NO STRANGER THAN LOVE : Review and My 2 Cents —


I saw this movie last night, No Stranger Than Love, and was surprised by it’s message. The audio editing was without a balance, being too low where you couldn’t hear it, and being too loud where it distorts the speakers.  Lucy was beautiful, and had the same message that I had about love.



This review is not a review of the movie, but the message. Love is the message. Hopefully, you get the message in all its clarity.

The story was lame. The male star of the movie fell into the hole in the floor, but if you went into the basement under where the hole was. It was immaculate, like the hole wasn’t there. If you went back up to the living room, there was the hole.

The story was very enjoyable, if you enjoyed being delusional. It’s like you took a tab of acid, and you were taking a trip. Delusional, as far as what you saw, but you had a very sensitive and active mind. It’s what came after the trip that brought it to reality, and made it all worthwhile.

No Stranger than Love was a good movie, and worth the watch.

I want to talk about the movie, and bring up the last scene where Lucy is saying to the crowd of people at the fair ” all I want is to cash a check, and it’s sex, buy some mayonnaise, and it’s sex, or say hello, it’s sex, to put a flower in my hair, a flower, a simple flower … it all turns to humping and humping, cats gizzing on a curtain…”

Where she was voted the most popular girl at the fair. Where the male star was still trapped in the hole in the floor.



She summed it up about the hope of love, where everything is sex, and not affection. Where one is satisfied, and not both are satisfied. It has nothing to do with love, except some esoteric connection to love that is hidden from the people. They see sex as the only connection with love.

The intimacy of affection is closer to love than sex. Sex is good till the orgasm, then it leaves you empty wanting the next fix like a drug addict. Imagine sex being targeted by a law against sex.

Anyway, I mainly want you to think about love… not so mundane and carnal forms of love, but the true principle of love. No one knows what love is. We have a lot of words trying to define it, but no one defines its makeup. We need to look at love much more deeply, if we want to understand it.