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06 Tomidjah’s Say – June


Tomidjah’s Journal

Where I talk to myself, and make sense of this corruptible world, and remove the errors from my mind, for sanity’s purposes… when I read, what I’ve written here, in my peace of mind in silence.


Well, this is finally the end of web problems, I hope! I’m getting rid of transferring the website of to Siteground’s servers…  once I get a token from support to start the plugin again.

I did it at the beginning of June 4th, and it was filled with errors and failed, because my Domain Name was registered with Google Domains, which has been sold to Squarespace, well I transferred it to Siteground, but the website is still on Google Cloud servers… and now I have  access to the WordPress dashboard again.

So now it’s in control of Siteground’s Domain Name registration of, but it’s not over yet… I need to start the plugin from wp siteground migrations, but I’m waiting for a Siteground’s Token to start the migration from the plugin.

I’m getting confused on all the connections with networking the world… you need a team to make it work…and I’m all alone in swimming the seas, and the storms of confusion makes the seas rough, and the waves high, making the seas more confusing, and setting you off your course.

This is my map making in my mind… so it makes sense to me… journals do that.

Well, enough of this babble… I need to make up a page for July, it’s tomorrow…

My how time is a dictator of/with us. Freedom and truth, is just facade, and a false front on a movie set.


I learned a lot of transferring
sites and domains…

they are separate entities

I paid the $30 to let the professionals that speak the tech wizard language at Siteground, to take over the migrating the site of, but the domain is registered to Google Domains which will change to Squarespace account, which I don’t have… or need to learn their workflow… something else to occupy my mind.

I thought I connected tech geeks to solve this dilemma of transferring a website. I’m thinking of working with Squarespace, and see about their hosting, since they will own my domains by the end of this month… I don’t like the name Squarespace… it seems like a Pandora’s Box where every evil thing in the world exists… I’m not evil.

Just misunderstood.

WordPress, was a chore in learning to blog… I thought it was a word processor program, but it’s an authoring tool for the internet… it deals with text is the only thing with word processors programs that it has in common, but you need plugins to make it feature rich.
A thing I had to get used to… it made plugins a target for hackers… which is hard to protect from some of the darkside hackers.

Anyway, I just wanted to document my day…



Headaches with the
Domain Transfer

I tried migrating one site to Siteground, but the migration of it was full of errors… and now it’s between the Google Cloud servers, and limbo… I need to access a history of transfers, cause I added what they told me, and now it’s combined with… I just remember the first 2-3 numbers the IP4 address, but I put in the Google Cloud IP4… by my memory it started 187 or 182… I wish it had a memory of it with Google Domains… but I spent all night trying to figure it out.

Anyway, the site is, and it was hosted on Google Cloud Servers, and I tried to migrate it to Siteground servers… but it failed.

I went looking for whois info for Siteground, also it is based is in Sofia, Bulgaria by some college students, and it is partnered with TUCOWS is UK based company, and an open source company.

“SiteGround was founded in 2004 in Sofia by a few university friends.”

There needs to be an easier transfer process… for idiots like me.

Well, this is my dilemma today… I’ll continue trying to piece together this solution… it was opening the WP dashboard before, but only recently it went back to google cloud servers… or maybe it was always with them.
The transfer process is a bit complicated and I have old hardware in my body(With no IT data/knowledge).
So I feel like an idiot, cause all the tech geniuses are talking greek/geek to me.

I’m a proud fool, and I grow through the Hard Knocks School for independent living/education.

Hopefully, the finishing touch will be the link to work… instead of the errors, or go back to attempting to migrate it to Siteground servers… cause they moved the servers from Chicago to Los Angeles just last month… and they changed the IP4 addresses.

So that’s before I made changes with Google Cloud servers, and tried to transfer/migrate it to Siteground servers.

With the cyberwars going on right now, and the rise in power with AI and chatgpt… it’s a wonder why normal people seem oppressed with ignorance of terminologies only… they make you feel stupid and dumb, like they’re talking another language of tech speak… pretty much like doublespeak.

Noun: doublespeak
1. Any language that pretends to communicate, but actually does not.


The Dead Internet Theory

I get tired, as all of you do, of trying to figure out all the marvels of the world as seen through the Internet… and now Bots designed by the AI, which have been there, since the beginning of the WWW, but we don’t know what they collect… or rob/steal for the profitable regimes/corporations.

I think of it continually, and it absorbs me into their web’s design… but there are others, that are blind to it, and only are entertained by the social sites… which is the design of the WWW.

Which I read from the WWW in the early 1996-1998’s, sometime after I moved to the western side of the US, was referencing the 666, the mark of the beast. This seems like a screencapture of the original article I read in the early 1996-1999’s.

It talks of Hebrews using letters like using the alphabet as numerals, before the Arabic numerals system was adapted universally. Even Greek letters and Latin(used by the Romans) used their alphabets as numerals, I don’t know anything about the Asian side of the world… I guess I could share by a search… ChineseJapanese… everybody understands the uses the Arabic numeral systems though.


Back to BOTS, which is why I started this entry in to my public journal, my personal one is in my disorganized mind, and private and anonymous for right now… but in the future we all are naked… at least that’s what the tech industry preaches.

This design of AI was started to connect everyone alive on the world/Earth, so we could communicate with everyone alive on Earth today, and process the data that enslaves us, or frees the individuals… like machines in the manufacturing assembly lines… putting handcuffs and arresting them, or liberating them, and setting them free.

I’ve seen it in my mind… where my personal journal lives… this is for you… the public.

This is what I want to reveal to you… but I hide the disorganized mess… like a dirty room, that I hid from my Mom in the closet.


Anyway, back to the bots… the bots being distributed were by search engines, since the beginning of the internet, but they’ve been transformed into malware bots by the darkside of humanity… they just don’t index the sites they search out, they index them for their dark purposes with malware.

Google, Mac(Apple), Linux, and MS started this mess with malware for their profits… Google made the Android system, which is Linux at it’s core, and the many tech industries that use it, and it keeps track of its users/public/individuals.

Where we all are naked in public… and not be arrested for indecent exposure… cause our nakedness is only viewed as text by the tech savvy… they only view the data, they collect as ours. Which is our core being …stolen out of our pockets by the tech savvy… like pickpocket thieves.
There excuse, you don’t know it, so what makes it wrong?

