Central Bank Digital Currency(CBDC)


The New US $(Dollar),
It’s Digital and Programmable,
and it’s under the Control of the US Govt

wonder how it transitions from cash, to digitally buying materials, and what is bought, and it can be programmed towards to not buying things, frozen in the progression of a retail transaction.

The CBDC is the new $Dollar$ of the US financial power… and making the banks as mere brokers of the Federal Reserve… so much to learn about their futures… it’s in the birth stages right now.

FedNow is a payment system that deals through the banking system of the Federal Reserve Bank.
It’s not a real bank, it’s a Central Bank, it’s another node in the network of worldly financial systems. They have the power to print money at will, but they don’t have the power over the money, now that it is digital and programmable, they gain power over it, and are in control of it.

This is the study by the CBDC Tracker is Global Central Banks, and is in development with a world map, and what stage they’re in.

Central Banks is what past US Presidents were against, when they saw it as against true freedom… in the land of Liberty, it sounds like we’re hypocrites.

It caused stress at a phenomenal level, that is heavier than than the weight of a new building to carry for any individual, it might be steps away from a mental breakdown. Just thinking about it, and the power you give to big govt to manage my finances, is close to an emotional/mental breakdown.

This is a study by the CATO Institute about the dangers/risks of CBDCs.


With the FTX scandal recently, and the banking failures SVB and Signature, and in the European Union with the Swiss bank failures and bailouts/buyouts, over this last week… it’s the Federal Reserve is into getting into digital currencies, that can be controlled by programming, of course they wear saints clothes and minds/deeds… but they are far from that.
There is a little devil in all of us, and “love of money” is the root of all evils in the world.

We don’t have our devils in a cages, and our Angels are at war with the devils, that make up our character.

I was raised in Catholic elementary school education, and I can’t get it out of my heart and head.
And I have no love for money, I would rather die, then bow over and take it up the ass from the devil.

I saw the Omen movies, and one of those movies, it was the devil giving it up the ass of a statue of Jesus… I stopped watching the Omen movies after that.

I have this image in my mind of Jesus taking it up the ass, and I can’t wipe it out.

Well, that’s enough of my heart spilling its guts…


This is a YouTube Playlist on CBDCs, and the extent of my Research