Multi Dimensional Layers of Society

Where you don’t know
what layer your on, and you’re lost.

Life is made of different layers, like leaves on a tree, each individual leaf contains many layers to their individuality. What season is in bloom, and natures have different realities, different Layers.

Life has so many layers, every aspect of life contains different, multidimensional layers… it’s like the different layers of your thoughts, and you get lost in the forests of thoughts, you chop down thoughts, and build a shelter in your minds, so you feel secure from the storms of fear, that attacks you.

This is so complicated a subject, “layers” that is, it’s a wonder I don’t get lost in the explanation.

Intersectionality is one of the trees of thoughts, that inhabit the forest of thoughts, there are many diverse trees, that inhabit the forest of thoughts… it’s like exploring the universe, and different situations around the universe, that you never came across before.

intersectionality (noun)
in·​ter·​sec·​tion·​al·​i·​ty ˌin-tər-ˌsek-shə-ˈna-lə-tē 
: the complex, cumulative way in which the effects of
multiple forms of discrimination (such as racism, sexism, and classism)
combine, overlap, or intersect especially in the experiences
of marginalized individuals or groups.

This tree has many discriminatory fruits, bitter to the taste. Some never ripen, and is mostly used in medicinal applications… though rare cases used internally.


Like each tree has many layers both above, and below ground in the roots network between different trees. With your thoughts in the forest of thoughts, has many layers in your consciousness, and subconsciousness.

It’s your subconsciousness that feeds the nutrients to your consciousness… it’s my deductions from my conclusions with the experiences, that I have to dealt with, so I could be totally wrong about it, but this is my walk through the woods.  

So you are welcome, to share in my journey with me, in my walk through the woods, and explore your own thoughts/trees. I’m not going to reveal anything of your own trees/thoughts, cause they are different than mine… but you gain a new insight, a different perspective of the forests in your minds.

It might be dark and dangerous, or bright and sunny, and full of butterflies… there’s also different layers with gardens and flowers too… but those are the marvel layers, at least to me… they’re the wonderment layers, where you meditate, and gain strength to face life again. It can be dark and dangerous too, but to me, it’s where I get the rest I need, to face another day.

I had a professor in college, that had an office like this, his books were laying sideways, cause the amount of books were more, if they weren’t laying sideways… but many books were a distraction of the main goal.

Understandings are the main goals of mine, cause you want to learn about all the different layers/dimensions, and understanding is like conquering the foes you face with confusional swords, and reveal enlightenment, instead of darkness/confusion about the subject.

It looked messy to me, but he said that it contained more books, and I’ve learned that on my own, of course, it was his seed in my mind, that made me as messy as him.

I see books as a distraction too, as was written in Ecclesiastes 12:12.

“And further, my son, be admonished by these. Of making many books there is no end, and much study is wearisome to the flesh.”

I’ve learned that the hard way, with stress around every corner, to greet me with every turn of the page… which is why I hate reading, unless I have to read to understand something… it’s all about the reasons for reading, that makes sense to me.

I guess this walk through the woods with yous, hopefully enlightened you to your own thoughts/trees, that inhabit your mind, and grow like woods/forests, and birds set nests in those trees, if you’re lucky, and cherish the baby birds from those nests.

Cause they grow with different layers to those lives and thoughts too… life is like a big ocean with different forms of life, at different levels and depths too… it’s a large liquid pool, which contains waves that erode the shores of lands, that you’ve made your shelters on… when you understand something, you’ve discovered a new land, that you can maintain surefooted balance of, to build your secure personal shelter on.

Life is a marvel on every turn of life, or it’s darker, and confusing the more you feed darkness, as a beggar, it grows darker and darker… until you are lost without a clue to get back to the awareness, you lost in the darkness.

Watch out for the shadow traps, cause they catch you without mercy… but you can defeat them with light… cause the shadows are made from light… show just shine the light of understanding on them, and they disappear from the subject at hand, or move to another place with the direction of the light.

Confusion is the shadows… and light is the understandings… at least to me.