Encryption: Right or Wrong

— Encryption: Right or Wrong —

Encryption is it right or wrong? I don’t know, but I guess it leads to manipulations, and abuse of power.

I see that http is old school,  and https is the new school. It’s filled with little zombies for their armies. I may be overly cynical in my views, but they’re my views.

I saw that http is being replaced by https. In fact Google’s Chrome browser is displaying a loud icon in their URL fields/address bar.  I chose to go the truthful route, instead of dying in a cowardly state.

I think everyone is, shameful of the lies that they hide behind, I’ve determined no matter what I hide, it’s true anyways, and will be revealed at the end. I choose to stand in the light, no anonymity.

Here is Reason’s Video on the Crypto Wars.  ….


I need to process this, and be silent. I choose to be silent, but I express this like a seed to be planted in your minds. You can let it grow, or you can weed it out of your minds. It’s growing in my mind, and I didn’t choose it to be in my mind either… it came from the media wind.

I think, if you don’t have anything to hide you should be out there naked as you came into this world, but that would mean we went back to Eden. We made laws to enforce, however unfairly we designed them.

I know there are corrupt people in the world, but incarcerations are meaningless, when they’re in business for profit, instead of rehabilitation’s sake. We need to change ourselves first, before we make heaven on Earth.

Otherwise, we’ll make the world, hell on Earth… with full prisons that’s filled with the innocent.