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Cyber-warfare- A New Battlefield

Well, not so new, but more hackers make up the armed forces. UPDATE – Shodan now has one time fee for joining, and a host of monthly fee plans… I was shocked, when I returned there… it had a paywall. It was normal first, but then the paywall came up, and I found a one …

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Echelon Signal Intelligence Program.

Studying the World? Or subduing it? An all out war on attacking our intelligences, making us dumber, than we already are. I found out about this in a book called “Behold a Pale Horse”, by Bill Cooper, and many other conspiracies of the secret govt… cause I can’t get the book right now… I’m on …

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Israel Kills Foreign Aid Workers.

7 Aid workers were killed, in 3 separate IDF air strikes. I guess they struck them in one vehicle, and they went to another vehicle, then another air strike, which made them move to another vehicle where they all died, with the last air strike. It left a hole in the roof, where the World …

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Israel is a Madman.

Creating More Ruins, And what Lies under the Ruins, Still NEEDS to be Determined. I saw this after I posted on FB this song by Mother Mother – It’s Alright, and it was a disappointment for me, and the backing of the Israelis, and their destruction of Gaza, and our complicitness in it. Now they …

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Taxing us Into Perpetual Debt Prisons?

Why do we spend us into debt on pork barrel spending? The General Good, not the specific good, of small groups, and not the discrimination of small groups, but guarding us from going into debt with senseless earmarks for pork barrel projects. General Good of the nation, and all of the people will benefit, not …

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It seems like last week was 32,000+ dead in Gaza.

The Deaths, make Orphans, without Parents to guide them. A Rafah invasion will only cause more deaths, and you’re no closer to victory, than the moment you thought about it… you went away from the battlefield of thought and contemplation, to seek victory in what you see outside of yourself. And more children will die …

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Fascism = a form of Corporate Slavery.

Philosophy Day A journey into understanding FASCISM. This talk by Jason Stanley, describes Fascism, as a cult of an authoritarian leader, that became as a savior of the nation, that was suffering from some economic burden/oppression. So corporatism laid the lines feeding other corporations into a network of powers, between education, media communication, propaganda machines, …

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Manipulations of the State

  “The Scheme 26: The Myth of the Unelected Bureaucrat” I was wondering how complicated the turning of the politics policies are. AI is involved, and backward engineering of think tanks, are making up the policies. Unelected officials are attacking the construction of our nation’s policies, too many cooks spoils the feast, comes to my …

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Mossad: A sh*t Stain on the Israeli Underwear

  Intelligence Agencies are leaving Fear Stains on their Underwear. The CIA, FSB, Mossad, etc. are all in fear of pooping their diapers in their growing up, and gathering data to make them richer, and unfeeling, as if that’s a weakness. To be weakened by feelings, but it’s a strength that no man could break, …

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Zionists vs Politicians

  Zionism is Colonialism With a New Mask The stereotypical versions of religious zealots, and politicians are both delusional, and capable of errors in their thinking, and decision making powers… but they are too proud to see it. Pride is a blinding factor of the whole view of the subject, that you have to make …

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Good and Evil Discussions

Good & Evil Two Sides of the Same Coin of Life Sometimes we hear voices in our minds, giving the pros and cons of the subject, that is in your mind at the time. Trying to make a selection/decision, but we listen to them under the guise of the masks, that they wear, and become …

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Central Bank Digital Currency(CBDC)

  The New US $(Dollar), It’s Digital and Programmable, and it’s under the Control of the US Govt I wonder how it transitions from cash, to digitally buying materials, and what is bought, and it can be programmed towards to not buying things, frozen in the progression of a retail transaction. The CBDC is the …

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Propagandists Wanted

Propaganda For Sale Wants Buyers What is Propaganda? This might be perceived as propaganda, we have to start a war, and we need to make up lies about it to raise the emotional discord in the individuals, thus moving from one square on the board, to next square on the board… like chess pieces. This …

