Israel is a Madman.

Creating More Ruins,

And what Lies under the Ruins,
Still NEEDS to be Determined.

I saw this after I posted on FB this song by Mother Mother – It’s Alright, and it was a disappointment for me, and the backing of the Israelis, and their destruction of Gaza, and our complicitness in it.

Now they leveled the Iranian Embassy, in Damascus,Syria, with a bombing of it, which is against International Law again, and again Israel, is the aggressor with terror in their hands.
So much for the chosen people, bringing terror around the world.
We know already know, how to do demolitions, Israel.

I‘m sick of having nothing to write about, and not having new music, that I can sing about.

I would rather be singing uplifting songs, about the blessings of life, rather than the ruins, that we create with bombs, shellings, bullets, and destructions. It gets depressing all the time to witness the destructiveness of the news, it’s like taking potshots at our living and breathing souls.

This election cycle coming up this year, in the US at November of 2024, is going to be heated, and somewhat confusing… it’s making us dumb like retards, OH that is NOT PC, “mentally challenged” is a more the term, that I want to be PC.

It will be mentally challenging for us this Election year, it’s our dumbing down of our society, more in denial is my conclusion… turning a blind eye to our wrongs in the complicity with Israel.
I’m not antisemitic, cause there are many Jews, that I can relate to, but the political paranoid Jews I’m against, and are my enemies… they need to be leashed like a pet vicious dog… or a junkyard dog.

Netanyahu’s regime is a bunch of Junkyard Dogs in a pack, no one is listening to any common sense, they are inspired by their pride and egos, and the lies that they tell.

And they react to paranoid thoughts, and spread wars by killing their perceived enemies, that surround them in their daily feuding with surrounding Arab nations.

I wouldn’t put it past them, that there are terrorists funded by Iran, and also in Iran… but there are governmental terrorists in the US too, and in every nation around the world… under the guise of freedom fighters. Heck, the US revolutionaries were freedom fighters once, then they became the founders of our nation.

It’s a sick world with weeds growing out of the bloodsoaked soils of wars… hypocrisy produces nothing but weeds, they’re good for only material manufacturing… but not eating and gaining strength. I could be wrong in that conclusion… but I’m lazy, and disgusted, right now.

With the Monsters I’m battling within myself, and I’m not battling with the inner monsters/demons in others.
Who are listening to their inner demons, instead of God. We have to listen to the whole of God, not just the cherry pickers… demons and angels… the whole of God, is where the truth live and breathes.

And rational reasoning is the balancer’s fulcrum. Where you weigh out, all that needs to be weighed out for the absolute truth.

I’m not God.
That is all of you, and the generations before you in history, that died.
We are all God’s children… and rather than fight with our other family members, we go to war with anyone, that we disagree with. I wanted to kill some members of my family, but I chose to love them instead… and tolerate them.

Which should be the motto of the world leaders… but it’s not… pride and power corrupts, it’s a fact of life.
Pride and power is my main enemy, it transforms the mouse, into a blind monster… like a junkyard dog, and a leash is its only master.