The First 100 Days of Trump’s Rules

— The First 100 Days of Trump’s Rules —


trumpThe first 100 days is over on April 29th, 2017, and I will crawl into my hole the next four years, if he hasn’t destroyed our country before then.  When I come out of my hole, and see the mess that he has made, I’ll think of going back down in my hole, or go out and live, with contempt as loudly as I can.

I still don’t know.

It’s his ideology that’s the terrorist. His will is the only way. The way of every dictator in history, rather than serve the people, he dictates his servitude. The public serves his polls and appearance ratings.

I don’t like the Donald, and I never will. He’s caused heartaches and catastrophes through his deals. That he takes pride in, as if it’s an art form.


Corporatism, the takeover of the nation. After seeing this, I went into a rage. The new Secretary of State is talking of the freedoms usurped by dictatorial takeover of us all working together.

It’s like a boardroom rule, but it doesn’t occur to him, not every person wants to live in the boardroom.  I deserve to be free, and have nothing to do, but breathe and love.

That’s the freedom I cherish, not the service of money. We take away money, and there will be a period of chaos. It goes on for few generations of apocalyptic existences. The classic Hollywood interpretations of the apocalyptic scenario.

But death is better than this future. It means, I’m at rest already. There is no hope in this future with Trump, and his colleagues, and their corporate takeovers. So, it’s full fledged self righteous fascism. So subtly put, it’s like a brush of a slithering snake against the body of society.

The Prez is in cahoots with Big Business = Fascism


Today I saw the boardroom meet at the Whitehouse again … this is the Video of it.



I‘m waiting for the layoffs cycles to begin, and the people go crazy, like in the movie Purge. It may not be that drastic, but I see more people unemployed in the future, and Trump’s deals going bankrupt.

The Art of the Deal, I think I’ll buy it, and read it. I need his own words to rebut him. He doesn’t listen to anyone else, he needs to hear an echo of his own voice. He’s thinking of impressing everyone with his handshakes. It’s a shame that, he sees his presence as a gift. He’s not humble in anyway.

His humbleness is as his shadow. It follows him, wherever he goes in the presidential spotlight. The sun shines on the proud and the blinded.


Conclusion of the First 100 Days

Whatever is, whatever he says… it’s hard to lock him down to a position. He’s like a rough sea journey, and you have to go puke over the rails to make sense of it all. Sea sickness is the fruit of Trump. He denies that he said it, but boasts that he said it, if it’s the right move.

I thought he said that he would work on the infrastructure of the US, but that’s taken a back seat to the foreign policy. Well he takes the credit for the foreign policy decisions, other wise he fires the Generals. Well, we have 3-2/3 years for a new vote. The first 100 days is over, and the next 1000+ days ahead.

I hope he doesn’t destroy the world, he ran on not being involved with the problems overseas. I guess he’ll deny that too. He just mafia boss collecting for protection fees. It’s being extorted from NATO countries. Pay the protection fee, and we’ll protect you. It’s just that his job is protecting the US… but that disappears when the bucks takes the stage.

He likes the bucks… it motivates him.

Well, I’ll be quiet, unless I can’t keep quiet anymore. I took an oath to defend this country from its enemies both foreign and domestic … I see only domestic enemies… eventually you’ll see him as he is. The art of the deal where he sells the country for profit… cause that is all that leads him.




Trump’s Record