Face Swapping or Face Manipulation ?

— Face Swapping or Face Manipulation ? —



We see face manipulation now, but it’s been in the minds of people since the 90’s, if not before. We know the Govt has it’s hands in it, because of the secrecy of it.

I found a version of it in October of last year, but now it’s has leaked out to the public. Here’s the PDF of the process.


Face swapping has been around for many years. It’s just overlaying video over another area, either by color keying or assigning an area to display another video, which is usually done by color keying.

The manipulations of the faces is very different from face swapping. It’s manipulating the faces, so that they seem real, and that saying things to prove a point, or endorse something.

I see a darkness in the future of mankind.

This brought to mind the many commercials of E-Trade which is displaying a baby mouthing buying and selling stocks. I know it wasn’t in the minds of advertisers to use Face2Face for their productions, but now that Face2Face will soon be available… who knows what they’ll come up with.




This face manipulation is a jump in technology that needs to be quenched into oblivion, so notice the news that quenches it into oblivion. We forget so easily. Remember what was in the news the day before 9/11.


Disney has been working on it for their animations, since it began with 3D animations. Here is something they produced. It’s mapping a face for their wrinkles and talking.


The Face2Face software is not on the market right now.

“At the moment, the Face2Face app is still in beta and as such, the public cannot have it just yet.”


I even found an earlier reference to 3D animation in 2000 by Lucent Technologies, so I think Lucent Technologies has a hand in that too. Though it’s a merger of different colleges, Stanford, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, and the Max Planck Institute of Informatics,  and it opens new directions for the software marketing. I see a lot of cover ups in the works, so I see a lot of conspiracy nut shops, saying their fears, and raising your fears.

Fear sells, as with sex sells too. What are they trying to sell you? Is what I ask?


Face manipulation is the future of knowing whats real or not real, raising more confusion of reality. Like the last thing we need is another media to cause confusion.

Unlike the mainstream media with different stories, depending on the biasness of the region of the world you live in. One reports it as a terrorist act, and another reports it as a liberating act.

Who needs this confusion? I see both sides, the sins of the saints, and the sainthood of the sinners.