Religions before Sacraments and Traditions

Religions before Sacraments, Traditions : Diluting with Pollutants


hand-1245939_640God is the main focus of a religion, but we don’t agree on what God is.

I’m a basket case trying to figure what God is. The old quote “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad” is a phrase spoken by Prometheus in Henry Wadsworth Longfellow‘s poem, “The Masque of Pandora” (1875)

I’m about to go mad from a God being so evasive. Like a God that wants to live in the shadows of mankind’s understanding.

There is no light on the understanding God. Sure, there a lot of lights shining the light on the subject of God. Those flashlights called religions, are many and few have the vastness to cover all of God. They only shine microscopically to pick a small cell of God’s body.

God is much more than that. I’ve brought this up before, so if I sound like the Donald, then please be patient with me, but God is a collective. A spirit of collectiveness, where they say “our image”.


Even before Judaism, they had a monotheistic religion that worshiped a one true God, not in the stone temples of mankind, but the temples in your heart. It was called Zoroastrianism. Many people said I was a Zoroastrian, so I looked it up, and their beliefs are mine too.

They don’t have laws or traditions, cause they’re labels on an image… let the image speak for itself.



Religions are like Hunter’s Spotting Deer

God is the most evasive deer, you can hunt, but you won’t get a shot at it, only look at it.

You can marvel at the scene, you can argue about it, you can agree to disagree, but if you shoot at it, you won’t find a dead deer, only a dead spirit… your own.

We can search for special hunting grounds, but never kill a deer called God. This has got to be the lamest of comparisons, to prove a point, but it’s the one God gave me.

I’m the lamest of humans, though there are more worst off than me.

I guess God is comparing hunters to the state of mind, of murdering animals, or maybe not. I’m just planting the seeds. What grows, may be weeds, or a great fruitful group of trees.


Christianity started with the Roman Catholic church, and then came the Protestant reformations. Then came the US, and everyone immigrating to the new world looking to worship God their own way. With our freedom of religions, which brought every form of cons and truths to the big picture. God has become more confusing to us, cause we can’t agree.

We can agree on ” treat others, as you wish to be treated “.  Though some find it repulsive, when they’re busy committing acts of violence, but crying for mercy when they’re confronted with same acts of violence on them.


The lights that shine on God

There are many flashlights(religions) that shine on parts of the mysteriousness of God, that doesn’t have a name, that we can agree on. God is the only name we agree on, no I take that back, G*d is the name that the orthodox Jews use.

With the many lights(religions) being shined on God, we haven’t exposed the complete true image of God. We have a lot of imaginations of God, that distort like an amusement park mirror, on one cell of God.

I’ll say it again, “God is Spirit”, Jesus said that before, as well as everyone of the prophets before and after, but mankind is awed by the mystery of the spirit. We don’t try to define what spirit is. We are just in awe of it.

It’s mostly, that we don’t witness of what God contains.

God is as vast as the universe. God is the populations of the Universe. There’s an infinite number on languages in that universe, it may be why God gave us so many languages on this one planet. It may be a prepping for the revealing. There are so many languages and cultures, each doing their own thing, and being happy or sad.


Final Flashlight on God

Shine the light, as I just did.

I didn’t answer your questions, but I challenged your beliefs. I’m not looking to proselytize to my beliefs, but I’m showing my own confusement to the theory of God.

I definitely believe, that there is a God, that rules the morality of all the worlds, that fill up God’s universe. There may be many moralities, that we don’t know about yet. The possibilities are endless.

I just hope God stops running from me.

How do you catch a spirit? That is the question, I seek an answer to.

Maybe, I’m not meant to catch God… but just to follow God…