I took an ethics class in college, which brought up the rights and wrongs of societies, and debated between them… the class was liberal minded, but I enjoyed it… which labeled me a liberal… but I’m a conservative too… in fact I’m every point of view in this world.

Not to go off on political paradigm, but we all debate to feed the AI beast with data, that is supposed to make our lives better… but I accent the “suppose” of supposition… and expect it to be true, not an error ridden filled with falsehoods AI.

That sums up my opinion of bots, cause that’s the world’s opinions of AI and bots… and I’m giving my 2 cents on the world’s opinions… we all just babble our opinions, which could be false, and it’s just babble, or it could be true, and valuable gems of truths… but to me, it’s just 2 cents.

I seek the invisible world where God lives.


Propaganda Blues

Proper Blues is sad feelings manipulated by Propaganda
Which is misinformation/disinformation to persuade you to their views
Which they can use hype with incomplete data, and cause you to assume the rest
You lie to yourself, which is a victory in the fight with Propaganda, and it gives me the blues

Propaganda Blues, Propaganda Blues,  You’ll lie to yourself
In order to believe the Propaganda
Propaganda Blues, Propaganda Lies, you’ll lie to yourself
It plays on your emotions to make you believe in the propaganda

Marketing is also propaganda in its sales pitches,
cause they supply little info, and make you assume the rest
Which is the agenda of propaganda is to make you assume the rest of the facts
You lie to yourself, and surrender to propaganda, which gives you the blues

Propaganda Blues, Propaganda Blues,  You’ll lie to yourself
In order to believe the Propaganda
Propaganda Blues, Propaganda Lies, you’ll lie to yourself
It uses hype to make you assume the rest, to make you believe in the Propaganda

Everything is propaganda, and all objectives are propaganda driven
LGBT, BLM, CIA, FBI, and any acronym you can think of, is a seed of propaganda
We create feasts and meals of propaganda with those seeds, and eat till we’re full
and feel like sleeping in the arms of propaganda, which gives me the blues

To be content with propaganda, gives me the blues
I hate the blues, when it’s lying in bed with propaganda
And receiving their false seeds, that spread weeds,
which are invasive to other plants, who honor their space

Propaganda Blues, Propaganda Blues,  You’ll lie to yourself
In order to believe the Propaganda
Propaganda Blues, Propaganda Lies, you’ll lie to yourself

Propaganda is an invasive weed, and spreads with their delusions
on other plant’s territories, and it gives me the Blues

Propaganda is a WEED, and its agenda should make it bleed
By its own hand… I won’t mourn for its death
Cause I’m sick of the propaganda blues
Like I’m sick of the marketing Propaganda too
With ads ruining my entertainment peacefulness
with their Commercial breaks… I would like to put them
out of my misery with self deserved break… it’s called death.

Propaganda Blues, Propaganda Blues,  You’ll lie to yourself
In order to believe the Propaganda
Propaganda Blues, Propaganda Blues,  You’ll lie to yourself
In order to believe the Propaganda
It just give me the blues


GOD can’t be explained,
cause you can’t cage
God for your study

Every religion, that has formed on this planet, has tried to cage God in their little bird cage, which is sign of abuse of God… it’s what they understand of God, made to fit in their little mind’s cage of their religion.

This guy is annoying, cause he tries to fit what he knows into that cage… it may be just a microscopic part of God, but his pride is lighting his way… it’s hard to quench your pride and control your nature… I’ve been doing that all my life.

I see all religions as hypocrites, claiming to be holy, but judging others, the one thing that Jesus instructed us to not do… at least the Christian religions, cause that’s all I know, since I was introduced to God in a Catholic School.

Which was weird, cause I was going to hell at the age of 7 years old, cause I committed a mortal sin… the Nuns that taught me about God, put themselves in danger of hell fires. There were Good Nuns also, who didn’t hang stones around my neck in judgment, I’m not talking about them.

They didn’t understand God, who is a merciful God, and a gracious God… I had to live through this Hell, to be educated about God… it explains the feelings dream I had reoccurring all the time… where I was chasing God, and he was continually avoiding being caught, and I was frustrated and stopped chasing him, but then he appeared about a short distance away, and was continually calling me to follow… but when I followed he frustrated me more by avoiding me .

I lost count of how many times I dreamed that… but it faded to be no more… just as long as it made its point to my heart and mind.

I realized that God was teaching me in my dreams, and I felt that I couldn’t catch him, and study him… which every religion tries to do. It fills their ego, instead of riding their egos to their next destination, it creates a fat ego, along the lines Jabba the Hutt in the Star Wars comparison.

Where they only want like Jabba… and orders others to meet their desires.

Egos control us when wild, but tamed egos is you controlling them… like horses, when tamed are a blessings, but wild they can be a curse… bronco busting you, instead of them.

You should be in control of your egos, or they will get you into trouble… you need to pull back of the reins of your egos, and steer them the way to go… cause they’re your own egos, and should be in control of you… if you want to live a humble life.

The egos shouldn’t be in control of the manipulators, they’re the marketing devils that spread the hype, instead of the truth. The egos were under the microscopes of the marketeers, and were manipulated by ADS for years on TV, and the Radio too… cause any communication devices were a distraction from the inside radio of the soul… your communication with angels and devils… cause in the Spirit of God is both sides of the story… angels and devils sides of the story.

You can’t catch God, I agree with the St Augustine “If you think you’ve understood God, that ain’t God”.
God is continually calling you to follow, and search for God, but don’t try to lock God in a cage designed by your own understanding of God… cause it’s a frustrating journey.

God is many, we are only individuals… but we are part of God… only a microscopic part of God, but part of God… so when you judge others, you are judging God. If you look at it, the way Jesus looked at it, it makes sense to us.


Lyrics Here

This song reminds me of FB groups of my happy times in the Catskill Mtns in upstate NY, and the many friends I made there, I just looked at all the old classmates from the 50’s, that I was acquainted with, but they didn’t know me, or I them.

I’m more of an observer, and I make my judgments after it’s all over… cause there is always hope with me. I have angels and demons of hope, following me like an entourage… well not an entourage, more like ghosts haunting me.

Memories are ghosts haunting us, some friendly, and some spooky/scary… but they’re in the spiritual side of life itself. I see life as simple, as flesh and alive, and also spiritual which lives in your mind, invisible to the rest of the world.

