2Rains – Go Deep

2Rains – Go Deep



This was the first song I used a sample in. It was something I wanted to sound the same, so I made a small sample of the chorus guitar, and I used it. It was the first time I used it in a song, before I started using Acid, the loop program in 2000.


The song is about me lamenting of talking to angels and having to knock on the door to heaven to receive grace, but there is some major plan to this debacle.  I want to know what it is… like everyone else?

I think I know it all, which is why I don’t appreciate what I know… and find myself knowing all, but that is far from the truth. When you fall just like a tear, and the world is on the wall just like Humpty Dumpty had a great fall…and he wasn’t afraid, like some proud over confident fool.

This song was put forth of looking into things deeper than we do, and not be so complacent to do something stupid and careless.


I wrote this at the time of the Desert Storm Iraq war, and it meant looking at the reasons it all began. We had to look deeper at the reasons people had to die… truth is the first that’s murdered in wars. If we knew the reasons it all began, then we could have ended it, before it began.

Sideways drilling for oil, is the reason.

Kuwait was drilling for oil in Iraq’s territory.

Greed starts wars, and silence fuels the murders of truth and love. They were heavily wounded by the time we found them, and heard from them. We should’ve defended them before they were murdered and wounded.

This is a blues song… in my mind at the time, cause I just looked past the news. I knew we were getting what they wanted us to know…and the truth laid buried under lies.