FB and ME

The Facebook Debacle


FB and Me went through a love and hate relationship. It started with a friend’s pictures of Paris, and progressed with connecting with friends from my past, and bordering on a dangerous relationships.

I always kept my distance from the intimacy, that FB tried to instill in me.

Talking about FB as a mate/date, would be a dangerous aspect, cause FB is a group, whether large or small, it’s a conglomeration of many factions. The numbers could be many, or microscopic, but whatever they are, you are making love to a machine.

Well, not making love, but being intimate with.
It is like that.

I’m going to go deep, so strap on your weights and imaginations, or you’ll be lost trying to understand.


The Dish Relationship with FB

It’s a relationship  with a Petri dish, that is filled with many viruses, whether intellectual or social. They are always trying to manipulate you, through social experiments, or some other terminology that is dark and mysterious.

That is the first deep fathom, that I have explored, like the many intelligences, there are many more layers, and many more fathoms to explore. After  seeing the first layer, one can only imagine the secrets of the deep.

Like an OS has many layers, the intelligences has many layers too. The surface is always marvelous, but the underlying layers, where the scheming is done, is dark and mysterious.

Those are the core of your intelligences… those core layers, that could be the makeup of someone from a pedophile, murderer, thief, or a saint. They could be programmed to be a sick individual, or a noble individual.

It’s like the story of the Manchurian Candidate, they’ve been created and programmed to believe their own stories, that have been fed by their own egos. The lies are easy to be believed, if you’re telling yourselves the lies.

FB was my first study of the Petri dish, that was introduced to me by a map maker from Alaska, JeanClaude Renoux. We talked about the Petri dish phenomenon over many coffee cups, before I moved to Montana, and before Facebook was started.

That talk lasted with me for over 20 years, and has been rehashed and rehashed, and been transformed with the many rehashings, to be what  it’s whatever my sick mind, made it to  be.


Exploitations of FB

Exploitation   – (ekˌsploiˈtāSH(ə)n)
the action or fact of treating someone unfairly in order to benefit from their work.
“the exploitation of migrant workers”
the action of making use of and benefiting from resources.
“the Bronze Age saw exploitation of gold deposits”
Supplied by a Google Search

The business model of Facebook is a perfect model for exploitations, well not so perfect, after looking at it more.

They benefit for our living life under the  social microscope, that has been done before during the early days of online with AOLBBS, etc. , before the Internet was formed.

It takes at an extreme, and gives very little. The classic definition of exploitation, it gives you connections, but on the control of a leash with algorithms.

They show you what they want to show you, and tabulate the clicks you choose.

It’s an experiment for the sick dark individuals, and innocent fun for the ignorant.

Facebook was not the first attempt at social engineering… they only took the spotlight first… but a host of others were there first.



The Dark and Light of Social Engineering

I recently said goodbye to Facebook for the umpteenth time, cause it’s so addicting.

I’m still on Youtube, but that’s taking on a whole new light in my eyes.

I’m against marketing in all its forms.

It’s like politics… they’re all liars, until they get your vote, or you consume what they’re selling. Then what they said goes into oblivion, and they look to change the subject when you bring it up to them again.
There are a few good candles, but they can socially engineered to blow out at the first sign of pressure.

We as a people the wise, and the foolish ignorant are equally challenged by the agents of chaos, and blessed by the   angels of grace and mercy.  We are being examined by each other, and judged wrongly and unfairly, cause so much is judged by assumptions or speculations by the marketing society.

We setup prisons that are run by profit, and not rehabilitation or education. We want to fill them, so we can get money, much like the hospitals. The medical industry is profit based, which is different from when medicine started in ancient Greece with Hippocrates and the Hippocratic oath and all of its revisions.


I‘m judging society, what I learned what I’m not supposed to do… it’s hard not to.

We judge and blame each other constantly. Most often for what we are to blame for, yet it is easier to blame someone else, for the same thing that we do.

We are all connected for the same reason, before Facebook came along and grabbed the social torch, or the spotlight.

We all are interconnected with everyone else on the planet. It’s like the Butterfly Effect  theory which taught just that. We live in a complex world bordering on chaos and order… we all want to live with order, but we all face chaos in the world… and we’re left with confusion or true understanding.
We feel great when we understand, but oppressed when we are confused.


The Truth of Social Engineering

We must seek it out, in truth, and not be programmed by the dark ones, cause they’re only interested in their entertainment or profit/benefit.

Truth is the only path that brings understanding into your life.
Beware confusion, cause that gives power to the dark ones. It’s nice to view the dark subjects, cause they bring new discoveries to life… but beware of assumptions, cause they distort the light, and cause misunderstandings.

Wars start from misunderstandings… we are all dumb and stupid sometimes, and we are all smart and genius too. Just at different times.


Life is interconnected.

Just beware the social networking sites looking to program you for their benefit… such as Facebook, and a whole host of other sites dealing with connecting to you.

Ads is the agents of lies, but that’s another subject entirely.

Be all the best that you can be… I’ll leave you with that advice… it’s about all I can come up with trying to close this post.