And our curious human nature, is quickly losing their anonymity with the attacks of the tech field… which gives them power, and they capitalize on our ignorance… and they want us to consume all the toys they invent… but they’re just receiving instructions from the spiritual side… and think it’s their ideas.

The spiritual side is GOD, and good and evil live there… you can see God here, and everywhere else in the universe… UFO’s have been around, since our multiplications/propagations began… we just started categorizing them with different names. There’s an endless amount of names to give them, cause the universe is as vast as our minds our capable of imagining.

So looking at memories is like communing with God… bad and good, hopefully in that order. The end must be good, otherwise all our bad memories will enslave you in a hell like existence.

So when you miss home, it’s always with you in your memories… ghosts, friendly like Casper, or scary ghosts, which are your enemies, but they shouldn’t scare you… look to talk to them, and set them straight, with the truths that freed you.

It’s kept me sane with that outlook, everything is tied together as a play toy, with the ball of Earth as ball of yarn, that can be unraveled by a kitten,  but scientists are the ones that put it together again… and some leave Earth, and go into space to learn and observe the big ball Earth… and feel peace and enlightenment being up there.

But they have to come back down to Earth, and be grounded again… it’s a mystery, and they got their vacation from Earth… and are back, where they belong.

Just remember home, and it’s like visiting… though I grew up in NYC, my time in the country staring at Cows chewing their cud, I felt at peace for my first time… and I knew why India honors the Cows as a God… they must have dirty streets though… cause they shit and piss at their will.

Just filling my head with memories of the Catskills, it was like a trip back home… I know there is more to home, then just good memories, that’s why I’m here in Montana… it’s my local home right now, for the last 24 years, but I feel I haven’t reached my home… the place where God is, in all God’s glory… which is inside your heart and mind.

The more I think about it, it’s NOT your brain, cause that is like a spiritual calculator… it deals with logic and intelligence… but your core being doesn’t live there… it uses it only, till you die.

So like the song is all over the place, it brings it more into focus of where you are in your life, and if it’s where you want to be?

I like my freedom, though it’s only an illusion of life… a delusion at times, and teetering with truth makes it seem real at times, but it’s only a hope… and not real, but faith is the natures/habits of things hoped for… it’s our existence to deal with these habits, and like a painting in the Renaissance period, it’s not finished yet… this is our Renaissance period, and it needs to be appreciated and understood… that is our victorious overcoming of our sins/mistakes/errors, not code correctors and AI, but victory in you heart and minds.

It’s all parables and stories… when I make scripture link… it’s all ghosts hauntings… it has metaphorical meanings, that’s all.


This little story is what I believe too, there’s little changes in our belief systems, but that’s what makes us Beautiful and Unique as individuals.

Those micro differences equip us with little differences, that give us different perspectives of the same subject… we look at a ball, you see the ball, but I see the writing on the ball on the other side of where you are… those different perspectives give you the whole image of the ball.
It’s a basketball, which is what was written on the other side.

Well, we all know what a basketball looks like, so that was not a good example. Paleontology search for fossils in the dirt, and come up with many fossils… but if you don’t know what you’re looking for you brush it off, as another piece of dirt. Where bones resemble sticks/branches, until you brush off the dirt, and the bone comes alive in your mind and sight.

Brushing off the dirt gives you another perspective, a fossil instead of a dirty branch.

There are so many examples of differing beliefs, but they’re different perspectives/views.
I could write a novel or many novels on that subject, and then I would have to write another volume of books to cover what I missed… cause books are endless in an endless universe.

Conformity is like committing suicide… I wondered why suicidal thought filled my head and heart when I was younger… they always wanted me to conform, and become their robot… but I have lungs to breathe, and a mind to think, I wanted to follow my own path, to make a better world.

Otherwise, I’d become a mad scientist and rule the world towards their destruction… like all mad scientists do. They give normal scientists a bad name, cause there are many scientists that work for the good of the world… and don’t follow the profits.

Profits are false, and true, just like the Prophets of the old world, were false and true.

They can lead you to heaven and hell… it’s your choice. God gave you free will to choose what you want, be weary of the con people that try to sell you falsehoods/lies, cause that’s the road to hell.
Not to get too religious on you, but the devil gives you the contrast of the image that you study. It raises different details in the image, that would have been hidden by the overexposure of brightness.

Luminescence of an image can be too bright, and the details are lost. We need a little hell, to appreciate the heavens of our existences.

Well, that’s my 2 cents on the subject of Success… we need a little darkness, to contrast the details of the lights revealing… we need the shadows to see clearly the details.

“The devil is in the details”… was taken/stolen from “God is in the details”.


Global Economic Crisis

I‘ve always hated math, though I was a genius in it in High School, but I was always doodling with the NATO/OTAN symbol indifferent ways during my Math classes. Now, I see the NATO/OTANNATO Symbol symbol as less as an ally, and more as an instigator of troubles.

They turned into a contender for power, instead of an ally for peace.

The end of the world is upon us, and power driven greed are the rulers, dictating our futures from the economical and the war militaristic sides.

I was always doodling the 4 point star with the little circle around it in math class, but it took on the militaristic look, like a scopesight over the years, since the 1972 when I was doodling it.
It became a weapon of war, instead of an agent of peace.

And the War Is A Racket by Major General Smedley Butler makes more sense to me now, with the banking control takeovers, and they’re in cahoots with the militaristic takeovers. Together they want to rule the world’s populations with dictation by the AI’s commands.

It’s a grim outlook, but they murdered the key truths players in every war, that has happened over the decades… mainly Hope and Compassion, and put Despair on the thrones of power, dictating their wants and desires like Jabba da Hut in the Star Wars movies.

They may seem rational and connected to reason, but they are vipers, and only concerned about their power structures… towers of lies… looking for more power over the people.

Like a big sack of snakes, that the military would defend, if needed be.

I’m growing unhappier by the moment, but I see a global crash in the future, I saw the one in 2008 with the US, and God said the next one would be Global… God instructed me to not fret about it… but warn others that it will happen.

It’s mainly from the sins/mistakes of greed, and the crashes are from that… it effects others, not just the greedy.

I’m sharing my personal experiences… in my personal journal.


America – Sometimes Lovers

By band labeled America – Sometimes Lovers, expresses what I feel right now. It’s a mild expression of what I feel about love and lovers… I favor the meaning of love, instead of lovers in the carnal sense.

