Algorithms Shower

Algorithms Shower Your Brains

I was watching Elementary today, and Sherlock said something about brainwashing to the FBI agent, that hit a nerve with me. I couldn’t let it go into oblivion.

I can’t quote him, since I can’t find the episode’s scene on youtube, but that’s how it started where Sherlock is confronting his Father.

I couldn’t find the scene that was FBI agent, Sherlock and Watson investigating where a bunch of scientists were murdered. They were doing a study on algorithms, and it sparked anger in Sherlock, and he made this observation on the secrecy being a conspiracy about brainwashing.

I just found it.

“In a nutshell, Agent Burke, they’re perfecting the art of brainwashing.”

It was Season 4 episode 2, it took awhile to find it, since the description was different from my TV’s description guide.

That’s the reason, I’m trying to write a point on that subject.


Subject of Algorithms being a Shower for Brainwashing



The thought of algorithms being a quick shower to wash away your deep thoughts. Is one I never thought of before seeing that episode of Elementary. I can relate to it, but I began to see it from a different new perspective.

We develop our thoughts, to bring new perspectives. It raises new contrasts that we always overlooked before, but we see them in a new light.

Once what were invisible to the naked third eye, but now you see them.

I will try to reveal them by my words in this post. Hopefully, I will not bore you.

When you have a deep thought, and you step into an algorithmic shower made by the big data corporations. It’s filtered with deep thought detergents for wiping your minds, and you feel liberated and refreshed, but where you were going in your quests, now changes direction.

You see a new product or a new idea, and change what you were thinking about by the algorithmic shower. It gives you choices designed by the mathematician, instead of the natural path that your life would take. Maybe the mathematician is the natural path, or maybe he’s not… it all depends what motivates his actions. Is it manipulations, or the thrill of the algorithms…which is another form of manipulations.

Usually, it’s designed for the profit seeking corporations; instead of the ethical corporations that like the profits filling their banks also, but chooses what’s right, instead of the ill gotten profits.

Think about it, and make your own decisions without my influences about your thoughts… I choose the natural path.

Individuals need to be free in their minds first, not manipulated by others looking to profit off of you… in your ignorance.