A Vision of the False Profit

— A Vision of the False Profit – A Self Centered Profit —


profitsPeople worship already the false profit, and look to the profit for guidance.

Corporations are like the organs of the body, and they develop tumors that feed on the sweetness of the profits, since all cancer tumors are nothing but fermenting sugars. Profits are nothing more than fermenting sugars, they give you energy, or storage for disease.

Net Neutrality is what brought this to mind, when I truly thought about it.

I have mixed feelings about this Net Neutrality thing, I’m all for the regulation, when it doesn’t feed the greediness of lawyers, or the profits of corporations. I see the abuses on both sides of the argument.


It brought up the scene from out in space on the whole human race body, and dissecting the body of mankind, like a biology project, and this is my report of what I found. It’s not my place to say or diagnose, since I’m just a man and no expertise at anything, but I want to share what I observe of what I found.

Corporations are like kidneys and livers, etc., they serve the body of mankind to get rid of waste and gather nutrients, I’m not a doctor neither, there may be many other comparisons.

Profits are sweet treats, too many may be bad to the overall heath of the body of mankind.

We all need treats to the diet, but not continuously. Sugar is addicting, as much as cocaine and heroin is. Profits is the most addicting properties of corporations. Profits that fermenting are the beginnings of the cancer tumor, we need oxygen to kill it, and put into remission. Otherwise the need for profits grows bigger and bigger from the greed(sweet tooth).  We need to become aware of right and wrong, the oxygen that I speak of.