Freedom to Defend our Freedoms

— Freedom to Defend our Freedoms : From Govt Tyranny —


Trump is sweet talking to the military industrial complex of supporting their defenses of freedom, which is caging our freedoms.  Promising them of new equipment to do their work. He raises the homeland pride into a nationalistic frenzy. It seems, that we’ve never learned of the lessons of history.

He is dreaming of a natural superiority to all other nations of the world. It raises our prides to an unhealthy extreme.


This is the video, when he spoke to the command at MacDill AFB outside of Tampa,FL, and was raising in them an unhealthy pride with promises of new equipment.  They applauded loudly when he raised their prideful extremisms.

“America is great”, whats so different than the terrorists yelling “Allahu Akbar”(God is Great) and planning their next strike. We are very diverse world, with many differing cultures, religions, and languages. The diversities that are involved require gentleness in fitting the pieces together, like a jigsaw puzzle. You can’t force the pieces together, or it will screw up another regions that the piece was formed for.

The world is a jigsaw puzzle, it takes our whole lives to make it, and piece it together.

Impatience is the enemy, and the forcing of outcomes, instead of an easy placing of the puzzle pieces.





“A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government.”
Edward Abbey



The Real Terrorists

The federal govt is the biggest terrorist of all, both foreign and domestic, and is taking away property through eminent domain practices.

We pay more now through the deflation of the dollar, and it continually raises the prices. We are following the European’s capital practices. The prices are rising and the federal reserve has the only power to print more money, which we do, but it doesn’t give you more buying power. It just raises the prices again and again.

The freedom to raise prices was a poor economic solution. It hasn’t worked since the beginning of economics. I don’t understand it, cause I saw it was wasting our times, or maybe it was stepping closer towards the solutions. I don’t know what it was designed for, but I saw the application of it was corruptible with greedy principles.

The freedom to make it as it was, was our glory or downfall. It seems it will be our downfall, much like USSR’s downfall at the beginning of the 90’s. Our Glasnost is the transparency promised by the last 3 presidents. The most recent one is Trump. He’s banning immigrants from Yemen, and then he’s attacking Yemen. Hypocrisy in action.

Patriotism is being magnified as pure emotional blind madness. The terrorists have won, cause we’re the worst terrorists, and don’t know it.

We equate the govt with the country, and mask it as patriotism. When patriotism is not alliance with the government, but our love of this nation. The commonness of mankind’s community, that got distorted by the military industrial complex’s messages to serve their selfish purposes. Wars, mainly speaking.


“Loyalty to country ALWAYS. Loyalty to government, when it deserves it.”
Mark Twain



Let’s put Terror to Sleep into his 1000 year Nap

We have to replace the power of money where everyone has a price. It means the corruptibility of mankind with greedy principles, that can go to rest with the terror’s nap time. It would take the elite’s power away, where they dictate the laws, and force our freedoms away into their cages. Our freedoms is taking their power away.

Their freedoms, are living on our backs like horses. We take them to their next battle.

Where more blood is shed for freedom. I ask you, when should blood be shed for freedom?

It’s most likely when freedom is being displayed as slavery. It’s already a misnomer when it’s being sold as that. I ain’t buying it.

God gives freedom, and fellow mankind says there is a price for it.

It’s blood as a sacrifice, it reminds me of Abraham going up on a hill to sacrifice Isaac for a burnt offering. What madness came over mankind? Of course an Angel stopped him, from doing something so mad. We sacrifice our freedoms, as Isaac, so innocently.

I’d like to be that Angel, to disprove your madness and make you come to your senses. We shouldn’t sacrifice our freedoms out of fear of terrorism, nor should we say “bring ’em on” in our prideful ways. Rather, we should just breathe, and be loving, it destroys terrorism. We have to master the loving principles, there is nothing that we can’t do.


Love is the Power of Freedom

The power of love is corruptible and healing. It’s bad and good, wrong and right, and darkness and lightness. It’s like the air that we breathe, no one would exist today without love. Love comes in many forms, bad love and good love. Most of us like the good love, but the bad love is tainted love with incomplete understandings of it.

It should be our capital.The only thing is, it’s spiritual. So it doesn’t take kindly to counting. It’s like roping a wild animal, restricting it’s movements. It hates to be counted, chained to the will of mankind. Love is closer to God power, and your imaginations can’t contain it.

When we fully understand love, we will not have the need of wars between the nations, and no more tears of sadness and loss. We will have the glory of love, which is complete joy and happiness. This hell we call life, is but another classroom we’ll graduate from. Death is that graduation, and when the 2nd resurrection comes, we’ll understand why we lived the way we did.


Understanding is the freedom from the confusions of life.

That’s love, the understandings that free us from the chains of confusions. It may be a simple man’s understandings, but it’s all that I have to give you.

Love is the way, not the love of money. It’s the core of evil practices. Love can be good and bad, just like truth can good and bad too. I’ll end it on that note, and you can think or pray about it, and what you choose to do… I’ll let God have the last word. God is more apt to give you a truer understanding, from the words of an imperfect man.