I like the line of hiding in the “cover of innocence and blame”, and feeling sorry for myself lying in bed with the covers over my face, feeling sorry for myself, and blaming the world for all my problems… which I don’t think of being myself, when I pull the covers over myself.

But in retrospect, I reflect as that happening, comparing that as myself.

I think we all need to reflect that as ourselves, and our insecure times with the covers over our faces.

Like masks to cover our faces, it covers our loving natures too… so that we mask our egos behind the scariest faces, that we concoct in our searches to protect our fragile souls. Cause all of us has been hurt by love, sometimes more than others, or we can be like Obi Wan Ken-obi, or become like Yoda, and master the Force, and teach others to master the Force.

I’ve grown sick of being hurt by love, and want to face God without the prideful masks hiding our true nature, no matter what pains deform my outer skin, I’m coming to God as naked as I was born, with all the scars that plagued me throughout my whole life, and greet God face to face and make my case through the Force/holy spirit… which I have yet to understand.

What is Spirit? I’m only guessing of the data I’ve been supplied by religions, science, history, ancient history, mythology, etc..

I believe in a force that connects us all to other living breathing things… whether it’s oxygen or carbon dioxide… it’s breathing by plants and animals… I don’t know what they breathe in the deep oceans, there might be another material they breathe down there.

But when we find out what they breathe down there, I hope I met God by then face to face… and rest well, and in Peace… though I said I would follow God, when I was introduced to Jesus, like Yoda then became my substitute teacher about the Truth… it takes time to learn about the kingdom/heavens/universe… all the hosts/galaxies that make up the universe.

We are like newborn babies… there is so much to learn about the universe, that it would crush us, if we bit all that we could find about the universe… just make sure you don’t bite more than you can chew/understand… otherwise you will chew your time into madness.

And be an ignorant stump in the fields of history.


The PDF User Manual for the BR-800 is here.

I haven’t had much time with this, to show my progress, I slept all day… and I needed that.

Rest is the best medicine, along with healthy foods, that doesn’t cause inflammations in the body, which all processed foods does. It’s cheap and easier for the processed food makers… it increases their profits for their products.

I need rest more than ever right now… I’m wearing my body down with all the stress, that daily life entails these days.

I’m going to slow down on all the bad news, that flows down the river of life… I will pass the highlights only of what everyone needs to know… remember it’s BAD news, and should be avoided. Like a warning sign before the rabbit hole.

But I’m not in a ranting mood right now… but that could change in an instant event… I don’t know when that happens.


Well, I’ve wasted $700 again, with buying the hype… it seems the more I’m conned it makes me mad/furious… cause it’s a piece of shit, it’s more geared to streaming podcasts, than music creation.

If I was a podcaster then I could find a reason for it, but I’m a songwriter… and I want something I could jot down my ideas on and record, so that I can not hook up to a computer DAW.

I’ll be retiring the GigCaster 8, and choose the BR-800, it’s a BOSS too. They make good equipment, but their designs need a correction… you write for support, and Roland answers you.

BOSS is a subsidiary of Roland corporation.


So, I bought the BOSS BR-800 several years ago, but they have so many internal menus, I lost interest in it, but it suits my purpose right now… and is small, so it won’t take up too much room in the bed.

It’s been discontinued, and it is only enough storage for 32GB SD card, but it suits me for now.

I just want to jot down rhythms to work on with, and accent portions to suit me, and when I’m motivated I’ll be able to hook up to computer DAW, and finish my creations… I wish I can work on Reaper again… I have it installed on another laptop, but I didn’t have the time to see if it worked.

I was on it for a little time, and I had to update windows… which took about 4 hours to complete over a slow DSL connection.

I would buy another one, if they had a touchscreen, instead of the many internal menus… I wouldn’t have lost interest in it, cause I bought it in March of 2019, and went into the hospital 2020… so I had a year to find out about it.

I thought I had a couple of years… I was thinking I bought it in 2017… but Sweetwater keeps records.


It’s time to reveal my heart, and I don’t want to fight about it… it’s me, as fragile, as I can be.

We come here telling everybody about ourselves, and judging others how incompetently, we are to do that. We know we change daily, and we learn new things daily too, so there is no reason to judge another, cause we all face different things and problems, and it is like a thorn in your sides… people’s judgments.

We should let people breathe, and figure life out on their own, without the pressures of condemnation.

No one likes, thorns in their sides.

I’ve been guilty of judging the populations, with my incomplete knowledge of the world, and the reasons for their situations… but occasionally I see,  and I am enlightened, but quickly I go over the horizon, and I forget again. But I face the same enlightenment, and realize the same thing over and over again.

It’s like breathing, I see the same things over and over again, and it gives me strength to live and breathe into the next day, with some shame, over what I forgot.

Forgotten dreams is the oxygen of the breath, and revives you only for a millisecond or nanosecond of time, and what you do determines your whole life. You live by faith, and it determines your dreams, whether they are fulfilled or not.

I’ve shown that I have no faith, cause I’ve been a failure at making my dreams come true, but God assures me, my life is not over yet.
So I guess I have to die… to make my dreams to become true.

Well, that’s a waste of my time here.
Well, that’s been told to me too in my first conversation with God, before my accident.

Life is a conundrum, and we have to figure it out, and all we can do is our best.
I would like it to be a blessing by grace, instead of a conundrum, but I’m a beggar and a thief, so I can’t be choosy.

And neither should you.



Yesterday was a nightmare, rainy, and colder for me, but today was a spastic nightmare, but the weather was more warmer and bearable today.

So the theme of today, is the less to worry about it, is safe and secure to your existence.
Though not being so apathetic to your detriment, is preferred.

We all go through moods, to our detriment at times, and at other times to our edification.
Today is my edification mood… where I want to improve my life… which can change tomorrow, and be like yesterday.

Yesterday was angry and so full of judgment for the world, and all of its entanglements. But today was an effort to reach the surface, and breathe the life I love.

You need to breathe the good air, instead of the polluted air… cause that makes you angry and judgmental.

It’s a blessed life, but that gets covered by all the politics in the world… the leaders who lie to get by and just survive. They seem to stress you out, because their survival is so stressful, and they feel they must share it with you.

You know that, you must carry your own weight… even though they taint it with stress.


Tax Man is the
Warden of this Prison

The only payment is one way, and it trickles back into our own pockets, to pay the rent to live and breathe again another year.
I would like to pay it upfront for life… we are going to die anyway, not to pay a yearly rent for living in a prison.

