Starlink is NOT worth it

Musk is the Dusk of
Mankind’s Dark Future Night

Starlink is a total takeover of mankind’s freedom… I’m sorry if that seems so quick to judge, but the customer service is non existent, and the forums are praising Musk, like he’s infallible… sorry I disagree… he’s as fallible as the rest of us are.

I signed up for his Power Wall battery, but they wanted a commitment by sending in money as a deposit, for something I had not received yet.
I was leery of buying the starlink dish, with WIFI only… it seemed like a rip off… the first dishes were only Ethernet, but that took a backseat to WiFi connections.

I don’t trust WiFi connections, they can infect the Ethernet connections too, but it’s harder and more expensive.

Here’s a video talking about the past’s inflation, compared to today’s inflation, it brings back my youthful times… and how it changed, from then to now.

I agree with him, and forgot the figures of the past, but he took the time to gather the numbers, and make the case that he made.

The point that he made of dividing us, causing derision/contempt/mocking of each other, is more like it, to stay sane in the effort.

I blame the tech industry in the price hikes of the fuels, groceries, rents, etc. … they create a world reliant on computers, and when they go down there is no customer service anymore… now it’s con-men attempting social engineering, and trying to get more info… data is the new gold bullion.

They create a world of tech knowledgeable people, are powerful and can manipulate the populations at will… cause the rest of the populations are reliant on the Smartphones and iPhones, and are the puppets of the tech industry.

The strings that manipulate are movements are the new trinkets, they invent to marvel us with… and we stand in line to buy the new invention that the media advertises… we are being manipulated everyday.
No one is his own man anymore, our freedoms have been taken away, and we’re being brainwashed by ads that are so repetitive, it’s programming our minds.

Repetition is the coding, at the best comparison to coding of the human mind, instead of a keyboard, you just have to say it over and over again… and when you’re in a store to buy something… you remember the ad, and you buy it.

You are the puppet and the tech industry is the puppeteer… I’m sick of being the puppet… I’ve been a silent puppet all my life, but now I can articulate it… so I’m cutting the strings of the puppeteers, whenever I can… no more programming ads, or billions/wealth by ads.

So this is just the first battle Google… there’s many more, there’s spies in your ranks… and they feel the same way I do.

We could make a treaty, but that didn’t work out for the natives either, they’ve been imprisoned on reservations that need the basics to have a normal life… but it’s the road to peace and harmony through diplomacy, but we know the tech industry, at least half of them has no moral compass, but they can be reached though through dialog… not strings of manipulation, or social engineering.

Well, that’s my case against Starlink… he gets rich by his cons, and he is always looking for a new con…boring machines, solar tiles, batteries, wall panels, electric cars, and whatever new hypes that will trend… put Musk’s name on it, and he’ll introduce it at a low cost, and rack up the fees for use of it.

He likes to claim success at our detriment, but he is in denial of that… he going to Mars.
Well, not him personally, but he wants a mission to Mars, that he wants to go down in history, as starting it.

Well, NASA is joining him in his mission/con-job… let’s hope that goes well.