Taxing us Into Perpetual Debt Prisons?

Why do we spend us into debt
on pork barrel spending?

The General Good, not the specific good, of small groups, and not the discrimination of small groups, but guarding us from going into debt with senseless earmarks for pork barrel projects.
General Good of the nation, and all of the people will benefit, not just a special interest lobbyists of the people will benefit… the General Good… meaning everyone.

I guess the general good, doesn’t the support the special interests of the nation, when there is a surplus in our funds, but we are broke now. And we are almost 35 trillion in debt, and will be as the seconds pass by with the interests added to the debt.

And Biden is looking to raise the debt ceilings again… with wars in Ukraine and Gaza, which I’m against, and always had been… I would rather build bridges to explore the other sides, and see if there is anything from that culture, that I would find a use for it.

Instead of destroying it with bombs, deaths, and delusional ideologies of control and colonialism. The world is beautiful. Why do we want to create more ruins, that we have to rebuild… I liked it before the ruins were created.

It’s a sad sight those ruins, and a lot of sad and mad people, that live in those ruins.

No one, is saying that democracy is freedom, cause it’s NOT.
It only gives you a voice in the process, but it can be bought by the scamming scheming con men of the media corporations and the bankers… etc. … making it null and void.

Money makes the world go round.
Well really, money funds the govts around the world, and the control freaks, are those govts around the world. They want control of our taxes to fund, their drastic special interests… not the general good of this planet, but only the special interests spending(Pork Barrel) projects.

I wonder, if you see the debt hole you dig, with your out of control spending, it’s creating another ruins, in the hole your digging, with your unchecked spending, it’s deepening the hole dig… like a trap, that you can’t climb out of.

That’s what congress should protect you from, being trapped in that hole, without a ladder to climb out of it.