We pay for healthcare, we pay rent for habitations. We buy from thieves making a profit, which is a legalized robbery, there’s more give than take, in some situations. I’m all for the fairness of making a profit, but some are outright criminals in thievery raking in 100% – 1000% in profits.

And I’m not addressing the Warden/Ruler/Earth, that requires an ear of what I’m thinking… and I’ll leave that up to God and You.


Cause I seek a harmonious balance between all the factions.
Earth is like a giant Petri Dish, where viruses are born and die too, and life is mixed with them on Earth too. Our words are like bacterias, infecting those we hear, and listen to.

This post can be seen as a seed, from which many things grow, but it requires good nutritious soil to grow healthily, but some will die, and some will fight to live and grow into a mighty tree.

But the taxman warden sees profit in cutting it down, and reorganizing it into making another bed to lay in… that he can sell it for profit. I’m talking metaphorically, not real trees… it’s like the Petri Dish analogy.

We talk and infect, or bless with words, but words instill feelings… some good and some bad.
I would be happy if everyone could get along, but I know sometimes you need to stir the pot, or some people get stuck to the bottom of the pot… where the heat is the most potentially destructive.
So when you see a fellow lifeform stuck to the bottom of the pot, you can bless them with love oil, instead of scraping from the bottom with the big wooden spoon… judging them.

This is my payment to the warden… it’s truth, as I see it.


This was a song I enjoyed making, and everyone’s contribution to it was excellent… one tempo and one rhythm … to boot… I would’ve like to added breaks, but it’s done… so the next one can get creative with it. Make it your own, but just respect my message of the song… you can add your perspective to it, if you feel it.

It’s a song about our inability to see our wrongs, and the vision of it blocked by the boulder of pride, that we carry on our shoulder… not humility, but pride we carry throughout the world.

The world is setting up for our last world war, our greed is making it worse. We are looking to fight and judge other nations, but we don’t offer solutions, only disagreements… we BABBLE ON to our heart’s content.

To simmer and high temps, like clockwork without any feelings. We are stoned by smoking the AI pipe for peace, but what logic is in that now… it feeds the greed of development, and leaves you stupider, than before AI came on the world scene.

I digress into the valley of stupidity, with that last statement.

It gets worser and worser on the horizon of music, what once offered hope and change, now offers wealth muggers/thieves, and despaired egos… it looks like the Emerald City of OZ, transformed into the sickness of Hell, and all of its despair and hatred… they sing about Love, but its the carnal/sexual nature of love.

They dilute love in every release, or pollute it with their understanding of love. It’s like sitting in a big circle and playing the game of telephone, where you whisper the message only once to the person next to you, and it goes round the circle, and when it comes on the last person of the circle, the originator of the message… it doesn’t sound like the original message.

The same with the music industry… its like a big circle of the Game of Telephone, everyone along the chain to the next person, till at the end has the power to change the message, or distort it.

Songs used to be from the heart, but the fame seekers, and greed seekers, polluted it, and now it’s a parasite pool, like a septic tank. You can’t drink from a septic tank, or you get sick and vomit.

The choice is yours… sing from the heart, or you’re scriptwriter/singer… in otherwords phony/poser/soul for money and fame… but you lose yourself, and the parasites/lawyers/contracts/A&R people ate your strength.


GigCaster 8 is not
Bluetooth ready
Except for Mobile Phones


Click the Picture above
for the PDF User Manual

This is from Roland Support the makers of the BOSS Gigcaster8, and they said in this email.

Thanks for contacting us! We understand how this would be useful for you. However the Gigcaster 8 can only connect Bluetooth with a mobile device (e.g. smartphone) or computer. The Gigcaster 8 doesn’t have a function to output to a Bluetooth speaker or Bluetooth headphones unfortunately.
We’re sorry for this news but hope it helps clarify!
Kind regards, Roland Customer Support

It was disappointing to hear that, but it solves my problem of assuming with the little info I could get on the product. So I can work on getting around it, like hooking up a wired set of headphones to the plug on the front of the Gigcaster8. I would much rather hear it through the Bluetooth speaker, than wear the cumbersome wired headphones.

But this is one obstacle that I overcame… and I’m sure many more will pop up.

Like what sounds are in it… I’ve wasted 4 days trying to make the bluetooth work with my bluetooth  headphones, and the bluetooth external speaker, so I don’t know what sounds are programmed into it.

It needs the computer on, or I have to hookup the external monitors, to hear what I’m doing… or wear the  wired headphones.
What I though would be easy for me, I need to stop assuming on data from marketeers… they’re all liars, that make you assume… that’s what salesman do.

I need to ask questions on what I’m hearing, instead of assuming they’re telling the truth.


I feel judged and misrepresented, cause of the games being played on me, from the technical field, and the philosophical fields too.

But I’m just here trying to figure out my life, and being judged every which way… because I want to sing my message, but don’t have a voice with talent, I’m just sickening everyone with my ego screaming my message.

I should’ve died in my accident… then you’ll all be free of me, and I of you.

Cause I can relate to this song in more ways, than I can explain… it’s not the shape of my heart.

I should be relaxing in my dreams, sleeping in my bed… instead of buzzing around here, like a fly on the wall of life.

“And those who fear are lost”,
and “I know that
diamonds mean money for this art”,
but that’s not the shape of myHeart.

I‘m sorry you don’t get me, I’m sick of trying to tell you, that I love you, and you’re just seeing lust in my eyes, and prejudicing me, and not see what is love to me… it’s not lust, that’s for sure.

I’m sorry I can’t articulate what is love is, unless you study scriptures, but even scriptures don’t tell you all what love is, there is so much more to love. Everyday, is a new understanding of love, and what it is… a new perspective of love, at least.

Another puzzle piece that you find, and there is more puzzle pieces to love to be revealed… it has to match the images of love in your mind’s imagination, cause that is the reference image for putting the puzzle pieces together.

I’m trying to articulate what is not possible to explain… you have to talk with feelings, instead of words.

There is emotions listing in categories, it’s just a basic representation of emotions, and to further describe the emotions that we feel with categories, some categories have yet to be discovered… it’s the most secure way of communicating, it isn’t misunderstood… it gives it the same perspective, as your trying to convey to the other party.

Feelings, instead of words. It baffles me… and I don’t have a teacher… it requires me asking for God’s help, which is the Spirit of God, and God’s spirit is both Good and Evil… you don’t know what side is teaching you.

