Young is Vigorous, Old is Decrepit

— Young is Vigorous, Old is Decrepit —

young is vigorous, old is decrepitWhen I was young, I was like a fireball, going from one thing to another. That began to fade, when I moved to Montana, and I’ve been fighting alone.

Young is vigorous, old is decrepit and wise, but what do you get with wisdom?

I’ve become a little anti-social too. At least, the phony social nature of the social networks on the internet today.

Where everyone doesn’t trust you. They are testing every move you make. Making judgments of you at their whims. A lighthearted thought weighed down with heavy judgments. The fact that they are conjectures at best, and the conclusions taken from them, are judgments at worst.

They wear you down, so that you doubt everything you do, or attempt to do. The judgments and doubts wear you down, till there is nothing left of you.

Though you breathe and eat to survive, and you could go crazy, and decay into madness, or write a blog and rant to your content, and inspire others with the truth, at least, what you determine is the truth.

Age is wisdom from the experiences you go through. Youth is fresh in knowledge without the experiences.

Age is worn down from the experiences, and the knowledges is heavy and heavier. The more knowledge known wears you down, especially if you don’t understand it, but are envied by the young for your experiences.

The aged in return, envies the vigor in the young. The young has the vigor/thirst for the experience, and once they get it, they fail or succeed. The old and aged are ready to die with the lives they lead, hopefully happy and pleased.


“The older I grow, the more I distrust the familiar doctrine that age brings wisdom.”
H.L. Mencken


I agree with Mencken, wisdom is mental strength, I would much rather have physical strength. The older I get, I get so full of myself. The mental capacities are always tripping over their own feet. I may be becoming more smarter and wiser, but if I’m becoming more narcissistic and feeble, then it’s evening it out in the negative way.

Life is a balancing game, you try to succeed, but you always fail. Your rewards are the experiences that you go through. It would be great if you get a lucky break. Which is what my life has been like, I get grace when I need it, and experience to carry everywhere I go in this world.

Wisdom are the fruits of the experience’s trees.


“It just depends, whether you had bad experiences, or good experiences,
cause the fruit falling from those trees, you eat.”  —


Do they give you a sour stomach, or a nutrition of strength?

Young is vigorous, old is decrepit and wise, but that can change in the blink of an eye… where the old is dead and gone.