MOTH : The Meaning to Me, and Others – 1

— The Meaning of MOTH to Me, and Others – 1 —


The word MOTH to me is an acronym meaning “Matters of the Heart”. I made an Album with an image of a moth eating my brains for the cover… somebody has it. It seems I have lost it in the moves.

I got compliments on it, they might have thrown it out. Although, I can’t remember what songs were on it.

I could go through my records, but it’s like looking for a needle in haystack for me, cause I’m a slob… and looking for one piece of paper in this hoarder’s mess, is like pulling teeth.


Update: My Sister found it, and made a copy for me


Well, I remember one song that was on it.


Sign of the Times


It was a song about reflections of the matters of the heart for me. Also, I fell in love, and was crushed by misunderstandings, which breaks everyone’s heart at times in their lives.

I bumped into the wall many times, but modern technology killed me many times too. I’m still trying… I suck though, and don’t have any special talent.

Which I find of many in the music biz, they all have no talent… cause it’s the marketing executives that sell the hacks to the public. I’m a major hack of the music biz too, so I don’t mean any offense by using that term.

I put my heart into my music, and that’s the most important part of music. During the latter years, I dabbled in the loop production to music, cause loops were always in line and on time, between quantization and loops all the humanness was gone from my music.

I want my humanness back in the songs.

The screw ups leave room for improvement, and more soul to add. Hopefully, I’ll inspire more music to be made.


The Moth and the Fame


Metallica‘s new song “Moth into Flame”, which is comparing flame to fame. It destroys the many seeking fame. Sometimes hard and fast, and long and slowly. The latter, which is in my case.


“The Moth is mysterious in this song written by Aimee Mann, and performed by Les Deux Love Orchestra Featuring Bobby Woods. Though it could be compared to fame again.




Then there is this song by Hellyeah called “Moth”, and members the band discusses the meaning of the song in the following video.



I reflected on that in the matters of the heart too. I saw everything as an addiction, that it can be abused when taken to extremes.

The heart is like the moon, there is a darkside that your never let anyone to see. Somebody said that before, I take liberties to share that with you, but I don’t know the name… Mark Twain comes to mind. I’m sure he heard it from someone else, whether be it the spirit world or not.

We discover revelations in our ponderings of the mind, and quote it as if it’s our own thoughts. We don’t give credit to our spiritual counselors…cause we feel at home within ourselves. So we derive it be our own original thoughts, but it’s our thoughtful counselings sessions. It sounds better as our own original thoughts… so we go with it.

It’s what I believe… even if you don’t.



The Matters of the Heart

There are many more interpretations of MOTH phenomena, but I digress to not hearing them all. Matters of the heart is your own to determine. I only plant the seed, cause I don’t know what you go through. What situations you are in at this time. What decisions that you have to make. This only brings up the paths for you to decide your future.

Only you!

Not your president, Prime Minister, govt leader, etc., but only you decide what’s in front of you. You wear your leaders, as a cross on your back, and they will save you, or they will crucify you. There is not much you can do about that. You can be depressed and fight, or succumb to the pressures of the govt taking every one of your freedoms away, but it will turn out as it was supposed to.



One last Word from the Heart

You will die, it doesn’t matter what you do. The only thing is what you choose to do… is it right or wrong?

You have to decide on that. Only you can decide on your future. Choose what you feel is right, and go with it in faith. Faith has a way of opening doors, that were closed before.

There are many rooms in this mansion called Earth, and the hallways of space has many more rooms that remain unexplored. There are so many wonders in this universe, after we die and find out in our dreams of peace, that we can be immortal.

Don’t let the politics live again. They like sowing trouble, and growing chaos. They lie constantly. It’s their second nature.

Their powers grow, and they don’t want to let go. They like to sow death, but that because death haunts them.

They fear death, and they want the company in their misery. Fear not death, it makes them mad to be alone in their fear.


It Can Come Down Hard