Fascism = a form of Corporate Slavery.

Philosophy Day

A journey into understanding

This talk by Jason Stanley, describes Fascism, as a cult of an authoritarian leader, that became as a savior of the nation, that was suffering from some economic burden/oppression.

So corporatism laid the lines feeding other corporations into a network of powers, between education, media communication, propaganda machines, indoctrination, etc. … until it was a monster, that controlled us with lies and corruption, at it’s core.

You have to watch it, and hear his interpretation of it… cause my views of fascism, is over boiling over out of the pot of interpretations, and landing on the stove/mind, and making a mess.

Well, now it’s my turn on the interpretation of Fascism, though I agree 100% with his outlook, of his interpretation of Fascism, my views are more towards an ethical views of Fascism.

Cause I see where corruptions seeps into the bloodlines of Fascism, it’s either as a cancer, or a soaked mess blocking the circulatory system of fascism… clotting the blood flow.

It’s an organized mess, in hopes of making a profit and control of the state’s body, with the central power being the dictatorial leader.

This is another video describing Fascism, of having 9 heads/feelings of fascism brainstorming with  George Mosse, and he was a practicing a Reform Judaism, also known as Liberal Judaism or Progressive Judaism, and was a practicing Anti-Zionist too.

I get running on  tangents in my research, I thought he was Masa, but he was a historian named Mosse… and I’ve learned a new Jewish history of Reform Judaism too in my research.

There’s so much to study about this here world, and I don’t want to be the all knowing God, but I want to serve God, it’s my individualism with pride, it is the rock in the wheels, that throws my balance off in the progression down the road… when I go too fast, the wheels are out of balance with each other, with my pride as the rock that’s throwing my speeding off balance.

It’s all tabulated at slow speeds, just racers just need to go fast, which are mostly messengers with an important messages.

I’m just babbling now, I keep chewing on the data I’ve gotten, and I need to swallow it and digest/think about it… hopefully it will not give me any indigestion, and all will be easy to digest.