Music as the Master Manipulator

Music as the Master Manipulator


Music has been used for eons of time to go before the armies, as motivators for the killing, looting, and conquering. So, it is today, with music videos, and they killed all the old school of music stars.

Music videos, have killed, or bitten a chunk out of music’s manipulation tactics, and feeds the fat egos with fame, and advances, that must be paid back.

I never was signed, or even given a chance to succeed… which made me bitter, and trapped with resentment of the music industry.
I see what they do, and I want to stir the pot and raising the bottom feeders, that feed on into oblivion what’s stuck on the bottom of the pot.

There’s a lot of good songs that the music industry doesn’t want you to see, and it’s stuck on the bottom of the pot. They only deal with music, that makes profit for them.

Musicians accompanied the armies, in the beginning in wars of mankind, no one wants to murder their brothers and sisters, and call it National defense… what are we defending, it’s not our civil nature.

Commercials seen the manipulation tactics of using old songs, that were big hits in the 1960’s – 2020’s.
Now, they advertise shopping, and program you to be a consumer.

The thought of Christmas with Santa as coming, is only a plot for shopping/consumerism for the profits of corporations… I can see the Santa experience as a story, not as a way of life. We celebrate Christmas for Jesus, not Santa.

When we honor Jesus, instead of Santa, cause Santa is a lie, we want our kids to believe… but why, do you say you love them, and then lie to them.
Why do you lie to your kids?

It may be our first lie, that comes from our parents… and that hurts the most.

 I was 4 years old when I found out Santa was not real, enough of my personal Santa bashing.

Music is used around Christmas time for trips to the department stores, and online shopping, that has replaced store shopping sales… now it’s Cyber Mondays, instead of Black Fridays.

Music has been used to motivate you to buy, something that you don’t need… only want to desire it…
I didn’t need the FL Studio 21, but I wanted it, so I bought it… much like, buying things that they don’t need for everyone that you love.

This fizzled out… but I wanted to post it anyway… so you can hear my attempt at explaining the manipulation tactics of musical songs.
Music is powerful, and how you use it, is corruptible or beneficial… manipulative or blessings to all things living on this planet.

Music is a blessing, that we distort with our interpretive lenses, that we design with our delusional visual filters… Santa is a nice story, but is a corruptible belief system based on a lie… and makes profits for the corporations, instead of toys for the kids.