Democracy vs Freedom

— Democracy vs Freedom —


It is not freedom.

Democracy is the majority rules, and it depends on that majority, that details the oppression of the minorities.

It’s not that democracy doesn’t include freedom, it does, but they don’t enforce it, and they didn’t create it.

“If it ain’t broken, don’t try and fix it” is one saying that came to mind.


Democracy is the most lamest form of government, and we don’t try another form of government, because we’re satisfied with the scams of government, that they are.

When fascism can buy the ruling influences/properties of the government, then it’s broken.


We don’t let religion, rule the govt either. So we should see corporatism, as a religion too, and add it to the 1st amendment, to include corporatism in the exemption from govt.

Religion being exempt ensures its holiness, and exempting corporate influence in the govt ensures the corruption free zone of every law passed.

They are part of the ruling elite which serves themselves, through the scams of equating freedom with democracy.


I‘m not stupid, and I’m offended by this stupidity being imposed on me and the people, like a commercial trying to sell a product.

We need to assess our individual lives, and not assess globally and institutionally, where we judge by groups.


A world full of 7 Billion people, it’s a mess, cause everyone’s happiness depends on someone else’s happiness, where one takes more than what was given, so it effects the other person with a negative effect.

If people were giving unconditionally, then they wouldn’t have any negative effects.

The thing with the property principle is the culprit, but if I killed the property principle, anyone who mourned the death of property, would be sad.

I’m talking in the metaphorical sense, it’s hard to understand.

It even confuses me.