Brave ??? I wonder if it’s another fake ad

— Brave ??? I wonder if it’s another fake ad —


It is another attempt at ripping us off, or telling us the raw truth.

It says it’s faster than other browsers, when I install it, I’ll give it a review.



Well, I installed it, and the my hope were crushed of a new browser that was strong. It needs some development to be strong. It lacks the extensions that makes other browsers strong.

You can request addons here, and the addon reviewed here. (removed links, sorry)


Its was a nice attempt at perfection, but it still needs work. I like the many features that integrates the needed spam defenses into the native browser code, but the lack of extension support is lacking.

I know anybody can write bad code for extensions, and I commend them on that. You don’t want to open back doors into the Brave browser. I’m not a coder, so I must feel like a dummy criticizing those who code, but Brave needs a lot of work.

I would like to request the Roomy Bookmarks Toolbar to be added on the top of the list as selling point for me. I browse solely on a laptop, and that screen I’ve become used to. There are many more Firefox addons that I could request, but the Roomy Bookmarks Toolbar is an important one for me.
I just learned RBT is no more in Firefox, it won’t work with version 57, I’m still using version 55. I need to cutoff the automatic updates. Or find a toolbar that works.

It seems the drop down menus is becoming the norm, which Brave has. You give us favicons, and take it away, at your whims.

Privacy Badger is another one, along with the cookies manager.

I think the internet is dying quickly.

“It’s sad” Trump’s tweets.


Brave’s Simple Conclusive Review

The browser is a strong first attempt, but needs work.

I guess since there is many more hackers, black and white hackers increasing in populations at an exponential rate, the internet is a battlefield. Where the Armageddon will take place, or not, but the scene will be fueled by the internet.

There are already many lies that fester on the internet, and browsers are our weapons and our defenses. The Brave browser is a shield from what has become of the internet, it’s success or failure will be determined by its users.

They need to incorporate the many pluses of the extensions into their native code. I don’t know coding, the portions I’ve seen of it, only confused me.

I’m a simple man.

You can read Wikipedia’s negative points here, the negative and the positive gives you the whole picture.

I hope this browser many successes. They will need it.


Fears bring more fears to the table. Where there wasn’t fears feasting on our fears before, now there is a big table of fears feasting, loaded with new fears, and they propagate more fears. It’s a neverending cycle.