Democracy is it the Salvation Govt?

Democracy is it the only Choice

Democracy isn’t the perfect Govt, nor is the opposite chaotic international Federalism, which I studied in college.

I wanted to make an independent study major, which was designed by a Professor at NEC (sister campus), Arundel, UK,  which closed in 1998.

There I was, until a death in my family, and I had to return to the States from the UK.

The thing with Federalism it was designed to be the World Govt. Making police forces and armies, that would keep the order. Much like the old TV westerns, that I grew up with.


To get back for the reason of this post, Democracy can be bought and sold to the highest bidder. You’ve seen it done already. The following video is a trailer of the above link. This a new link, and with the news today of shake up the Trump’s administration. So, I don’t know, if it’s true or false.



Money is the main Focal Point

Money is the focal point of Democracy, and it needs to change, if it’s to be  a successful govt economic policy.

When you watch TV, which is another tool of govt to manipulate with propaganda, instead of teach.  They always bring up the price, in case you lost sight of it. They distract you with the price of living, but all you need is the air you breathe.

The rest is grace.

They live it too, but don’t recognize the grace of love, and look to enslave you to work for them. With debt as the hooks to secure you, to whatever vehicle they’ve created to do the job.

Chained to the gang of workers that work blindly to fulfill the needs of corporations. Corporations are harmless, when they’re not having to do with making govt policies. They’re deadly in today’s world, cause they run the countries. Since businesses runs the countries in the shadows, it’s a subtle fascism, looking to keep the whole of society/public happy.

Corporations are miniature countries, ruling  the bigger countries. Once they started making wars, to divide and rule with their foot in the door, they’ve been  making  fascism so subtle, it seems invisible to the simple minded.


It’s like the gods are playing a game board, and moving ideologies on that game board to achieve their ends.

Even the WordPress themes or the upgrades, is playing on that board too. It seems everything in life, is subject to the game.

You get errors, which are like a stumbling blocks, trying to manipulate you to anger, or to a relaxing challenge. I still fall for the anger, but I guess I’ll adapt to the logical solution.


Math and Logic Rule in Today’s World

Computers make up the technology that rules the money, and the Govts of today’s world. Which is a vulnerable form of democracy.

It covers the weaknesses and strengths of this form.

Big data is the layout of the Democratization forms. Be it, a delusional form, but it can be manipulated, just the same.

Once the image is in digital forms, it’s susceptible to manipulations. Where lies take the place of truth. You don’t like the picture, you can change it… like a god, to make it what you want to.


With digital domains arrival on the scene of society in the 60’s thru the  80’s, and the introduction of DARPA in 1959, there has been numerous inventions, some secretive and some public… but always fulfilling an agenda. To the point where we are at today.

This mess where everything is an overload of distractions, that occupy our minds, so that we can’t think in silence without some electrical device distracting our minds.

With the tech robots, which in the future will serve as armies, used to fight on with destruction at command.

It makes me think of the future without hope. It’s what will happen, cause I saw it. What happens will not be as dark as I see it. There is always good forces that will battle the evil forces.

Their weapons will change, cause we journey into the virtual world… and I’m blind to what happens in the virtual world. That’s the devil’s playground.

I warn you like a crazy man on the corner screaming about the destruction of the world, unless you heed my warnings, and change it.

I see myself as a nut too, but I don’t have a choice. I’m a man with integrity, as a strong point of my character, it rules me. I can’t keep a secret, I’m always truthful…to a fault.

I’m dangerous, when I’m silent.

Let’s hope for a better future.