Akai Pro Studio mk2, is giving me headaches.

I need to Vent from
The Anger and Judgment,
That I feel From My Myself or Akai.

MPC Studio MK2

Shoddiness is a new word I learned from watching the tutorial videos, and I’ve seen the shoddiness up close and in my face from Akai Pro… Akai is a big company, and it has many other companies it partners with… it’s beginning to remind me of wind mobile/chimes, and the wind is blowing.

shoddy /shŏd′ē/ (adjective)
  1. Made of or containing inferior material.
  2. Of poor quality or craft.
  3. Rundown; shabby.
The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition • 

The wind has been blowing all my life… and we fight, the best way we can, with preventative measures… like secure cyber portals, virtual private networks… but the Internet is modeled after the human being’s characteristics, and anyone who tried reading our minds… knows the complexities in it, that seem insurmountable, but over time it becomes surmountable, or at least gives us hope, at the least in reaching the next level.

I feel frustrated by my Purchase of Akai Pro Studio MK2, cause it has been a nightmare for me, by something I’m doing, or Akai Pro is doing, or even maybe a hacker is doing… cause I’m just a blind individual, going on the Internet to live, and breathe… like a breathing machine to stay alive.

I never wanted to have to rely on a breathing machine to stay alive… I would like to rely on my lungs, and the natural beauty of the grace of God… I never asked to be born here, at least in my memory spaces of my mind… I might have asked to come here, cause I saw the wrongs in heaven, or wherever spirits live before they come here.

I like to vent of everything that is a stumbling block for me, and my peace of mind… and SG…

Nevermind, I found  it, buried in a scrolling drop down… to pick the sorting from Humans, and Robots… I wanted to see just Humans, and Unknowns… which isn’t a choice… for now.

Well, what else to whine about today… this is turning the page to last year, and writing my online journal for a year, it’s defeating the purpose… cause I can’t break free from the WWW, and the writing styles of WordPress.

I should STOP whining about my technical problems right now, and surrender to the winds of life… but that’s NEVER is going to happen.

I’m a hardcore stubborn head… I choose to go ahead and fight the winds… technical and daily breezes… though some are gale force winds, and has me struggling to keep my feet planted on solid ground, but eventually the wind calms down… time is that way, and faith in time is that way too.

So, bye, and see you later.