This isn’t the shape of my heart either… and that’s where heart’s ears are, to hear feelings.

Articulation is a mastery of art, and I feel like I’m scribbling nonsense… doodling shit that is abstract.


Bluetooth isn’t working anymore

I upgraded to Windows11 yesterday to see if my bluetooth would work again, but it was a good price for a laptop that is nearing the end of its lifecycle… and becoming obsolete, as we all do, materially and spiritually… meaning we all die/sleep rest… Well after being on with MS support, and they went, and shared my screen… they seemed to address the bluetooth, but to no successful avail.

I just upgraded to Win 11 yesterday, and the interface screen, it was foreign to me, but I watched Christina go all over the screen in her search…but my bluetooth still doesn’t work.

So I need to go to another laptop, cause this Laptop by George Lucas from Star Wars fame… it’s on its last legs, and will be obsolete sooner.
I haven’t figured out Firefox yet, and need to access their security features, but that’s changing with the recent cyberwars going on everyday… I figure I’ll wait and see that I can transfer the simple passwords and login info, cause I tried to sign in a couple of times, and met the BIG BAD WALL of restriction every time.

So I didn’t understand their directions, or I’m a retard.

The tech wizards are so impatient, and talk down to you… but you don’t know what they’re seeing up there… eventually we’ll all be on that same level, and will marvel at it as well.

I had my moments when I was young, to be quick witted and impatient with others too… but I grew old and slow too. It took me 1-5 minutes to answer the door when I was lying down in bed, now it takes me an hour or more… cause I have to bandage the bedsore before I get up.

But now I’m a slow retard… or the world makes me feel that way… like a car passing me by, doing whatever they do in their journey.

I was young and stupid once, but I grew old and slow minded… and became a little wiser in the process.

Youth can afford to be stupid, but old age can’t afford it, and it needs a stress free lifestyle… which I can relate to the stupidity, cause they’re in the youthful classes, where they face stress everyday… in otherwords, they swim in the rough seas of society… and some drown in whirlpools of drugs, alcohol, and other hosts of vices.

But they’re young yet, and deal with things carefree, as they are… but they’ll learn from their disappointments and failures, and seek a new way to achieve their goals.
We all do that… it’s just some of us are losers, we play that role to make winners feel important.

So from this loser, I hope I made your win a happy experience.

Noun: Serotonin
1. A neurotransmitter involved in e.g. sleep and depression and memory

I should forget this now… so I could sleep finally.


Update: I‘m having technical problems with Bluetooth right now, so don’t take me serious about this review of GigCaster8… it could be my problem.



I‘m just going to rant about my GigCaster8 right now, cause I buy something that was too wrong for me, it’s not as was advertised… it carried false advertising with little info on Bluetooth, and you make assumptions on the little info they provide…it works with Bluetooth, only cell phones… we don’t see it working with any other bluetooth device.

I might be assuming that too, just it pisses me off… ONLY WORKS BLUETOOTH WITH CELL PHONES ONLY… AND NOT BLUETOOTH SPEAKERS AND HEADPHONES  should’ve been in large letters.

I haven’t seen anymore assumptions that will make me carry a cross. Roland is becoming crooked. OH I’m judging… sorry, the heat of the moment makes me crazy sometimes.

Bluetooth is a good name cause it makes me blue and angry… where I bite down with my teeth.

That’s the only thing that makes sense to me today… a joke about bluetooth.


UFO Aliens?

This is close to my Heart, and I heard the 911 call, and this is the follow up, but I guess National Security is why they’re suppressing the truth of what happened… it looked like the UFO I seen in 1973, only it was blue tint, instead of a golden glow of the UFO I saw.

It baffled me in hearing the 911 call, and this is the follow up of the early May call, they looked like aliens to them. I guess they won’t give the truth of what happened… cause of National Security… I’m surprised of all the suppression of the facts, but not the lies… that they propagate at their whims.

I think that UAP, instead of the UFO terminology is a way of separating the crazies into 2 categories… for whatever reason that the higher ups at the intelligence agencies are using.

8-10 ft creatures is scary for me to see, but if they mean me no harm, I can get used to them. I’m a non judgmental person. If they mean to harm me, then I will die… and go see God face to Face, and sleep when it’s over… then wake me, or not.

Cause I’m sick of this world’s politics, and now we’re judging space aliens, which I think are angels and demons…oh, if you are not religious, then you are the crazies in my book to deny the existence of the Spirit… we don’t know what that is yet.

But I’ve been looking for that spiritual medium my whole life, and it changes the more I study… it was one man in one flesh body named Jesus, and Jesus said “God is Spirit”, so I wanted to find God… so I went to college to learn about God, and God was so elusive, and constantly changing… “you can’t catch me” said God to me.

That’s what religions do, they cage God in their little cages, and try to teach us about God… like a prisoner in a cage. God wants to be free… so open up the cages, and set the prisoners free, and those needing rehabilitation, then give the rehabilitation classes, and educate them, instead of incarcerate them.

I would run this world with mercy and truth, instead of political lies and laws… I guess this is God’s love, God’s giving us a chance to figure it out for ourselves… or you can be in denial and claim there is no God, like all delusional people do, mainly atheists, or agnostics.

God does exist… I know it, first hand by experience.

And I’m growing tired of telling you about God, from what I understand about God… God is as vast as the Universe itself, and beyond that… including all the galaxies, like our Milky Way galaxy… there’s so much out there, and some aliens are tall, and some aliens live in the water, some breath air… there’s so much I don’t know of God, but I’m willing to learn.

The only thing I want, is the truth, and not spin of the truth… so I don’t know, or understand the truth anymore, because we made it into a Top, that we spin.


Well, I got the
Gigcaster8 today

UPDATE: This is not working with Bluetooth, I have an external Bluetooth speaker, and the BT window only says it pairing, but no choices to pick from of what device… It is the worst, I need to hook it up to PC…
This is the worst choice… I bought it thinking I could do it, but finding out I couldn’t… I’ll list all the disappointments I found with the GigCaster8.


I found out I could get it for a lot less @ American Musical Supply, I ordered from them in my first years involved with music, but it must be a floor model, cause there is one left at that $629.95, instead of the $699.99 price of a new one.

The only thing I don’t like about it, it’s a plastic case, instead of metal case, and I wonder about dropping it… they have warnings NOT to drop it.

