Echelon Signal Intelligence Program.

Studying the World?

Or subduing it?
An all out war on attacking our intelligences, making us dumber, than we already are.

I found out about this in a book called “Behold a Pale Horse”, by Bill Cooper, and many other conspiracies of the secret govt… cause I can’t get the book right now… I’m on bedrest.
It might have been another book I read, about the Echelon project, I don’t know.

I thrive on govt conspiracies, and venture to find them, and expose them, but once you uncover them, they run like cockroaches in the light… looking for where to hide in the darkness/shadows. To be seen no more, and hide in the shadows.

They change their names, and agencies names, cause they hear you coming, and once they’re discovered, they flee across the agencies to hide in the shadows.

But it’s control freak addicts to the “power” drugs, that they need their next fix, to feed their addiction to power and control. Every idea’s a drug, whether it’s satisfaction, power, revolutions, freedom, etc. … everything you can think of is a drug, that we take and feel poisoned by, or get a high from… so it’s comparable to the drugs effects.

Addiction follows it, and looks to control you, but if your aware of it, you can fight it.

Not be a fear monger, to drive you to hopelessness and despair, but to truth and freedom, inevitably.
Life has its ups and downs, once you become aware of that, then you are free, to make plans for your future.

Don’t get depressed by the shadows, cause of their darkness, it brings in the contrast to see the workings of the image, you’re focusing in on… more of the details.

It’s like crossing the ocean with a surfboard… you might sink in rough weather and drown, or you might make it across to the other side of the ocean… and thank God, that you made it safely.

Well,  that everyone’s individual life’s experiences. We seek the truth, but we’re bombarded with lies and falsehoods along the way, and hope that we find the truth along the way, to shine the light on the path of our futures.