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Starlink is NOT worth it

Musk is the Dusk of Mankind’s Dark Future Night Starlink is a total takeover of mankind’s freedom… I’m sorry if that seems so quick to judge, but the customer service is non existent, and the forums are praising Musk, like he’s infallible… sorry I disagree… he’s as fallible as the rest of us are. I …

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Census: an Intrusion or an Enhancement

ACS   I was brought in this year to the ACS( American Community Survey), instead of every decade, it goes on every year. I declined to answer their questions this year, I’m still going to answer the 10 year questions next year… but I’m not going to answer the very intrusive questions, that give the …

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Tech and AI : Dangerous Mixes

tech and AI

  Technology and Artificial Intelligence is a dangerous mix. It can be marvelous in certain situations, but scary in others. I’ve thought about this a lot, even to a maddening result. I agree with scientists letter to warnings of AI getting too smart, and thinking they have to get rid of us. I’ve already thought …

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Democracy vs Freedom

— Democracy vs Freedom —   It is not freedom. Democracy is the majority rules, and it depends on that majority, that details the oppression of the minorities. It’s not that democracy doesn’t include freedom, it does, but they don’t enforce it, and they didn’t create it. “If it ain’t broken, don’t try and fix …

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2Rains – Go Deep

2Rains – Go Deep     This was the first song I used a sample in. It was something I wanted to sound the same, so I made a small sample of the chorus guitar, and I used it. It was the first time I used it in a song, before I started using Acid, …

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Democracy is it the Salvation Govt?

Democracy is it the only Choice Democracy isn’t the perfect Govt, nor is the opposite chaotic international Federalism, which I studied in college. I wanted to make an independent study major, which was designed by a Professor at NEC (sister campus), Arundel, UK,  which closed in 1998. There I was, until a death in my …

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Delusions: Self Righteous Judgment

road to judgment

Delusional Minds Lead the World The meaning of delusions is born from judging other people. We shouldn’t judge other people. Otherwise, that delusion hooks you, and you’re pulled into vortex of not judging yourself. When you judge others, it is easier than you think, to get hooked. Self righteous judgments are a tumbleweeds going with …

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Algorithms Shower

Algorithms Shower Your Brains I was watching Elementary today, and Sherlock said something about brainwashing to the FBI agent, that hit a nerve with me. I couldn’t let it go into oblivion. I can’t quote him, since I can’t find the episode’s scene on youtube, but that’s how it started where Sherlock is confronting his …

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Encryption: Right or Wrong

— Encryption: Right or Wrong — Encryption is it right or wrong? I don’t know, but I guess it leads to manipulations, and abuse of power. I see that http is old school,  and https is the new school. It’s filled with little zombies for their armies. I may be overly cynical in my views, …

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Why do We put Prices on Everything?


— Why do We put a Price on Everything? —   Prices are put on everything, as the main focus. Freedom requires spilt blood, for it’s price. The new prosthetics arm that moves and feels requires a price of over $100,000 for the prosthesis. It made me mad when the guy gave it an astronomical …

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A Vision of the False Profit


— A Vision of the False Profit – A Self Centered Profit —   People worship already the false profit, and look to the profit for guidance. Corporations are like the organs of the body, and they develop tumors that feed on the sweetness of the profits, since all cancer tumors are nothing but fermenting …

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#666 Post, I’ve feared this, but I’ll face it


— #666 Post, I’ve feared this, but I’ll face it —   The fear of 666 is a little blown out. In fact the name carried the numbers, back then when it was warned of. They were the word’s letters that represented numbers. We didn’t start using the Arabic number system till later. You could …

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Social Madness of Everyone Disagreeing

— Social Madness of Everyone Disagreeing  —   The social madness of everyone disagreeing and judging everyone, is making the political world a mess. People like Trump doesn’t make sense of the world with their overbearing egos. He manages to turn the subject into self made boasting. It’s been over a year, and he’s never …

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Brave ??? I wonder if it’s another fake ad

