Sex in Digital Interactive Games

— Sex in Digital Interactive Games —


I remember first thinking of sex with the naked models, when I first saw them in magazines in the prepuberty ages. Playboy, Hustler, and any other skin magazine I saw them in.

Being in the heat of puberty, it doesn’t rationalize with a reasoning mind. It just raises your blood pressure between your legs. You think with your little head, rather than the big head on your shoulders.


Then I grew out of puberty, eventually when I reached my 30’s. Then I sought out emotional interaction with women, who were always out to play games. I was a lonely sick boy. I knew I wasn’t sick. So I left the sick life behind, and hoped to start anew.

The women in my life were just as ignorant as me. I don’t blame them for my confusions.

Women always judged me, before they knew me. I always opened my heart to women, and they’d hurt me with judgments. I’m a sensitive guy. I feel your thoughts. I don’t read minds, but I feel your judgments. Which is disconcerting to say the least.

I have all my life, I knew someone didn’t like me without saying anything. It turned out that I didn’t like them either, when I got to know them. I passed judgment on them too. So, no one wins, if we’re both judging each other.


The sexual side of me

I was always a sexual being, as we all are.

We all deal with our sexual urges in our own ways. If it doesn’t tear us apart from the inside, from the delusions, before we understand it in truth. I always was led by the attractions of the opposite sex, like a moth to the light. The light that I saw was a bug zapper, in many cases. I was killed many times, and nursed a broken heart back to life.

I’m only talking about my narcissistic self to convey my sexual experiences, and my interactions with sex, and with the computer, also with my mind.

It’s hard not to fantasize, when you meet someone attractive to you. You find a connection, that makes you happy, and you believe, or are delusional that they feel the same way.

The story of my life.


Sexual Sides of Interactive Games

It’s captivating to say the least. They create a hook that entraps you, and you’re looking for more. Like a popular song with a very good hook, that captivates your mind to hum it more, when it stops. The hook is the key.

It’s in everything in this world.

Marketing, Entertainment, Games, Religions, communications, etc., every word we say is looking to hook someone’s attention.

Life is the biggest hooker of all. It’s a maze of different things looking to hook you, like a scary amusement ride looking to scare you. Surprise is the key to startle you, and everything after that is manipulation. The fish is hooked, and all the fighting is only a waste of time.

I wonder if Jesus meant that when he conveyed to his disciples, Peter and Andrew to be the fishers of men, while they were mending their fishing nets. I wonder about that. Is Christianity my enemy?  The more I look at it… but that’s another post.


What we’re talking about now is the sexuality in computer games. Well not computer games anymore, more like digital software games, cause they’re on cell phone apps now too. The tech world has grown so abusive and more powerful, and I don’t see them giving up their power willingly.

The term power corrupts is so true in the digital realm. Where what you’re working on becomes property, when it’s just a thought in your mind. Sharing it will make it universal property, like the air that you breathe.

I wonder what God was thinking when he created Oxygen.

I guess I’ll have to wait till I die to ask God. By then, I won’t want to know anymore.


The indifference to the Game of Life

The mysteries of life is the breeder of indifference for some, and curiosity for others. Some mysteries drives us to search out more knowledge, but more knowledge brings more pain to our lives. Which is making my head hurt right now to the extremes.

My indifference to all the mysteries of life, is my worst sin. I’m not repentant of being ignorant. We are born naturally ignorant to all that we see, which isn’t a big motivational piece. We are told curiosity killed the cat, which is another non-motivational piece.

I don’t care of the motivational or non-motivational pieces, I just breathe till I can’t breathe anymore and die.

We are on a ride according to the late Bill Hicks. The games of life whether sexual or not, could be compared to Bill’s ride. His ride ended in 1994, and hopefully God gave him a very good view in his peace.


The G-Forces of Sexual Games

We all play our sexual games of interaction, whether through a software game which is virtual, or against another sentient being through the network called the internet.

The games could be a turn in the ride. Where the g-forces push you to the side, and then a quick turn to the other side. The g-forces are in control of your body. You can fight them, but the g-forces are ultimately in control.

It would be total freedom, to put the g-forces asleep and not in control of your body. Like the sexual games give you a boner, or the females moist lips, watering in heat.

It excites you, and gives you the desires that control you. You can always fight them, which I have done many times.

I had many chances the drunken female passes out, and I went to sleep in the other room on the couch. Though sometimes, I was the one to pass out.


In the Virtual games, I would rape them. That’s my darkside. Feeding my sins, is my darkside… demons.

The game of Doom and Wolfenstein , I always felt bad killing in cold blooded murder. It made me feel like a cold blooded killer, and I quickly turned away from the actions of war.

I’d rather seek peace… and abstinence. Well not so much abstinence, but peace especially and foremost. I like affection as we all do… but it’s been almost 20 years, since I had sex… only in my dreams, but physically absent.

It makes me desire a virtual partner. You can turn them off, if they’re getting on your nerves.