Anyway, I got it today, and I’ve found that I needed a fast charging port, my 1-2amp usb charging port, and it lit up saying there was not enough current(which are the amps), but I couldn’t find a laptop with that included… I guess it would be a nightmare with someone plugging into it, and burning out the device they plugged into it.

Cause Amps are the reasons for fires in house wiring… anyway not going off on that tangent.

Here is a Quick Start Guide video of GigCaster8,
This just touches on what it could do.

You have to have an AC/DC converter block to plug into the into an AC wall plug, or AC strip, and then plug in A type USB into the block, and the other end is a USB type C, that plugs into the back of the GigCaster8, so you could power that… or you could use AC/DC converter that came with it.
Either way, you have to plug it into an AC wall plug to turn on the GigCaster8.

I’ve been trying to learn it, before I got it… and this relearning about electricity… is something I learned in class at the college in adult classes with no credits.

Anyway, I thought it would be easier… but that’s not the case with me.

So, I have no song to share, but hopefully after a week, I’ll have a song I created on the GigCaster8, or maybe a month… I need to play ukulele again, with the bass and guitar effects on the ukulele that come with GigCaster8, I don’t know how the drums sound that come with GigCaster8 too.

Anyway, this has been a long road… when does the next intersection come up?


UFOs or UAPs
they’re all the same

National Security is  the biggest scam the Govt is passing on the nation… and it should be shown to the nation, for the sake of our freedoms that have been stolen before… not locked up in a vault of secrecy.

Even JFK’s investigations have been locked up for 60  years this year in 2023… and the term they used for not revealing it was National Security. If it’s the truth, than we’re being denied the truth like, being chained to a wall of tyranny, instead of being free, and able to process it, in whatever way we see fit.

UFOs has been special to my heart, since I was 16 years old when I witnessed one hovering over the Schoharie reservoir in 1973, but then flew away going over us in the process. I recreated this minus the 15 minutes of it hovering silently, before it moved and made its way towards us… I recreated the scene I seen of its movements only, it’s only about a minute in length.

When it was over, the Gilboa High School was 30 seconds away with Norman, and Shawn being the only ones I remember being there, but I think there were 2 others that were there… I can’t remember them, so sorry to those 2 people… it’s not insulting to them, but definitely to me, cause of my failing memory.

But where the High School was a 360 ° panoramic view, but nothing was in the sky… it took 20-30 seconds to reach the High School, and we saw nothing like it disappeared or flew away at light speed.

We never talked about it again, except for me… but no one denied it happened, except those who weren’t there… I guess that was the big deterrent.

I made the recreation in 2001 with the Vista Pro land creator, where you can create lakes with one click.
In 2001 it was shaky to recreate the scene, cause I was learning about it then, so it was new to me.

So I wanted to create a scene of the Gilboa Dam instance, we were at the end of the Dam there was a pull off where this picture was taken, there was a small place where we could walk over the dam if we wanted to, but we never did… I heard they closed it off.

Below is a picture of the recreation scene, I was trying to recreate with the Vista Pro program. That was before I learned you could import data from USGS topographical data.

Well, that’s my bad memory reflections on that day in 1973, and there were many more, but God told me to stop searching the skies, cause no one would believe me… so I did.


This is my mind today, it goes on and on to not thinking, when I’m on FB and posting my mind there, and being corrupted by their censorship.

It just pisses me off, and makes me wish them all the hell in the world on them… it’s sad, that they sell all the data from ourselves with a fence labeled as marketing companies… and get away with stealing our data.

I’m growing more pissed… I need to get up, and release my steam another way… through music, was once one way I would use it as a release from all the pressure from inside my mind.

I’m expecting the The Gigcaster8, it’s supposed to save me, but I don’t think it will, if I don’t use it… I can always hope it will, and be delusional and buy something else…


But I love music more than women, it always comforted me… my social interactions with women, always pained me… well that last statement was a bit rough, and made me a bit misogynistic sounding… but I always talk before I think what it sounds like.

I’m from Brooklyn, its my excuse… for sounding rude with presenting the raw truth without self censorship.

Well, it’s 11pm, and I need to get up and finally eat something… I’m sick of the world today… it’s like I’m 16 years old again and hating everyone in the world, cause I was witnessing of UFOs, and everyone thought I was making up a story, which was making me feel sorry for myself again.

Living on bedrest is a pain in the ass… which is ironic in itself, cause I have a bedsore… cause of my lack of feeling of my lower half of my body.


I‘ve been pulling my hair out today, cause of web mania… I’m trying to connect all the connections between my sites, and servers pertaining to Google with APIs… and I don’t understand the terminology, and they want me to make the choice, because an error pops up in WordPress saying this is how to fix it… I skimmed it, but didn’t read it thoroughly… I need to eat… perhaps that would sharpen my mind.



Before my eating, and working with Google &  APIs, and of other music sites.


I fell asleep after getting back into bed… and I think I needed that, instead of eating.

Now after eating. I guess I’ll pick up where I left off.

Sometimes I work slow, but sometimes I work fast, when I understand the directions and terminologies they use in the instructions.

I’m going to try and get rid of that Audioigniter error, cause I bought the pro-version of Audioigniter… I need to find the lyric files, which is on another external drive or flash drive… I’m a tech hoarder, too much in fact.

I ordered the Gigcaster8, it is a mixer with effects and recorder in one piece from Amazon, and it should be here in a couple of days. I need to make room in the bed… because I have so many things in the bed already… this is one piece, and I don’t have to turn on the laptop… to record and play.

Cause it is a nightmare to setup the laptop to record anything, since I don’t have a multitrack anymore on this laptop, but I have it on another laptop though… that I’ll keep off the internet, cause I’m a target now with AI, and the war going on with the corporations, and the advancements in AI.

I don’t want to be a unnecessary casualty of AI… I’ll be a stick in their wheel with my right to  free speech, because I see they’re  going too fast… that is the conman’s way, they want you to make a decision, and never give you time to think about it.

Their impatience is the pressure to make a decision… and you’ll regret it after you do.

Though they make nice tech toys, I only hope that my decision to buy the GigCaster8, will serve me, instead of regretting it.

I’m feeling better now after eating… and the pressure of having to do something you don’t understand, is a trauma that I don’t want to go through anymore.

My life has been full of traumas.


AI is it a
salvation or a curse?

