Organized Religions : it’s the Devil’s Tools

— Organized Religions : it’s the Devil’s Tools —


organized religionsI‘m not against organized religions, but they take the face of the devil all too often. Distortions of the truth, serves their agendas.

Christianity is the biggest culprit in my book, along with all the other Abrahamic religions. Judaism, and Islamism too. They serve their agendas first and foremost, which is power over their flocks.

It’s power of being right, and those who disagree is confined to a line of debate chairs, that never end.

I’m only going to talk about Abrahamic religions, cause I’m a Christian. I would rather worship the true Spirit God, than some false god designed by the organizations of religions. We are one. All the descendants of Abraham, whether Jewish or Muslim, no matter your personal faith we are one religion. Your relationship with God is your own personal faith, and religion has nothing to do with it.

Your own personal religion is what you will wear before God, not the phony mask of organized religions.

I see God as a collective, like the team spirit. Since God is Spirit according to Jesus, then all who follow Jesus is on the Christian team.

I’m on that team, but not aligned to any Christian organized religions. Remember what Jesus said before he left:

“For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.”


Christianity Schools to teach the Young, to be Old

The organization of religion to destroy the spiritual side, and magnifies the fleshly side over the spiritual side.

The way of the extremist capitalist, it’s no different than the extremist terrorist. It just destroys slowly with poor policies, instead of suddenly with a bomb. They’re both dealing with the death of the physical world. One is like a hospice making you comfortable before your death, and one is blowing up and making your death more uncomfortable. They’re both dealing with death.

We all must die, though some don’t think that we’ll die, we just go to sleep. We need rest from this life filled with lies and poverty. It’s hell on earth. I would like it to be heaven on Earth. I think, if we all joined hands, heads, and hearts, we could make it heaven.


They destroy the child with maturity in growing up, and destroy the marveling eyes with the fears of growing up. Destruction by beating them to death with maturity, and fear draining the life out of them… like a vampire stealing your life’s blood.

We raise our children like terrorists with fear to get them to behave, and not to embarrass us.

Did it ever occur to you, that they could teach us to overcome fears, and bring us to a better maturity? Maturity, is best without the fear in the history of your lives.


Conclusion of the Faith

Faith as defined in a common English dictionary, is supposed to be “strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof.”

It’s a jump into darkness shining your light, not to blind, but to teach.

Not to boast and shine in the eyes to blind, but shine on something to teach what you understand of the world.

If it offends the one you teach, don’t harp on it into sickness. Do it twice, if they don’t get it change the subject and address the subject of love, whether it’s giving or sharing. You can’t go wrong with love… not sexual love, but the true love. Sexual love is selfish, and if you’re not intimate with that person, then you’re raping, and taking pleasure at your whims.

Organized religions is like cancerous tumors on the spiritual bodies of a society. If you don’t follow that religion, then you’re going to hell. That’s the religions talking, like the religions were talking and threatening in the days of Jesus.

It’s true that the new births, have to go through the gates of organized religions. Not to glorify them over God, which is a common thing, nowadays.


God’s Spirit

God is a Spirit, and should be glorified over religions. Religions should serve God with the truth, but many religions serve themselves, instead of God. Trying to proselytize for the following with greater numbers, instead of honesty and sincerity.

God should be first. It seems that religions are first nowadays.

There are many roads to God, there isn’t one religion. There are many religions, and they’re all looking on a microscopic part of God. In one part of the world they look on the part of God that’s in charge of digestion, but those who focus on what goes into the body, as what they eat, they need the digestive part of that body. If you studied that part of God, you would listen to the digestive religions.

The religions are like the many like organs/cells in the body. They make up one body, and all have a different purposes.

To shine with good health, the religions need to make peace between each other. You can disagree, it’s a sign of good health. Having differing opinions, but moving ahead to completion of the agreed on goals. Your way doesn’t matter. Eventually, if your way is right, then it will be seen by all, and will become the norm.

You just have to have the patience for all to see.


Conclusions of Organized Religions

The organized religions of the world is under rule by Satan. Though they’re under the delusions that they are serving God. In reality, they are serving the ones who are ruling this world. Mainly politicians, the servants of Satan. Though many politicians would take offense at that analogy, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions. They’re under the delusions of their own ego, that they’re doing something good for the world, but it’s themselves and their own power that they’re doing good for.

If they were doing good, they wouldn’t be a professional politicians… they would be drafted to serve, and go back to their jobs, after their terms.


Satan is the ruler of this world, however you view Satan. Satan means an adversary in Hebrew.

He rules with an iron fist without mercy. With terror and tyranny, Jesus rules by mercy and faith. Who would you choose? Those who love money, choose the govts of Satan, and those who love God, choose Jesus.

That’s the true religion… the way you choose to live your life.

Truth is the religion, or lies is your religion. We all know where lies lead, to nowhere.

You go through the gates of organized religions, and then you choose your own future, money or God.

Organized religions is good for one thing, it carries the rules of life in a bag. You can figure it out in your own mind with prayer in the spirit, and the sincerity of your heart.

That pleases God.