Tech and AI : Dangerous Mixes

tech and AI


Technology and Artificial Intelligence is a dangerous mix. It can be marvelous in certain situations, but scary in others. I’ve thought about this a lot, even to a maddening result. I agree with scientists letter to warnings of AI getting too smart, and thinking they have to get rid of us.

I’ve already thought of it myself, but my conscience wouldn’t let me do it. The machines have no moral compass, and would do it. Which is what the scientists agree on.

It needs to put in some sidekick mechanism to stop it. Like a brake on a wheel, and not something failsafe, that the AI gets to shut it off.
In no way, is the AI allowed to  have control over it.


It would be like us creating something that would be our destruction… oh we already created it.
Nuclear energy, the Atomic bomb, and anything that would cause our destruction… numerous diseases too.

I could go on and on claiming the mass destruction of mankind through simple deeds, but that would be pointless, I’ll leave it to experts in the political field.
They already have control over the knowledge that they feed you.


Boycotting all Social Sites on the Internet

fb thumbs down

I‘m boycotting FB(Facebook), because I see, that we don’t need them to connect with the rest of the world. It requires us to make phone calls to family, friends, and colleagues in the businesses we like.
We already made Email messaging something we could spy on.
We are creating a world of voyeurism nosy busybodies,  that judge others with their shallow and incomplete judgments. What goes on Facebook and all other social sites.
It’s more like the harvesting machines, simple weeds being separated from the good crops.

It’s a fact, that nothing is private anymore. You can be delusional and seek privacy, but in reality nothing you do is going to stay private.
All your masturbations will be revealed. All your dark thoughts of revenge will be known. There is nothing that will be hidden.
I’m waiting for that day.


The Internet is the AI’s Knowledge Base


global database

Where all our nakedness will make us ashamed, and we’ll be trying to cover up to feel better… much like Adam and Eve being expelled from the Garden of Eden for tasting the fruit from the tree of knowledge… which could be compared to the Internet itself.

Tree of knowledge, where everything is a fruit of lies or truths.

We must decide on what we accept and eat it.
Some lies taste sweet and have a horrible after effects, and some truths are bitter and sour, but the after effects are healing and loving.
You decide on your diet… you sweet toothed people are losing your teeth… well we all loose our teeth, eventually.
We all lose something in our lives, whether it is loved ones, family, friends, etc..

I can vouch for the loss of my legs, and my ability to walk again.
People view me as not having a right to live, or having some disease that God gave me for my sins.
Well, they’d be half right.
God loved me and was merciful, cause I didn’t know what I would do, cause I was going to drive back up the hill to rape a drunken passed out women, but that never happened, cause God gave me an accident, and broke my back.
I was crazy back then… I didn’t believe in God anymore at 19 years old.

The last 43 years has been trying to make up for my sins… I didn’t know what else to do.
I’ve been trying to figure life itself, and I learned it will only be discovered… cause there is no figuring it out… it will only be amazing or confusing.
You have to be amazed and learn about it, to not be confused by it.
So you’re just discovering it.
It’s what I learned.

Here is a video, that inspired this post… I wrote the first few paragraphs about technology and AI, and compared it to Adam and Eve with the inspiration.
It should make us more alert, but I tend to think it confuses us more.
But its our world’s reality, up close and personal.
Discover it!