I’m Tired of the Lies in Religions

— I’m Tired of the Lies in Religions —

I was listening to this song from Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros called “Wake Up the Sun”, and the lyrics reflected on what I’ve reflected on my whole life, lies in religions. I could’ve wrote this song. In fact, but I did not articulate it so melodically as Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros.
I loved the chorus:

“All that you wanted
Is all that you found in your heart.
All that you wanted is all that they took from you…”



The burden of pride is a heavy burden to carry through this world. Pride weighs you down, and it hurts the strong and crushes the weak. It starts wars for profit, and rejoices at destroying, cause you stand victorious over the enemy.

The enemy was once your brother/friend/ally, and now is the defeated.

My religion is love too, I’m sure there are many things that I would differ with Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, but with love, there is a dialogue that brings understanding to light. We could argue with disdain and hostility, and blow up what’s precious to each other, but that never brings understanding of peace and love.


Holding back the anger, is a sign of love’s mercy.


I feel it now, with the constant attacks of incompetence with WordPress’ constantly changing things for the supposedly better.

I had to put the 3 links into the Chorus links to the lyrics, when before the inline links change. I could’ve selected all three lines. Which I did in the beginning, and made all 3 lines, go to the lyrics page. But then there was an unlinked line, and I had to make that line linked to the lyrics’s page again, and then another unlinked line which I had to make another edit to connect to the lyric’s page again.

I digress to whining, and hopefully WordPress developers are reading.


Love the feedback, especially if it’s heard, and you have the power to do something.

Lies in religions are so rampant nowadays, and they’re are born in what’s called “embellishments” of interpretations. Rather than simple interpretations that bring understanding, their embellishments that raise the emotional fervor to a boiling point that energizes their war machines throughout the world.


embellishmentelaboration of an interpretation by the use of decorative (sometimes fictitious) detail; “the mystery has been heightened by many embellishments in subsequent retellings”


Lies in religions have been a historic blunder of mankind. What was once so simple to understand, became a terror to mankind, and that terror lived on in the individual. That terror were other men/women, and it raised in us fears, which amplified that terror even more.


“Love one another, as I have loved you …”  — Jesus


What’s so hard to understand about that commandment?

With the many wars from that time, on to the modern day times, when will there be a true peace? Instead of conquering for the sake of conquering to feed your prideful sins, prideful lions that roar with hungers for war.

Stop the weakness of the war hunger pains. That strength, will be your downfall. War brings only destruction.

Perditions that are only fueled with more lies. Lies in religions, are the fuel of those war machines, along with other religions that where the masks of politics. They’re all religions, any form of a system of belief.

Capitalist, Socialist, Libertarian, republican, democratic, scientific, etc., they’re all religions.

I choose love as my religion, but not a blind love, rather a thoughtful love.

A nurturing love, that allows you to grow the way you want to grow, with the best wishes for your growth… even though it brings you pain. The consequences are a bitch sometimes, but it’s best that you learn it for yourself, instead of me preaching.

Lookout for the heart stealers, heartbreakers, they’re deadly to the soul, but you got to learn that for yourself.