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    I came across this Jews for Jesus by  One for Israel ministry on youtube. It’s a bunch of Jews testifying of accepting Jesus into their lives, and learning that Jesus was a Jew also. I became marveled at my memory of him being a Jew also, was deteriorating.

    Age has a way of deteriorating your memories… thus it makes you prefabricate portions of your memories. So that the non contiguous portions seem to be complete, and make sense to you. That’s a whole other post.

    I go off on those tangents at the whim.

    To get back to the point of this post. Jews were always a thorn in my side, I felt a bit of antisemitic aftertaste when I heard the word Jew. I knew I wasn’t antisemitic, cause I found a Nazi Flag that my Grandfather brought home from Word War II, and stored in the attic. I took it and wore it as a cape, and went around the streets of my neighborhood in Brooklyn. This is before, I knew what Hitler did to the Jews.

    I found out what he did, after my neighbors addressed my Mom with me spilling paint on their pool table. I felt really bad after that incident. Jews lived next door to the neighbors, and I was flying around like Superman. So I had to apologize to them too.

    I spent the next couple of years watching early morning black and white TV. Showing the documentaries of the audacities of Hitler during the holocaust, before the Saturday morning cartoons came on. I felt even more shame, than my Mother made me feel.


    Jews for Jesus is the way to Go

    I remember my first time seeing an orthodox Jew with the curly sideburns, when I went to go to the orthodontist near Eastern Parkway. We rode in the elevator together, and didn’t look at each other… well I noticed him. I’m not sure what went on in his mind. Did he notice me?

    We were silent during the ride… in fact I seen him every visit to the orthodontist. He must’ve lived in the building with orthodontist’s office. My parents had Jewish friends too, but they weren’t orthodox Jews.

    The Messianic Jews have been around for over several centuries, but I just learned it. There were a lot of falsehoods, this is the study of those falsehoods, and more important the TRUTH.

    I hope God has forgiven me for my stupidity in my youth. I know that God has, but I must forgive myself first. That’s the kicker, forgiving myself.