Census: an Intrusion or an Enhancement



I was brought in this year to the ACS( American Community Survey), instead of every decade, it goes on every year.

I declined to answer their questions this year, I’m still going to answer the 10 year questions next year… but I’m not going to answer the very intrusive questions, that give the power to the liars anymore.

ACS was brought into the picture in 2005 as a law, and nobody asked me if it was OK.
I would’ve voted NO. I understand the justification, but not the use of it.
I guess it would be OK, if everyone was perfect, but we all know, that is not the case… at least for now.

We have a lot of problems to resolve, without seeking another knot to tie.

Life is already complicated


I sought wiring audio in the studio, before the wireless, and what it does to the soul of a simple man.

Wireless is effortless, but wiring is resolvable, and educational in the routing process.

You can be an idiot and do wireless… in fact that is what everyone is hopeful for… at least the politicians… who look to latch on to the 5G train.
Which is another form of control, that I don’t have time to get into it here.

The ignorant will be led into the chutes like cattle… will they be led to the greener pastures, or the butcher blocks of the slaughter houses?

We need to get off our high horse and walk with them… alongside that high horse, and see all that we pass onto the people, that we serve.
You’ll get a clearer picture, than the spiels from the media, politicians,   etc..


Gerrymandering and other uses of the data


Gerrymandering is a form redistricting for political purposes, and a not foreign form of corruption, like the Russian interference in our electoral process in 2016.


Gerrymander – verb

  1. manipulate the boundaries of (an electoral constituency) so as to favor one party or class.
    • achieve (a result) by manipulating the boundaries of an electoral constituency.
      “a total freedom to gerrymander the results they want”

GOOGLE Defintion




Hopefully, you get gerrymandering from these videos and you see the link from the data they collect, and their motivation for more gerrymandering.

Our worst enemy is ourselves… not a foreign country, but the corruptions in ourselves.



I‘ll leave it to yourselves to fix this matter, I won’t push the govt agenda on you. You get that already.

You know I looked at the questions about education on the ACS questionnaire, and it strengthens my suspicions on gerrymandering… so I don’t know, if I’ll commit to answering the 2020 census…they ask so many questions, that seem like phishing emails.