Cyber-warfare- A New Battlefield

Well, not so new, but more hackers

make up the armed forces.

Shodan's monthly price Plans

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UPDATEShodan now has one time fee for joining, and a host of monthly fee plans… I was shocked, when I returned there… it had a paywall.
It was normal first, but then the paywall came up, and I found a one time fee for a lifetime for $49 (one-time). It has limitations, but it is for a lifetime… so if you have a $49 hole in your pocket, then you’re in for a lifetime.

I just wish I saw it before I joined… but that’s life, you have hidden traps all over.
It has info data of the domains you visit, it’s mostly gibberish, cause I’m not an IT guy… but it’s interesting if you’re an IT guy.

I got the FF plugin, cause it’s free, and once they start charging me for the plugin, I’m distancing myself from Shodan, and that’s what it does, it gives me information on the site, that I’m visiting.
Which, when I have a problem with that site… it means, I won’t visit anymore, problem solved.

I don’t understand coding yet, I’m aware of what it could do logically, but I won’t lie, and it’s what coders do… I’m not in anyway being judgemental, but it’s a fact of life… I learned it when I took a college class in programming with BASIC, in the early 1982 in Sitka.
Which is why I quit programming… I had to lie.

Well, this is a very complicated search, for a travesty in the workings… with AI in the mix, then a major travesty will be the result.

A search engine named Shodan, makes it easy to see what new battlefields we may encounter.

It has a Firefox plugin, and a Chrome plugin for Shodan. I’m not arming the new army, they are only tools for understanding the just theories, of a very complicated world of cyberwarfare.


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I just joined Shodan, and this is the welcoming Page… you have to scroll down to see the whole site’s page, but each box is like a deep dive into other pages… so don’t get lost in the rabbit holes of choices.

But I joined, and I’ll give my conclusions of it, in the future, but I have only Two Pairs Of Hands… and my time is running out.

The mountain ahead of us, is like Mt Everest peaks and lows, but scalable all the same… it’s not physical, but mentally challenged, you might get a brain operation to handle the pressures of becoming a cyborg, but it will happen, and we’ll create monsters at first, but then we’ll see them as tools, that we use, to be a benefit to society, centuries on, or even millenniums on… but it will happen.

I’m not prophesying, but it’s what I see for the future… like you see an image in your mind, and try to articulate it the best you can. Well, I did my best, as we all can do our bests.

It’s life, and there are dangers and blessings, as always had been, since the beginning of birth into our world.

We just have to learn to deal with it… no meaning to despair about it, but you can change it to make it a better world… you have to seek it out first. It’s like Mt Everest, it’ll seem unscalable, but it’s climbable. It doesn’t need to be as tall, as the highest point in the world, it could be as small, as your mind can handle at the time.

Even it’s a molehill, once you scale it, and move on to the next molehill in your life, and scale that too… you might want to ask God to be your climbing companion… and protect you in your climbs.

You’ll find your depression about life, will fade each day… and you’ll be addicted to life, which sucks too… but you’ll be prepared for death at least… it’s like a long nap, that you’ll wake up from… I’m only giving the insights from my religion, when Jesus said “Do not weep; she is not dead, but sleeping.” – LUKE 8:52.

Life is cruel, sometimes, and it’s trying to show you, that you’re doing it wrong… that’s all… it’s just life, c’set la vie.