It seems like last week was 32,000+ dead in Gaza.

The Deaths, make Orphans,

without Parents to guide them.

A Rafah invasion will only cause more deaths, and you’re no closer to victory, than the moment you thought about it… you went away from the battlefield of thought and contemplation, to seek victory in what you see outside of yourself.

And more children will die in the external world, and you grow more distant, than where the fight should’ve taken place. Victory is inside, and is where you should’ve fought, not with the bombs of propaganda and lies, but clearing the smoke out with truths and love… you’d be closer to the righteousness, that your religions seek to fulfill.

I hope you don’t produce more orphans, cause they’ll want revenge from your actions, for killing their Parents… and the cycle goes on and on, with no end in sight.

I knew a Palestinian college buddy, and we had a talk one night in a classroom, and he said “Hitler was a genius”, and it brought back memories of my adolescent childhood 5-7 years old.
When I was wearing a Nazi flag as a caped super hero, named super nazi.

My Mom’s Father, had a nazi flag, that he brought back from WWII, and all his army buddies signed it, and it was in the attic, and I found it… and it was before, what I’ve seen, what was done, in the nazi name.

I had words that were harsh to him, and it was judging, instead of understanding the actions of the Israelis, that instilled it into their mindsets, I was missing the 75 years of pain, being instilled in them, that set in the mindsets of the Palestinians.

Mindsets is another term, to the make up of our foundations to the souls. It’s the core of our being, and once that is accepted, that it’s a weak foundation, that needs to be restored,  and not destroyed.

I felt bad after that, and I was a FB friend to him, but he must’ve been upset by what I said, and I’m no longer FB friends with him. I was on a high, when FB started, before I became cynical about FB, and saw its dangers and promises of goodness… like a street show grifter playing 3 card Monte.

Social sites scenes came up with their grifting too, as another form of the con game.

This is turning into a rant, without guidance… it’s more of bitching without a point…
So I’ll stop, abruptly, and hope that I’ve said enough, for you to take over, and settle it in your minds…
There’s too much propaganda to sort through, to find microscopic gems to treasure.