Zionists vs Politicians


Zionism is
With a New Mask

The stereotypical versions of religious zealots, and politicians are both delusional, and capable of errors in their thinking, and decision making powers… but they are too proud to see it.

Pride is a blinding factor of the whole view of the subject, that you have to make a decision on.
You have an incomplete knowledge, and any decision would convict you to any errors, no matter the outcome.

The errors would come true/reality, and accountability is needed, and if you don’t have a stooge, usually politicians, then all hell’s breaks loose on the fool’s chain gangs.

Masks of Colonialism

Masks of Global Colonialism

Well, Zionism is another form of Colonialism, and it’s just another ism, that occupies the world with another deceptive mask of colonialism.

I see the nutrients of the body of the kingdom, needs to be dispersed to other organs of the body, and colonialism sets up the network to feed those nutrients around the world, through trade networks… but they get greedy and stop the trades, and horde the resources themselves.

In my opinion, and it is only my opinion, but I deciphered it from the facts from the internet, which can be distorted facts, as well as true facts.

Delusional recipes in the cooking of reality, it adds spices, which determine the flavors of reality, and make it sour, or sweeten it to your tastes. Whether they are nutritional or not, they look to please the taster, and sell it to the consumer.

We are all consumers to the marketeers, and we are their profits… that feeds them like the bottom feeders in a fish tanks. They need to eat too, just the way they go about their profit gathering, is deceptive at least, and outright fraud at the most.

This is a very complex subject, but all that I mention is interconnected, with the other things that I mention.

I seek to philosophize about isms, they are imperial at best, and very destructive at worst. They want to pave the way to heaven, but they pave the way to hell all too often.

Zionists are like cavemen leading the world to hell in a handbasket, and they make up new towns, so Palestinians don’t know where their houses were… they saw their lands as a gift from God too.

So, what happened to the diaspora for their sins?
I guess, God had a change of heart. I thought the Messiah was to ordain Israel as a nation, not the self proclaimed Zionists… you already rejected Jesus.
His way was love, truth, and forgiveness, with love as our way… and you rejected him, with lies as your weapons… and you crucified him on the cross.

You then were ego driven, and you made up a new religion called Zionism, and stole the land from the Palestinians 75 years ago. I could argue of that, cause there’s many sides to the stories I hear, but I wasn’t there, and I’d be a fool to argue, of what I’m not sure about.

I read the first chapter of Ecclesiastes, where Solomon was pining, that there was nothing new under the sun, and all was vanity. It depressed me and Solomon too, cause he ended it with :

Ecclesiastes 1:17-18
And I set my heart to know wisdom, and to know madness and folly.
I perceived that this also is grasping for the wind.
For in much wisdom, is much grief,
And he who increases knowledge, increases sorrow.”

I’m very depressed after reading his whinings of his heart, and I feel the same with the things going on today in Gaza, and Israel trying to genocide the Palestinians, so they could reconstruct summer houses on the Gaza coast… that will never happen, even if the revolution happens again here, from the complicity of the US supporting the genocide.

I’m not afraid of voicing my displeasure with our policies of going to war for the liars, and users of propaganda, and them taking up those tactics on it’s own peoples… with media as the distributors of propaganda.

We were formed in the thirst for freedom, and we are delusioned into thinking we are free, when we are lied to over and over… I remember the Nazi propagandist Goebbels, saying:

“The best propaganda is that which, as it were, works invisibly,
penetrates the whole of life without the public
having any knowledge
of the propagandistic initiative.”

I know they want to quell our need for change, but not the way they choose to social engineer society, with propaganda, and soft lies… it only chains us, like the spirit of Jacob Marley that just crossed over, in a novel called A Christmas Carol.

We are sick of propaganda chains with soft lies, and we want our truest freedoms back, without the social engineering of the public. George Carlin did a comedic piece of his talking about soft languages.
And he talked about it masking rich white people, and it helping “conceals their sins”.

I thought it was funny, the first time I heard it… but now after listening to it more times than not, it’s not so funny anymore. What’s the saying you can tell a joke, but if you heard it before, it’s not so funny anymore.

Comedians are not Ghosts or spirits, they are only haunted by them, and they make jokes to neutralize their hauntings… that’s my theory on life. There’s so much about life, that I don’t know yet, but I’m willing to learn about it…

I want to join the long line of Kings that grows wise, and I would like a Queen to keep me company in my kingdom/life… but that’ll never happened.

I hope that it will… at least I hope to be King Richard III… No, King Tomidjah, the first and last. I have integrity, it may be a stubborn integrity, but I’m a man of my word at least.

But being a crippled King Richard III, eventually was recognized as good, by the UK govt… I still think he was a crumb, with little integrity by Shakespeare’s standards, when he wrote the play King Richard III, the dialog sucked.

Just don’t hire Shakespeare to write my story… I thought all the King Richards were related to each other, but I found out they were not related… they were only the number of the Kings, that were named Richard.

Oh, I going back to ranting mode… I need to close this with silence.