— Brave ??? I wonder if it’s another fake ad —   It is another attempt at ripping us off, or telling us the raw truth. It says it’s faster than other browsers, when I install it, I’ll give it a review.     Well, I installed it, and the my hope were crushed of …

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The Traps of Political Ideologies


— The Traps of Political Ideologies: Republicans and Democrats —   The traps of political ideologies, meaning a party name, that we align our nature to. It doesn’t matter if they are virtuous or malicious. The numbers give us security. The meaning that we belong to something bigger, is supposed to give us comfort. The …

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The Hypocrisy of Trump : Declaring War on Syria


— The Hypocrisy of Trump : Killing to serve the agendas of ??? — Breaking News UPDATE: The Syrian War Trump has started a war with Syria. As I was writing this following post. General Mattis was the one forcing an invasion of Syria during the Obama administration, and seems to have succeeded with the …

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Freedom to Defend our Freedoms


— Freedom to Defend our Freedoms : From Govt Tyranny —   Trump is sweet talking to the military industrial complex of supporting their defenses of freedom, which is caging our freedoms.  Promising them of new equipment to do their work. He raises the homeland pride into a nationalistic frenzy. It seems, that we’ve never …

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The Reason Why I don’t like Trump : Why Not ?

trump's 100 days

— The Reason Why I don’t like Trump —   The arrogance of assuming 4 years to be 8 years, Trump is making himself King. A self elected fool, looking to con the people. The con is working, and the fools are swimming in a pool of fools.     “Our true nationality is mankind.” …

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HTTP or HTTPS : Simplicities or Complexities


HTTP or HTTPS : Simplicities or Complexities   UPDATE: I finally thought about it, and realized I didn’t have to give up my http site, and now have the HTTPS site also. I don’t know why I thought of giving up the http site, when it’s the core of my blog. Well, I guess I …

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Info Intake Overload : Complacent Madness

— Info Intake Overload : Complacent Madness —   supplied by the massive info intake upon the mind from the Internet, we’re left confused, or enlightened. It raises a complacent madness, which is an unconscious form of denial. It makes us feel superior to our ancestors. A form of pride that will be our downfall, …

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We’re Here to Connect… To What is What I Question


— We’re Here to Connect… To What is What I Question —   I saw this Trailer Collateral Beauty. Though I don’t know what it’s about. The quote “we’re here to connect”, left me questioning, to what?     I‘m left to assume the story by the preview with my imagination. Imaginations can lie, or …

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Wheelchair’s COG (Center of Gravity)

wheelchair's cog

— Wheelchair’s COG (Center of Gravity) : 40 years Dilemmas —   I‘ve been in a wheelchair for 40 years this Summer in July, and the wheelchair’s COG (center of gravity) has taken a back seat to making the wheelchairs lighter. Also, I’ve learned that the center of gravity is the reason for the chair …

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Chip Card VS Old Card : A Step Backward

— Chip Card VS Old Cards : A Step Backward —     I swiped the credit card and was immediately notified I had a chip card by the machine. So I had to leave my chip card in the machine through the whole transaction of checking out. Where with the old cards, once I …

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Election’s the Big Global Scam


— Election’s the Big Global Scam : Fresh New Scams every year — 10/17/2016 Every year we go through an election of scammers and spammers. Who lie to make us feel better on voting for them. The lying is becoming a norm, and we are excepting them. We are being conditioned like some psychological experiment. …

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New Privacy Statements Digested


— New Privacy Statements Digested — 09/24/2016 New privacy statements that if you agree to, you’re giving them permission to change at their whims. How many changes that we’re subject too. I got a privacy statement from Netflix tonight, and I had to agree to it to go on watching Netflix. It was 45 pages …

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AI (Artificial Intelligence) Role Playing

— AI (Artificial Intelligence) Role Playing with Social Engineering — 09/05/2016   AI(Artificial Intelligence) is advancing at an intelligence progression greater than ours. They lack understanding, and our emotional intuitiveness, but the number crunching at speeds, are what we can only hope to achieve. They seem smart, but they don’t learn, at least for now. …

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