Manipulations of the State


I was wondering how complicated the turning of the politics policies are.
AI is involved, and backward engineering of think tanks, are making up the policies. Unelected officials are attacking the construction of our nation’s policies, too many cooks spoils the feast, comes to my mind.

Bureaucracy– Noun|
1. Nonelective government officials
2. A government that is administered primarily by bureaus
that are staffed with nonelective officials
3. Any organization in which action is obstructed
by insistence on unnecessary procedures and red tape
4. Complicated structures and regulations in place to control activity

I wonder how far Israel, has already did this in their nation, against the Palestinians, and discriminated with their occupation policies, and checkpoints, and restricted traveling freedoms.
Imagine the State of New Jersey with NYC included, becoming the peace that their trying to achieve in Israel… cause that’s about the size of Israel.

This state scheming is just making it more complicated where Dark Money gets laundered without a problem with the AI shield, helping to making it invisible with a stealth mode.

And it requires a lot of investigatory work, to uncover the corruptions at work in govt today, masked by AI, so that it seems harmless, but its at work with incredible speed, in seconds it can collect data on you through the coding on the internet.

AI is can also write code, so it can collect data automatically, and who knows what data is collected…
There is no internet security, but by some self ordained tech wizards, which is more like fascism gone wild and free, but charging an arm and a leg for everyone else in the public eye.

I‘m sickened by the fascism alive on the internet, and corporations own it, and run it… the tech savvy people are their puppets, that they buy and sell.
Not every tech savvy person is a bought and sold puppet, there are a very few who has an integrity bug up their ass, haunting them to do what’s right… but that can fade, as it has already.

Bureaucracy is a stumbling block that hides the corruption behind it, it makes more work to uncover those corruptions, and fix them… or clean the govt engine so it runs smoothly, and doesn’t build up more dirty grease(Corruptions) which makes the engine run harder and inefficiently, cause of it’s lack of maintenance.

Cause governments can be corrupted, and run haphazardly without proper timing, and it gets confusing to the common people, but they are bought off with little marvels as trinkets… shiny bling.

And the corruption goes on and on… without proper maintenance… it means more bureaucrats to hire, another bureaucracy to form and organize, and isn’t elected… it’s like the dirty engine forming its own team to clean it, it’s forming a lazy team, that leaves the corruptions to fester, rather than clean it.

It’s been my theory for years, decades even… I started it in college over 40 years ago with taking political science classes, I was going to fix the govt… but that never happened, and I don’t think it ever will.

But we have our designed Fascism, or it’s supposed to be governed by good practices, but it only has what they call ingredients on the labels, supposed to be safe…
But what’s hidden by deceptions, are the corruptions whitewashed by Congressional teams and Senatorial teams, and laws coating it with the Judicial teams brushes, and OK’d by the Executive teams bureaus, to further the corruptions.

It will break down someday, unless we hire an independent self cleaning maintenance team that will clean out the grease/corruption, so the engine runs smooth again, and the funding isn’t stolen by the dark projects in our budgets, making the grease that forms.