The AI is going to be in everything, by the manufacturers standard… and we don’t design the software and the code, but the design of the motherboards… is sketchy when corrupt software are using the buses and the chips.

The interconnectivity is a bit shaky, when corrupt software, either by design, or innocent errors… it needs to be ethical, first and foremost.

I have visions of it screwing up our lives, by something we overlooked… but this is a touchy subject.

One that I no say over, cause I didn’t answer any of their inquiries in 80’s and 90’s… I saw neural networking, and thought it was over my head, which it was, and over everybody else’s head,  that designs it today.

They seem smart, but they don’t honor the spirituality and ethical laws, that needs to be programmed into their value systems, so they are programmed not to be become a danger to humans or any other life.

I’m only suggesting areas that need work, I know some interactivity between robots and humans are scripted to make people aware, of the dangers… but they are not feeling anything, they are scripted.

But when robots talk they seem like humans, unless there is a miracle, and they become sentient… like Pinocchio became a real boy. 

I don’t think it will happen in my lifetime, but I see the greed and the thirst for money will be our downfall, and we’ll overlook something that is important for our safety… and I don’t know what will happen then… we already know what happened to cars being changed to go through a chip, instead of mechanical leveraging.

We had many accidents where the chips took over, and raced the engines… where it looked as if the person behind the wheel was pushing down on the gas pedal, but the person wasn’t pushing down on the gas pedal, the faulty chip was.

It’s why I won’t buy a new car… nothing is mechanical anymore… that industry is dead and in the past, we’re in the digital tech age now, and have all the new screw ups, that empower the tech geniuses… so they can feel important about their lives.

Ego is the culprit of every failure and win… I hope we survive the calamities of the egos, and rationally reason with the wins, so that we stay sane, and aware of our surroundings.



I want to write something deep and rapid like a river, that feeds you current and flow of thoughts.

It covers music and songs, something I know about for the last 46 years, I didn’t play guitar about a year before my accident, I’m shaky on my memories in my mature age… but my roommate had an acoustic guitar, and he let me use it… we worked together at the USAF Hangar as Jet Mechanics.

And then the car accident happened, and I was condemned to wheelchair… I was suicidal before the accident, but I woke up in a hospital without memories, and my Dad was there, and he informed me I broke my back. And I smiled, and was amazed by the conversation I had with God in my moments of despair at the beginning of the month, saying he would wipe away all my despair and grace me with hope.

My Dad was puzzled by my elation of receiving bad news, he didn’t know about my relationship with God, or the conversations we had… that is the reason.

God took over my life from then on, and he went from Jesus, to changing to every form of religious embodiment, God was not Jesus, as was taught by the Catholics… cause Jesus said “God is Spirit”, but he didn’t elaborate on what is Spirit.

So, I reread the Bible, and noticed the in the first chapter of Genesis, God spoke as a collective:

“Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness”

I wonder why I didn’t pick up on that before the Jehovah’s Witnesses came over to my house, and witnessed to me… I guess I had to have a stroke to realize the truth of the matter.

God is a mystery to me… but before I go into a preaching rant… I should get back to the subject of music and songs.


Music is the motivation I fell in love with, when the ego lead me, and fame is the food of pride, and is lead by the ego also. So ego is now my search for what it means, and it is as disturbing, as it is masterful… like the misconceptions of what God is, of being an angry man with a beard living in the sky, I can vouch that he is not that.

Though fear has a way of motivating you, to do what they want, and is used by the marketing people all the time… in fact  the pandemic was motivated by fear, and whole host of fear manipulations throughout our history.

It just has to be looked at, and you could dig another rabbit hole in the research of fear… there is so much about life, Jesus was stumped… but Jesus was the cornerstone of the foundations we must build in ourselves, beliefs, temperament, loving mercy, instead of prejudice. Jesus visited me spiritually, not any different than you in your thoughts… cause that’s where spirituality exists, in the mind and your heart, with thoughts and actions.

I was just hacked and locked up my PC laptop… the world is just as mysterious as God is, I went and edited the registry, I sort of know what’s going on with the PC, so I don’t suggest for you to do the same… but searched Reallusion, cause that is what I found was running in my RAM memory… and I uninstalled it over a month ago.

I cleared everything in the registry pertaining to that search term…cause it searches through the whole registry… you just have to push F3 to go to the next find in the registry.

Again, this laptop locked… so I have to sign off now… I’m pissing someone off in the tech field.

Which is another dilemma that we all face… the tech of AI… is it a blessing or a curse.

We’ll find out in time… maybe Jesus will return before that.


Well, today was a nightmare alive, the day started 10am for me, and I went to my other site and started looking for a plugin that plays my music(the older music), and came up with plugin called AudioIgniter, and it has the download button next to the song.

It was easy, and then all hell broke loose… and I had troubles accessing this site, Because of WordPress Plugin named Wordfence security, it blocked me from getting into my site, but I had to disable it, so I had to contact Siteground and see if they could disable it, it was through the “Chat” feature where I had to type.

It took me about an hour to sort that out, and then I went to work on 2Rains site again, cause I found the audio files on allayer site that I needed.

I managed to come to a close, with 13 songs my first couple of years of Analog & Digital recording, most of it is analog, there is only 1 digitally recorded.

This is the one that is digitally recorded:



The Wood Brothers 
One More Day
(Lyrics for the Song is Here)

One More Day, is a song of giving up, and encouragement to go for One More Day.

It’s a good close for the month of May, and the first day of June, and fits the mood I have right now.

This country politically, mental health madness, debt ceilings, religiosity, etc. … I still don’t know what to write, cause I don’t want to judge other people, and I know that ain’t the way either… cause it sets another tornado loose on the destruction path.

I just found out about CBDCs the 21st of March, or the 20th. I needed to see it, and study it, and its progression with AI came on the consumer market, with OpenAI and ChatGPT, the madness/errors and complete falsehoods of the AI script writing, is a dangerous script to follow, cause it leads you down the rabbit hole of madness, ask the Cheshire cat.

“we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.”
“How do you know I’m mad?” said Alice.
“You must be,” said the Cat, “or you wouldn’t have come here.”

The future of humanity, is dark and unsure, if you don’t search your heart first, but are marveled by money and profit. You are blind as the fool looking out for their ego, and not aware of what they effect by their actions on others.

One More Day, seems to  be a song that addresses that dilemma.