Alphabet/Google/Youtube is Censoring the Truth

This is What they’re Censoring

Maybe the Israeli Lobby had a problem with it, and finds it to contain false info, but the Israelis had been responsible for it, and bogus intelligence feeding us to invade Iraq in 2003.
We went Afghanistan first, but they feared Iraq, and they said go to invade Iraq.

Power has a way of corrupting fears, so you do anything to keep your power… mainly feeding others who gave you the power… votes can’t be bought anymore. The truth is the light to reveal all the dirty engines/leaders, which is corruption.

I was always into engines, and what made them run… until I moved to Jet engines, which had a different combustion chamber, it sucked all the air under pressure by the continuing pressure buildup, and then it went into the combustion chamber, and exited through the turbine wheels, which were all on the same as intake shaft and the combustion section… the exhaust, drove the intake too.

What about the new things of engines… and how do we defy gravity, without noises of combustion engines.

Not going to educate on how a jet engine works… but I want to share.

What’s going on in the world with crazies/leaders?
It seems they forgot the “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself”, FDR gave that line in his 1st inaugural presidential speech, about money lenders and loan shark practices… but it touches on terror too.

They manipulate the fears of the public, unbeknownst to the ignorant public… some are aware, what lies in the hidden shadows of society, but they have no light to shine in the shadows, to reveal what’s there… the puppetmasters are in their own homes with the internet now.

It’s the dark closet of the tech industry… and they use their codes, as the strings that manipulates the public… for advertising, riches, and exhaust… like a jet engine, they’re all on the same shaft/scam… and the exhaust drives the intake.

Take the power of the jet engine machine away… societal jet engines what they take in, is compressed through stages, and how many stages is important to their hiding… with computers it is like a virus code, deleting lines of code in a network of invisibility, only to move it to another file, where it’s masked, so no one could detect it.

I seem smart, but my light is Jesus Christ, and my observing of what he shines on… I’m just writing what he tells me, of what I see… through the Holy Spirit in my mind… in my heart too… they network together.

So you want to manipulate my mind, beware of what you do… I’m not as in control as Jesus was … I’m prone to anger and rages… I’m usually silent, before my explosions… when that happens, there is no hope for you.

That’s my deductions, it’s not a threat… it’s my reactions to unfair judgments.