Procrastination, Everybody Does It

— Procrastination, Everybody Does It  —



Procrastinators, hear me, or not!  Procrastination on listening skills, with feeding the Monkey.

I’m not a dictator, but I had the same college record, as this guy. So, I must have the same instant gratification Monkey in my brain too, along with the Panic Monster scared of deadlines.

“Not being an expert on things he writes about” — Tim Urban


I’m beginning to think I’m an expert on procrastination, cause I’m always doing it.

I’ve made big plans, but with being a crip, I come up with excuses to not fulfill them. I mean I complete them, but with a little help from my friends. It comes down with needing help, and pride makes me too proud to ask for help.

When I ask for help, it sounds rude, when talking the way New Yawkers do. I’m so bold and say stupid things in my delivery of the truth.

I would be afraid of doing a Ted talk. I failed at public speaking in High School and College.


I‘m dealing with the instant gratification monkey right now, looking through youtube videos for something to write about without a deadline. Improvisation to the max with this video, talking of what’s inside the mind of the procrastinator, I’m an expert on that subject… or a deluded expert.

It makes me stop finishing another post on music, that I came down with writer’s block on. Procrastination rules everyone without a plan, and sometimes with a plan. The plan has to be blessed with me in order to fulfill it… or I’ll fail.

I’m getting tired of failing, I’ve been doing it too long. It wears the body and mind down… the vigor that gets erased in the failures, and is excruciatingly painful.


I always had this calling of making music, and this song talks about it… I wrote this in the late 80’s or early 90’s, my mind is so full of holes, and the memories are always falling through the cracks. I think I know when I wrote it, or maybe I stole it, from some other piece of music that I heard before, but the words are mine. In fact the words are in the public domain, so no one owns the words. They’re free for everyone to use.

Music is free, there hasn’t been a new song since rock n roll came on the scene. It must’ve been like that before rock n roll, but I was born in the 1950’s.

There was always 11 tones/semitones between an octave… so 11 tones eventually runs out of newness. We make up another style of music, I came in at the rock n roll style, we went from rap, new age, hip hop, techno, and whatever they call new music now. They use the same 11 tones… it’s not anything new. It’s just recycled rhythms and chords, with a special beat or flavor.

Well rather than feeding the monkey of instant gratification, which is a great distraction from the goals, I’ll just push the Publish button, and leave it at that.