowly… with more sexual foreplay tactics, as a dial that you turn.

I’m sorry that this sounds cold, and without feelings, but I’m using a simile with electrical theory, it’s more intimate, than the coldness, that I’m talking about now.

Lets start over with electrical theory and how it relates to true love… I went off on a tangent with selfish love, and now I’d like to get back to true love.

True love is a sort of puppy love, it’s the spark of love that will grow into an out of control fire, if you let it, or it can be controlled into a fire to keep you both warm, and a family warm, if need be.

True love has no sexual desires, except with spouses, only to fortify the cracks that appear in their relationships… but the child is to be protected from your sexual affections, cause it could grow into a wildfire… and burn your life to ashes.

I would like God to turn me to ashes naturally, without lustful sexual pleasures.

I’ve had enough of the puberty attacks on my heart, and want to be turned to ashes naturally… by dying.

True love is a spark of affection, that can be made greater with loving affections, and fanning the flames to make a greater fire. Lovers making babies to fill their family quotas, is a sign of engagement, and a future marriage.

Where two fleshly lives, makes one life, and are joined in holy matrimony… but are riddled with forgotten vows in divorces, and the children suffer from the break ups.
Since everyone I know, has been through a divorce, I’m in now way condemning you, but maybe your wiring is wrong… you need to wire differently your GFI plug, to be parallel, instead of in series.

I remember when we were young, my Parents were going to get a divorce, and it crushed us into crying uncontrollably, cause we were blaming ourselves, and it crushed my Parents too, and they thought about it some more… and by my guess they rewired themselves… cause it was upstate NY when we were told of their upcoming divorce, Mike was just a baby then… so we were coming up in the Summers only.

My Parents are dead, both of them, so I don’t know what they did, but I’m left to guess… it could be just a gift of rewiring, the series connections, to the parallel connections… giving each life their own circuit, for the children’s sake… so when one circuit blows, the other circuits still work.

The pressure is off the relationship for the sake of the children… and the threat of the trauma is no more, but some children go through that trauma, and I don’t know how that effected them, and if the trauma is still there, and how it effected their development.

Life is a mystery to me, and I want to learn all about life… you know there is a saying in Ecclesiastes 1:18.

“For in much wisdom is much grief, And he who increases knowledge increases sorrow.”